Guide to plants of northern and east-central Mali

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herbs, generally erect; leaves opposite (2) or verticillate (4), usually entire but occasionally dentate at the base; upper ovary of flower develops into an extended capsule fruit divided into two halves, which may open explosively (expelling seeds); flower with 4-5 petals


Blepharis ciliaris

records: north of Gao (Boudet)

(more southerly specimens previously confused with B. linariifolia)

notes: conspicuous thorns

Blepharis linariifolia 50008 (s.t. spelled lineariifolia)

records: Goundam, Niono, Bandiagara-Mopti (Boudet); Hombori, Kikara (summit), Tupere, Douentza area, common at Bounou (JH)

habitat: sandy

notes: low-growing herb; conspicuous bright blue flowers in erect spikes 2-8 cm long; first (lowest) leaves often with dentations near base, other leaves linear (long and very thin); little or no petiole to leaf; stem cylindrical

Blepharis maderaspatensis subsp. rubiifolia 50009

records: Koulikoro, San, Niono (Boudet); Adia (JH)

notes: procumbent shrubby herb; small white flowers; leaves wider than B. lineariifolia, verticilate by 4, little or no petiole to leaf; stem cylindrical


Dicliptera verticillata 50010

records: Bamako (Boudet, Supplement, p. 435)

habitat: likes clay and limestone soils

notes: decumbent perennial herb, woody toward the base, several-angled stems up to 1 m long; leaves opposite (2); petiole 1-3 cm; hexagonal stem cross-section, small mauve flowers

taxonomy: this binomial was also (mis-)applied F.W.T.A. to D. hyalina


Hygrophila africana (not in Berhaut)

records: Sanga (Boudet ex Griaule)

habitat: beside water courses

reference: Heine, Kew Bull 16:176 (1962)

Hygrophila auriculata 50011

records: near Kidal, Niono (Boudet); Douentza (pond, and road to Fombori), Bounou, Bamba (JH)

habitat: wet areas, beside ponds

notes: stout annual herb to 1 m high, leaves opposite, lanceolate to 25 cm long, sessile (no petiole); quadrangular stem cross-section, some white hairs on stems; flowers blue-mauve (occasionally white) in bunches where leaves join stem, mixed with conspicuous thorns 2-4 cm long; capsule to 3 cm long with 8 grains; stem and fruits persist through end of dry season

Hygrophila micrantha 50012 [resembles Monechma ndellense]

records: Gao, Diafarabé, Gourma area (Boudet); earlier Hombori record probably error for Monechma ndellense (JH)

habitat: humid areas

notes: small plant, lanceolate leaves 2-3 cm long; small violet-blue flowers; linear capsule 8 mm.

Hygrophila senegalensis 50688

records: Niono, Gossi, Koulikoro (Boudet)

habitat: humid or swampy areas

notes: erect herb to 40 cm high; leaves linear 3 to 9 cm, opposite (by 2); quadrangular stem cross-section; dark violet-blue flowers, isolated or in fascicles, at top of stem forming a kind of spike with tiny leaves; fusiform capsule 7 mm

Hypoestes forskalei 50013 (also spelled forskalii, forskaolii; in Berhaut as H. verticillaris)

records: Djenne, Gao, south of Mopti

habitat: lightly inundated depressions, clay or sandy

notes: perennial, often in patches; rings around stem, from each ring there emerge two opposite leaves and two flower spikes; leaves oval-elliptical 4 to 12 cm long, petiole 5-12 mm (to 6 cm in rainy season); stem round; small white flowers in bunches or small spikes

Hypoestes verticillaris (see H. forskalei)

Lepidagathis anobrya 50014

records: Kita, Sanga, Koulikoro (Boudet); Tupere, Kikara (JH)

habitat: gravelly, rocky

notes: notable for having a wide globular inflorescence on the ground, with many linear bracts among the flowers, sometimes also other similar inflorescences higher up the stem; stem quadrangular

Monechma ciliatum 50015

records: San, Niono, Gosi, Sotuba (Boudet); common in dense low vegetation near water in the Dogon plateau, e.g. Nando and Bendiely (JH)

habitat: savanna, fields, rice paddies

notes: annual herb 15-50 cm high, leaves opposite, lanceolate to 5-10 cm long; quadrangular stem; small flowers with white corolla in clusters of 2-3 flowers; white hairs on calyx; capsule 8-9 mm.

Monechma ndellense 50016 [resembles Hygrophila micrantha]

records: Sanga, Sikasso (Boudet); Anda, Walo (JH)

habitat: rocks

notes: 30-70 cm high; leaves opposite, 2-8 cm long, sometimes bunched; flowers in terminal spike 3-8 cm; many small capsules in spikes

Nelsonia canescens 50017

records: Sanga, Bamako, Douentza (Boudet); Beni, Diangassagou (in sand) (JH()

habitat: pastures

notes: perennial; trails on ground; leaves opposite, much larger in young plant (rainy season) than during flowering; long dense flower spikes with small blue flowers

ethnobotany: known to some Dogon for its salty taste on being sucked


Peristrophe bicalyculata 50018

records: Gao, Bandiagara-Mopti, Koulikoro (Boudet); Songho, Fombori (near Douentza), Menaka (JH)

habitat: shade

notes: perennial herb to over 1 m high; stem hexagonal; inflorescence in terminal panicle, flowers at ends of pedicels 5-10 mm; corolla mauve (s.t. white); capsule with two “teeth” emerging from both halves when opened

Ruellia patula 50019 (not in Berhaut; occurs in Arabia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, etc.)

records: Gao (Boudet); Walo (JH)

habitat: verging on brousse tigrée


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Ruspolia hypocrateriformis var. hypocrateriformis (fruit capsules similar to Ruellia)

records: Kita (Boudet)

shrub 1-2 m; leaves opposite 6-10 cm x 4-6 cm, summit acuminate, 3-5 lateral nerves, petioles up to 2 cm; flowers in spiciform terminal panicle; corolla bright red with darker velvety center, 5-lobed flower; capsule 2-3 cm long with two “teeth” inside each half when opened

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