Fitzgerald biosphere recovery plan

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A landscape approach to threatened species and ecological communities for recovery and biodiversity conservation

flower of eucalyptus nutans western ground parrot perched on shrubflower and seed pods eucalyptus burdettiana
landscape of the fitzgerald biosphere - blooming wildflowers in foreground and mountain range at background
South Coast Region

Department of Environment and Conservation
government of western australia - department of environment and conservation australian government

This Fitzgerald Biosphere Recovery Plan has been prepared by Janet Newell, Sarah Comer and Deon Utber for the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation.

This Plan should be cited as follows:

Department of Environment and Conservation, (2012). Fitzgerald Biosphere Recovery Plan: A Landscape Approach to Threatened Species and Ecological Communities Recovery and Biodiversity Conservation, Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation, Albany.

Cover photos: top leftEucalyptus nutans (Sarah Barrett)

top middle – Western Ground Parrot (Brent Barrett)

top rightEucalyptus burdettiana (Sarah Barrett)

bottom – Fitzgerald River National Park (Sarah Comer)

Department of Environment and Conservation

South Coast Region

120 Albany Highway

Albany WA 6330.


This Fitzgerald Biosphere Recovery Plan constitutes the formal national regional recovery plan for 11 flora species and provides recovery guidance for the remaining species and ecological communities largely endemic to the Fitzgerald Biosphere on the south coast of Western Australia that are listed under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

The Fitzgerald River National Park (FRNP) was designated a Biosphere Reserve under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme in 1978, and is recognised for its relatively pristine state and high biological diversity, especially its flora.
For the purpose of this plan, the term ‘Fitzgerald Biosphere’ or ‘Biosphere’ refers to the combination of the core Biosphere area as recognised by MAB and the buffer and transition zones as defined by catchment boundaries as shown in figure 1. Accordingly, this Recovery Plan applies to the threatened species and ecological communities occurring within the core area and the buffer and transition zones. However, the plan does not constitute an EPBC Act management plan for the MAB Biosphere.
The Biosphere includes 41 threatened species/communities listed by the State of WA, 33 of which are also listed by the Commonwealth.
The Plan presents a landscape approach to identifying the recovery actions and management practices necessary to ensure the long-term viability of the threatened and priority species and ecological communities and the overall biodiversity of the Fitzgerald Biosphere.

The attainment of this Plan’s objectives and the provision of funds necessary to implement actions are subject to budgetary and other constraints affecting the parties involved, as well as the need to address other priorities. Recovery Plans do not necessarily represent the views or the official positions of individuals or organisations represented on the Recovery Team.

It is intended that this Recovery Plan will be implemented over a 10-year period. The information in this Plan is accurate at March 2011.
This Fitzgerald Biosphere Recovery Plan is presented in two documents. This document is the main body of the Plan, while the second document contains profiles of the threatened species and ecological communities represented by this plan (Appendix 2).


This Recovery Plan was prepared by a project team of Deon Utber (Regional Nature Conservation Leader), Sarah Comer (Regional Ecologist) and Janet Newell (Recovery Planner) of the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation, South Coast Region.

The development of the Plan was guided by a Steering Committee of:

Peter Latch Director, Recovery Planning and Implementation Section, DSEWPaC

Mike Shephard District Manager, Albany District, DEC

Tony Friend Research Scientist, Science Division, DEC

Ken Atkins Species and Communities Branch, DEC

Neil Riches Commonwealth NRM

Rob Edkins CEO, South Coast NRM Inc.

Amanda Keesing Gondwana Link

Gillian Craig President, Friends of the Fitzgerald River NP

Nathan McQuoid Community member

Many additional people have been involved in the development of this Plan. Thank you to the following people and organisations for their contributions to this Plan:

Simon Nally, Bruce McLaren and Kåren Watson (DSEWPaC), Abby Berryman, Sarah Barrett, Greg Broomhall, Peter Collins, Anne Cochrane, Saul Cowan, Val English and Ian Herford (DEC), Raana Scott (Birds Australia), Anne Sparrow (Fitzgerald Biosphere Group), Paula Deegan (Gondwana Link), Justin Bellanger and Alison Lullfitz (South Coast NRM Inc.), Rodger Walker (RAIN), Sandra Gilfillan and John Blyth (community members).

Also, thank you to those who contributed ideas and information through the community consultation process undertaken as part of the preparation of this Plan.

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