1. Hold on I -they ‘ii hold on another minute,then They ‘ii have to go

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Pharasal verbs

Pharasal verbs
1.Hold on I -They ‘II hold on another minute ,then They ‘II have to go.
2.Let on I -You don’t want to let on hav rich you really are.
3.Do away with something I -These ridiculous rules and regulations should have been done away with years ago.
4.Ended up – I ended up coming by bus.
5.Picked up – He had just picked a car up from the mechanic a few days ago.
6.Rely on I -I can’t rely trust on my car any longer to get me where I need to go .
7.Putting aside I- I started putting save aside money every week .
8.Fall behind I – He always fall behind a know
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