Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Gender and Equality Action Plan

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Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Gender and Equality Action Plan

This action plan is aligned to the expectations of the Secretaries Equality and Diversity Council and Balancing the Future: The Australian Public Service Gender Equality Strategy 2016–19



Foster an Inclusive workplace culture

  • A consistent, supportive and respectful framework for the safety of employees will continue to be monitored/developed, and managers are supported to recognise and respond appropriately

  • An ‘Inspiring Women’ profile is marketed through our recruitment gateways (a department of choice for talented women)

  • The Women's Network is encouraged and supported

  • A twice yearly Women’s Network event is established

  • International Women’s Day is celebrated across the department

  • The Pride Network is encouraged and supported



Inclusive leadership and behaviours at all levels

  • Inclusive leadership is incorporated into al leadership and management capability programs and practiced by staff at all levels

  • Programs are developed that support women's talent management and progression into senior leadership roles

  • Women in Innovation are encouraged and supported as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda

  • Work is undertaken with other APS agencies in the promotion of gender equality in public sector leadership

  • The Chief Operating Officer continues to represent the department on the Equality and Diversity Working Group (reporting to Secretaries Equality and Diversity Committee)

  • An inclusive leadership award category is incorporated into the Secretary’s People Management and Leadership Awards

  • Inclusive leadership reflected in performance statements at all management levels and executive employment arrangements

  • Senior executive leaders are invited to pledge their support for gender equality and demonstrate inclusive leadership




  • The department works towards/achieves the criteria of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency 'Employer of choice for Gender Equality' citation

  • Gender balance across classifications and work areas is subject to annual workforce planning and analysis

  • Organisational culture, programs, policies and training to encourage inclusion and address unconscious bias is reviewed

  • Progress against the Government's 50 per cent board representation target is monitored and reported

  • A ‘keep in touch’ parental leave programme is designed and delivered to help create a smooth transition during and back to work after leave

  • Analysis and reporting, including the application of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency gender equality diagnostic tools, are used in accordance with Secretaries Council expectations

  • A Gender equality stocktake is incorporated into workforce planning and HR Relationship discussions for each business area and Department and APS progress towards gender equality is monitored and reported

  • Gender equality stretch targets continue to be monitored and addressed across all leadership levels and business areas



Flexible work practices

  • Mechanisms are put in place to change cultural expectations and improve the take-up of flexible work arrangements by men and women

  • Flexible work arrangements/options intranet guidance is developed and promoted (to include information on childcare, caring, job sharing, work patterns, work balance, addressing domestic violence, etc)

  • Flexible work success is marketed internally and externally (including case studies of men who have taken up flexible work arrangements)

  • Workplace Gender Equality Agency flexibility readiness audit/diagnostics are used

  • Flexible work arrangements and other requirements set by APSC and Equality and Diversity Working Group are measured and reported (including through State of Service)

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