10- weekends What do you do in your spare time?

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10- weekends

What do you do in your spare time?

Well. I usually go to the cinema or my friends through with social media to chat quick recently I am reading a book “ the name of shortly time much money owe ” about or I usually sleep in a bed stay.

What do you usually do at weekends?

In actually I want to the mountains with friends we usually one day to stay there and then to come back . or my parents more time spare and I am cooking and vegetable with to make a salad and we usually walk in the zoo there are many of animals.

What did you do last weekend?

Well. I did not do anything because I had sleeped in the bed to stay I am tired and very hard work last weekend

Do you think it is important to make the most of your weekend?

I belive it is not just important but essential to have enough rest during the weekend because we are not robots and our brain and body can not work nonstop maintaining the same levels of productivity.


Would you buy t-shirts souvenirs on vacation?
Oh yeah I would buy t-shirts may serve as a reminder of the vacation. Plus t-shirts are comfortable to wear and can be a great way to show off the memories I made on my trip.
Do you think older people who wear t-shirts are fashionable?
Well. I think many of older people to wear t-shirts . it is a comfortable and they are good feeling so t-shirts that flatter their body shape complement their personal style and are appropriate for the occasion.

Do you like t-shirts with pictures and prints?

Oh yeah I really love wearing t-shirts with pictures or prints because they look trendy and draw a lot of attention. Plus t-shirts with fun designs can set the mood and boost my confidence.

Do you usually wear t-shirts ? Do you like wearing t-shirts?

Oh I do. To my mind a t-shirts is always a good choice first all of t-shirts are super comfy. They are usually made of cotton
. I like to wearing t-shirts and to wear t-shirts comfortable I think many of people to wear t-shirts nowadays to wear t-shirts people and fashionable.

12- happiness

What will make you happy in the future?
In future I see myself being happy by traveling and exploring new places I want to exeperience new cultures try different foods and see sights I belive that these experiences will broaden my perspectives and bring sense a adventure to my life.
When do you feel happy at work?
Well. I do

What made you happy when you were a child?

Well when I was child I felt happy every time I went to the seaside with my parents and grandparents as I really enjoyed playing in the water building sandcastles and having fun outdoors with my family and new friends.
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