Country: Australia

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Delegate: Cristy Patiño

Country: Australia

Topic: Chemical Warfare

Committee: General Assembly

School: American School Foundation of Monterrey
Chemical Weapons are weapons made out of chemical, deadly gases. They are used to attack other countries or used to maintain order within a country. These weapons are aimed specifically for the brain and nervous system. It can cause not only death but also fatal diseases like cancer, tumors, or severe skin problems. They can be used as bullets and target only one person, or they can also be used in missiles and affect a whole city or town. Chemical weapons have been around since World War 1 where they killed approximately 90 million people and troops. Some of the major events that happened due to these deadly weapons are the following. To add on, In the Vietnam war the USA used the agent orange (a mixture of deadly gases) against Viet Cong troops. Over the lapse of 11 years the US spread the Agent Orange over 4.5 million acres. Agent Orange killed 400,000 people and 2million had serious diseases like skin cancer. Because of all these events there have been some solutions proposed in the UN. The Geneva Protocol was created against chemical weapons, but there were still weapons created and stock piled. The UN also made the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development so that they weren’t created or stock piled and for their destruction in 1993. The resolution was signed by 131 countries. On 2004 the security council made a solution that states that there will be no distribution or production of chemical or biological weapons. Although this convention had some country`s support, not all of the countries have completely stopped the use of chemical weapons. Nowadays, There are still chemical weapons being stockpiled or created in some countries in the world. In the country of Syria there are still problems happening because of having problems with other countries, in this case the US and expressing their problems by chemical weapons. By a country doing this, it puts its country and its people in danger. My countries’ s goal for the end of this session, is for all countries to come up with a fair and reasonable solution that all countries can apply.

Australia is a country that believes in world peace and organization. Because of this my delegation prohibits the use of chemical weapons in its environment. Australia has a short history of using chemical weapons but it was before World War 2. Even though my delegation never produced chemical weapons, it did stockpile mustard gas, phosgene, lewisite, adamsite, and CN gas. They were sent to new guinea to plan an attack to the Japanese but they were never really used. After world war 2 and seeing all the damage these weapons caused other countries, Australia came to the solution of getting rid of its chemical weapons by burning and venting them. Australia also wanted to make something more out of this problem so, my country signed the Biological Weapons Convention in April 10, 1972, to prevent other countries to use chemical weapons and give one step forward to completing this goal. To add on, my delegation signed the Chemical Weapons Convention in January 1993 and ratified the chemical weapons prohibition act in 1994. My country is free of chemical weapons and plans to help other countries get rid of them to by getting them to realize how much of a problem they are. Australia chairs the Australia group, a group of countries that seek to minimize the number of chemical weapons in the world. All countries in the Australia group are part of the Chemical Weapons Convention, and Biological Weapons Convention. My country also plays an important role in the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW). Australia is a peaceful country but also wants a peaceful world.

Chemical weapons are one of the factors of why the world is not peaceful and there are many problems in the world. Although Stockpiling may seem like its not making any damage because its not being used, it comes like a threat to other countries because they live fear that a country may attack another country because of serious history. A solution that my delegation suggests for this problem is for other countries to sign the chemical weapons convention. My county suggests this because if we all sign this, we know that we are not at risk of being attacked or being caused serious damage by one another. To add on, my country offers the Australia group, it is a group organized by my country to see all the chemical weapons that are made or stockpiled and see how to get rid of these weapons without making any damage to the environment and to not cause any problems. Finally, my country suggests to come to an agreement where we put a deadline in which we will be free of chemical weapons. The UN will send inspectors every year to see if the country has reached its minimum number of dismantled weapons. If that country hasn’t, it will receive a fee, and every time they don’t reach their number of weapons dismantled, the fee will duplicate. This solution will come to a point in where every country has fully abolished all its chemical weapons. My delegation strongly believes in getting rid of these weapons to be one step closer to reaching world peace, and is interesting to listen to other county´s solutions to this problem.

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