Concentration Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?

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Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?

Well, I can confidently say that I am really concentrated individual.The reason why I believe so is that because it doesn’t take a lot of time if I wanna learn something new. For example, a couple of weeks ago our math teacher explained a complex equation which most of the other students did not catch up very well as they were just talking with each other while the teacher was explaning the new topic. But fortunately, I just absorbed the rules in the very first class, which is a kind of success that can be attributed to my concentration.

What do you do to help you concentrate?

Well,there are a couple of strategies that I implement to be a focused person. The thing is that I was not a kind of person who is much more concentrated a couple of years ago, so I have decided to do my own research on concentration. Firstly, I just started by eliminating all the distractions that I used to have and when I was learning smth new. Secondly, it is important to have enough sleep if you want to boost your concentration, because if you are feeling very sleepy, there would not be even no need to mention improved focus.

In what situations do you need to concentrate?

Well, there a couple of conditions that I have to be concentrated more than any other times, one of which when I am studying as learnig process requires more focus more than anything. Secondly, If I am communicating with someone, especially with those older than me, I always stay focused just because to show them I am giving all my attention to their opinions. If I don’t do think, it would be disrespect towards them

Is it easy for you to do two things simultaneously?

Well, I cant confidently say that I am a professional multitasker. I mean If I am talking about doing some trivial things like listening to music while doing some math problems, I’d say I am a multitasker.When it comes to bigger things like watching movies and reading books at a one time, I am not a multitasker.

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