British and American holidays

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Lesson 13
Topic: “British and American holidays”
Gram: doing grammar exercises
Great Britain is an old country and it has a lot of holidays and interesting traditions. Holidays in the country are historic and public. Most public holidays are called bank holidays because banks, companies and most shops do not work on these days. Such holidays include New Year's Day, Easter Monday and others.

  • At Easter, the British give each other chocolate eggs, which they eat on Easter Sunday.
    Christmas is on the 25th of December. Families spend this day together. For many people this is the most important holiday of the year. Family members wrap up their presents and put them under the Christmas tree. Children hang colourful socks at the end of their beds for presents. They believe that Father Frost puts presents inside the socks.

  • New Year's Day is not as important in Britain as it is in Russia. People usually make promises to themselves such as to give up smoking, to change their lifestyle and others.
    St. Valentine's Day is celebrated on the 14th of February. This is the traditional day for those who are in love. Young people give flowers and greeting cards to their Valentines and celebrate this day together.

1. What kind of holidays are there in Britain?
2. What do bank holidays mean?
3. What is the most popular holiday with the British?
4. What can you tell about Halloween?
5. Can you tell anything about historic holidays?
6. What British customs do you know?

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