Chong et al. American Journal of Botany

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Chong et al.—American Journal of Botany 100(12): 2250-2260. 2013. —Data Supplement S1—Page 1

Chong, Caroline, Will Edwards, Richard Pearson, and Michelle Waycott. 2013. Sprouting and genetic structure vary with flood disturbance in the tropical riverine paperbark tree, Melaleuca leucadendra (Myrtaceae). American Journal of Botany 100:2250-2260;

Appendix S1. Gauging station site cross-sections used to calculate stream power distributions for peak flood events in the upper Burdekin River (1973-2010). Stream power per unit boundary area was computed from ω = γQS/w (Wm-2), where γ = specific weight of water = 9807 Nm-3, Q = discharge, S = energy slope and w = total water-surface width. Sites and gauge zero readings (zero point on the river height gauge) are (a) 120107 Blue Range , 347.92 m; (b) 120002 Sellheim , 214.12 m; (c) 120102 Keelbottom Creek , 344.18 m; (d) 120121 Lucy Creek , 21.85 m. Data were obtained from the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) stream gauging station index, Queensland, Australia 2010.

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