‘ lija by That One Piece’ Makes its Debut at the 28 th

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LIJA by That One Piece’ Makes its Debut at the 28th Annual ICFF
New York, NY (April 4th, 2016) – Making their pilgrimage to the mecca of contemporary design, LIJA by That One Piece’ joins the Design Philippines consortium for ICFF 2016, as first-time exhibitor.

Debuting their ‘Pamana’ series, a poignant tribute to the humble loom––the brand will showcase a small selection of lighting fixtures accompanied by furniture that evokes the loom’s clean lines, uniform spaces and even form.

Pioneers in the use of indigenous materials (such as buri, abaca and bamboo) in non-traditional forms––LIJA by That One Piece, offers bold and modern designs that honor the inherent natural character of the materials.
Purely handmade, entirely organic, and inspired by the artisan that weaves it, each design requires months to complete. This intricate hand-process results in subtle variations in color and pattern, breathing vitality and individuality into each design.

LIJA by That One Piece’s, organic and naturally sourced designs foretell, a dazzling debut. LIJA by That One Piece will display on Level One, Booth #1866.

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