Learners often have specific, immediate, and unique learning needs arising from their interests, personal goals, tasks, or assignments

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Motivation – Need

  • Learners often have specific, immediate, and unique learning needs arising from their interests, personal goals, tasks, or assignments

  • Web-based courses often aim toward a broad audience and miss these unique needs – or must be manually customized to an approximate target audience (an expensive process )

  • Learners often need small amounts of information scattered across documents, Web sites, content databases, and courses.

  • Web search engines are insufficient -- they do not organize related search results into a coherent whole for effective and efficient learning

The “Dynamic Assembly” Problem

  • How can a system assemble learning information and activities "on the fly" to meet the user's immediate and specific learning needs?

  • How can we efficiently create small, repurposable snippets of diverse content? (XML, Learning Object Compiler)

  • How can we improve search precision for learning objects? (Learning Object Metadata extensions, index both content and metadata)

  • How can we enabling pluggable learning object components in dynamic learning experiences? (LOM extensions for instructional role)

  • How can we generate a coherent collection of search results that address the user’s need? (directed RDF graph search)

  • How can we generate a logical learning progression? (uniform sequencing policy)

System Architecture

Pilot Study

  • 7 large IBM Redbooks

  • A series of “how-to manuals”

  • Focused on the WebSphere product line

  • Over 5,000 pages of text and graphics

  • 300,000 lines of text + 6,000 images

  • Consistent presentation and writing style

  • No digital rights issues

  • Challenges:

  • Multiple templates

  • Logical chunks vary in size

  • Dependencies/links

  • Redundancies, coverage gaps

Content Recombination – Modularization and Metatagging

Sample Learning Object Content XML

  • Overview of Web services

  • ….

Sample Learning Object Metadata XML

  • <langstring xml:lang="en"><b>Overview <a href="/what-would-you-do-case-assignment.html">of Web Services</a></b></langstring

  • PT69S

  • ....

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