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Qusai Ghazi Al-Arqan
Mechatronics Engineer

Mobile: +962-787500673


Personal Profile : line 11

A creative, fast-learning, and helpful mechatronics engineer.

I look forward to having a position in your reputed company to enrich my knowledge and develop my skills and enable me as an ambitious engineer to grow while meeting the corporation’s goals.

Personal Information:line 11

Date of birth: MAY 5th, 1992 .

Nationality: Jordanian.

Marital status: Single.

Address: Zarqa, Jordan.

Driving licence: Yes

Eline 13xperience & Training :

  • Mechatronics Engineer

Associated Solutions Joint Company (A.S.Joints), (Dec 2015)

  • Technical Engineer

Al-Manhal Renewable Energy (MRE), (Apr 2015 – Jul 2015)

  • Solar Energy, UPS, Wind Turbine, Diesel Generators.

Jordan-Korea Technology Institute, (Jun 2014 - Aug 2014)

  • PLC & SCADA programming.

  • Graduation Project:

Automated Coffee Grinding Machine (ACGM), (Sep 2014 - Dec 2014)

  • Purpose of project was to development a traditional grinding machine, which will grind and mix coffee.

  • I had presented a project calculate Factor of Safety (F.S)

in Machine Element Design course using labview program.

  • Computer Programs:

AutoCAD, Labview, Mat lab, Pro-engineer, Step-7,

PIC microcontroller programming.

Education: line 11

Oct 2010 ـــ Dec 2014 Hashemite University

Zarqa, Jordan

B.A. in Mechatronics Engineering

Sep 2004 ـــ Sep 2010 King Abdullah II for excellence school

Zarqa, Jordan

High school
Mline 15ember in:

  • IEEE.

  • Jordanian Engineers association.

Sline 15kills

  • Communications and Management :

  • Increase team productivity through effective monitoring and leadership skills.

  • Good team player at work.

  • The ability of chosen the optimal option through comparison between the specifications, needs, and price.

  • Excellent writing level.

  • Computer skills:

(Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint).

  • Excellent internet navigation and research.

  • ISO 9001:2008: Quality Management Systems.

Lline 15anguage

  • Arabic: Native.

  • English: Excellent.

Rline 16eferences

Eng. Tha`er Al-Kdour General Manger 962-776799904

Al-Manhal Renewable Energy (MRE)

Dr. Mohammad Ababneh Associate Professor 962-777417648

Hashemite University

Mr. Zaid Al-Omush Strategic Planner 962-790933876

Housing Bank

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