1. rice is there? A how many b how much c how long d how

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1. ___________ rice is there?
A) How many B) How much C) How long D) How
2. Are there _______ chips?
A) any B) some C) a D) the
3. Can I have _____ tea?
A) a B) the C) any D) some
4. Would you like _______ apple or ________ strawberries?
A) a / any B) an / some C) any / any D) a / some
5. Would you like _______ milk?
A) a B) some C) any D) an
6. __________ coffee is there?
A) How many B) How C) How much D) How long
7. Our school ____ a library, but it doesn’t ______ any computers.
A) has / have B) have / has C) has / has D) have / have
8. Is there _____ apple in the bag?
A) a B) an C) the D) *
9. There ________ any flowers.
A) are B) is C) aren’t D) isn’t
10. Pete ______ a teacher.
a) isn’t b) not c) aren’t d) am not
11. Bill _______ two brothers.
a) have b) has c) is d) are
12. How _________ money have you got?
A many B any C some D much
13. My parents _____ a new stereo.
A) has B) have C) have get D) have got
14. Does your sister _____ a fiancé?
A) has B) has got C) have D) has get
15. I can ______ Spanish.
a) speaking b) to speak c) speak d) speaks
16. Joe: - When’s our next lesson?
Steve: - ______Wednesday.
a) In b) On c) At d) Of
17. Cambridge ___ a beautiful city.
a) be b) are c) is d) were
18. Jim _____ got a car.
a) hasn’t b) isn’t c) haven’t d) doesn’t
19. There_____ a post box in front of the chemist's.
A) are B) is C) some D) any
20. Are there_____trees and flowers in the garden?
A) a B) some C) any D) *
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