First National Report Of Pakistan to the Convention on Biological Diversity Ministry of Environment Government of Pakistan Contents

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First National Report



to the

Convention on Biological Diversity

Ministry of Environment

Government of Pakistan




Pakistan Fact Sheet

Chapter 1:


Chapter 2:

Pakistan’s Ecological Zones

Ecosystems of Special Biodiversity Significance


Chapter 3:

Plant Biodiversity

Medicinal Plants

Status of the distribution of medicinal plants

Chapter 4:


Evolution of Forest Management in Pakistan

Forest Management in Practice

Forest Management and Wildlife

The Biodiversity Convention, Forestry and Threats to Pakistan’s Forests

Strategies, Polices and Legislation



Existing Wildlife in Pakistan

Areas of Special Concern

Species of Special Concern

Protected Area Systems

Chapter 6:

Insect Biodiversity

Insect Species in Pakistan

Use of Pesticides and Threats to Biodiversity

IPM Projects in Pakistan

Chapter 7:

Marine Biodiversity

Pakistan’s Coastline

Important Marine Species and their Status

Major Threats to Marine Ecosystems

Chapter 8:

Freshwater Biodiversity

Pakistan’s Freshwater Resources

Important Species and their Status

Threats to Freshwater Biodiversity

Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation

Chapter 9:

Agricultural Biodiversity

Agriculture in Pakistan

Production Systems

Crop Genetic Diversity

Crop Biodiversity

Changes in Food Habits and the Effects on Biodiversity

Threats to Crop Biodiversity

The Conservation of Crop Biodiversity

Chapter 10:

Livestock Biodiversity

Historical Trends in Livestock and Poultry in Pakistan

Important breeds of Cattle

Breeds of Goats and Sheep




Social and Cultural Values


Conservation projects

Chapter 11:

Genetic Biodiversity

Conservation and Institutional Arrangements


Chapter 12:

Access and Benefit Sharing of Biological Resources

Towards a Global Treaty on Access and Benefit Sharing

Pakistan’s Responses

The Draft Biodiversity Act 2006 on Access and Benefit Sharing

Religious and Cultural Beliefs

The Haqdari System in the Hill Forests of Murree and Kahuta

Distribution of Benefits in the High Hill Forests of NWFP

Benefit Sharing among Traditional Grazers of the Cholistan Desert

Divergent Views on the Use of the Resource

Status of Right Holders in the Scrub Forests of the Salt Range

Chapter 13:

Biodiversity and Climate Change

Impacts on Biodiversity

Kyoto Protocol

Scope of Forests and Agriculture in Climate Change Mitigation

Pakistan’s Response

Chapter 14:

Other Biodiversity Related International Conventions

Pakistan’s Compliance with International Treaties and Conventions

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora

The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS)

Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (RAMSAR)

Chapter 15:

Alien Invasive Species

What is an Alien Invasive Species

Introduced Eucalyptus Species

Invasive Mesquite

Invasive Paper Mulberry

Fauji Khagga as an Invasive Species

Introduced Cats in Islands of the Arabian Sea

Exotic Fish Species

Marine Invasive species

Freshwater Alien Invasive Species

Chapter 16:

Arrangements for Cross Boundary Movement

Quarantine Laws and Status of Implementation

Activities of the Quarantine Department

Activities of the Plant Protection Department
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