Guava Guava genus species Plants of the Myrtle Family

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Guava genus species

Geography of Cultivation.

  • Origin is not completely known but though to be “an area extending from southern Mexico into or through Central America.” Places this include are Peru where seeds of it were found at many archaeological sites.

  • Main produces of the fruit are now are now Brazil and Hawaii, with other produces in California, Florida and Mexico.

Morphological description.

  • Fruit itself comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and taste qualities.

  • The Apple Guava is pear to grapefruit shaped with a whiteish inter-fleshy part.

Guava fruit and flowers

Cultivation features.

  • Grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates

  • Trees need full sun exposure.

  • Thrives in a warm, humid condition but can withstand to dry to a degree.

  • May live in nearly any type of soil but Loam and Alluvial are best for it.

  • Needs some type of frost protection for colder areas, tree will die at temperatures below 26 degrees F. (-3 C)

Common Guava uses.

Medicinal uses

  • Very good source of vitamin A and C

  • A tea made from the leaves and/or bark have been used by many tribes for diarrhea and dysentery and other tribes employ it for stomach upsets, vertigo and to regulate menstrual periods.

  • It has also been determined to be effective treatment for gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Has some anti-hyperglycemic qualities.

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