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Candidates currently registered in a PhD programme at another university

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Candidates currently registered in a PhD programme at another university

The PhD Statute allows for suitably qualified people who are registered at another university and who wish to transfer to the University of Auckland to be considered for admission. Guideline 7 of the PhD Statute and Guidelines provides the following information:

……These candidates are required to withdraw from registration at the other university and to provide the Board of Graduate Studies with a statutory declaration concerning the nature and extent of the research done and the supervision received at the other university. It is not expected that such candidates who have completed more than a year of full-time study at another institution would be accepted into the University’s PhD programme.
A template Statutory Declaration is attached (Appendix I).
PhD candidates transferring to Auckland are normally expected to do so in their first year of candidature and must be registered at the University of Auckland for a minimum of two years full-time (four years part-time). All transferring candidates will be registered provisionally and undergo the usual provisional year review. This includes meeting all of the University’s standard provisional year goals.

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