Guide to plants of northern and east-central Mali

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Tricliceras pilosum 50655 (syn Wormskioldia pilosa)

records: Macina, Bamako (Boudet)

notes: branched herb 1 foot high; leaf linear or linear-lanceolate, denticulate or pinnatilobed, up to 18 cm x 1 cm; flowers in raceme, tubular calyx 1 cm long; slender pod 5 cm long, beaked; about 20 seeds

reference: Adventices; drawing FWTA2 vol 1 p. 85

Wormskioldia (see Tricliceras)


[monocot; “bulrush” or “cattail”]

Typha domingensis 50656

records: Diré, Niono, San (Boudet); entrance to Mopti, also at Boussouma (on the highway between Douentza and Boni)

habitat: permanent water



Celtis integrifolia 50657

records: Djenne, Timbuktu, Bandiagara; common in northern Dogon country (JH)

notes: tree to 80 feet with thick trunk; leaf venation appears palmate; flowers and fruits on peduncles

ethnobotany: leaves formerly sold in Songhay markets as a spinach for sauces (JH)


Trema orientalis 50658

records: Bamako, Kati (Boudet); Walo, Kikara (summit), Anda (JH)

notes: spreading shrub or tree; leaf margins finely dentate; tiny flowers at base of petioles (cf. Euphorbiaceae)

Umbelliferae (see Apiaceae)



Laportea aestuans 50659 (syn Fleurya aestuans [thus FWTA2])

records: Sanga (Boucet); Anda among rocks beside creek (JH)

habitat: moist areas (JH)

notes: herb 1-5 feet high; broadly ovate, closely serrate leaf, narrowly acuminate at tip; male and female flowers in panicles; fruits 1 mm long

ref.: drawing FWTA2 vol 1 p. 619 as Fleurya aestuans


close to Boraginaceae botanically
Vahlia (much-branched herbs with opposite leaves, 5 valvate sepals, 5 petals barely exceeding the sepals, 5 stamens, capsule dehiscing [breaking open] at the apex)

Vahlia dichotoma 50660

records: Timbuktu, Bandiagara, Douentza, lac Fabi (Boudet); Beni (JH)

habitat: wet sand, damp fields

notes: plant resembles Oldenlandia; not particularly viscous; leaf linear; flowers paired on axillary peduncles; petals yellow, fading to white or pink

ref.: drawing FWTA2 vol 1 p. 119

Vahlia digyna

records: Dire, Gao to Bourem (Boudet)

habitat: clayey limey soil, sandy river beds, swampy meadows

notes: herb 5-33 cm high, sparsely to much-branched; very viscous with gland-tipped hairs; leaf ovate(-lanceolate) 0.5-2 cm x 0.2-0.6 cm, acute at apex, tapering or rounded at base; flowers (sub-)sessile; petals yellow fading to white, always shorter than sepals

ref.: Fl Egypt vol 1 p. 243

Vahlia geminiflora 50661 (syn Bistella geminiflora) (similar to V. digyna) [get description]

records: Hombori, Gao, In Tebezas

habitat: wet clayey or limey zones, near water or wells; not south of 4 N.

notes: annual erect branching herb, 5-35 cm tall; stems covered with often glandular hairs; leaf ovate(-lanceolate) 0.5-2.5 cm x 0.2-0.6 cm, acute at apex, tapering or rounded as base; flowers (sub-)sessile, calyx-tube 1.1-2 mm long

ref.: Fl Egypt vol 1 p. 243

taxonomy: some specimens previously assigned to V. digyna are now assigned to V. geminiflora


[leaves opposite or whorled, no stipules; drupe or nutlets]

[Vitex, Tectona, and Clerodendrum have been reassigned to Lamiaceae]


Lantaneae: Chascanum, Lantana, Phyla, Stachytarpheta

other tribes: Duranteae (including Citharexyleae), Petreae, Verbeneae
Chascanum [very close to Stachytarpheta]

Chascanum laetum 50662 (syn Svensonia laeta) [get description]

records: In Tillit, Ndaki (Boudet)

habitat: brousse tigrée

taxonomy: close to Chascanum marrubiifolim but absolutely glabrous

Chascanum marrubiifolium 50663

records: Adrar, Gao, Tilemsi (Boudet)

habitat: sandy, sub-desert open spaces

notes: small shrub or semi-woody herb to 1 m high; woody rootstock bearing narrow spikes of white flowers

Lantana camara 50664 [introduced < Americas]

records: Bamako (Boudet); Walo and Anda in northern Dogon country, also seen beside the highway near San (JH)

habitat: escapee from cultivated specimens

notes: erect or spreading much-branched shrub, square stem; leaves, petioles, and peduncles pilose or strigose, not or very sparsely glandular; stems usually armed with short recurved prickles; showy flowers in convex heads; bunches of black-violet berries

Lantana glandulosissima [introduced < Mexico] [not in CIRAD]

records: Douentza-Djimal (Boudet)

notes: like L. camara, but leaves, petioles, and peduncles densely glandular; stems unarmed; flowers yellow or orange


Phyla nodiflora

records: Timbuktu, San (Boudet)

habitat: inundatable clayey soil

notes: prostrate creeping herb; woody rootstock; stems rooting at nodes; leaves opposite, oblanceolate or obovate 1.5-4 cm x 0.5-3 cm, with entire cuneate base and acute serrate apex; leaves and bracts often tinged purple; flowers mauve or pink on a long-stalked spike
Stachytarpheta [very close to Chascanum]

Stachytarpheta angustifolia (see S. indica)

Stachytarpheta cayennensis

[CIRAD Montpellier has specimen from Menaka, Mali; species listed as valid in African Flowering Plants database 2010]

Stachytarpheta indica (syn S. angustifolia)

records: Timbuktu, Madina, Gao, Sotuba (Boudet); Bounou (JH)

habitat: moist areas

notes: herb 1 foot tall, often rather succulent; long spike; flowers pale blue or violet, s.t. with a white center

ref. in Adventrop (as S. angustifolia)


Svensonia laeta (see Chascanum laetum)

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