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Material and Medication Management

 The quality of patient care is closely connected with on-time provision of material and medicine.

NEXUS / HOSPIS Material Management cl covers all functions of a modern hospital stockroom 

and pharmacy and ensures optimum supply in your hospital.

Process-oriented design

The process-oriented design simplifies processing in-house and external 

purchasing and sales all the way to inventory and settlement. The core pi-

ece of materials management is the article master, which can be displayed 

in any form you want. It contains all necessary information:



Article/supply relationships



Quantity/packaging information



Account assignment specifications



Pricing conditions (cost/sales price)



Product sets



Article information (outstanding order quantities, backlogs, past 

sales, etc.)



Debtor and creditor master records


Order proposals support reduction of storage capacity. The system automa-

tically suggests purchase orders as soon as the specified minimum stock 

level has been reached and other conditions fulfilled. The purchasing order 

system also checks invoice receipt in addition to goods receipt.


The system provides order record management and barcode support for 

consumer purchase requisitions. The purchase requisitions can also be 

processed online. Sales to external customers as well as invoicing third-

party (non-hospital) services are also supported.

Inventory management and entry

The system manages all stockroom receipts and issues, creates collec-

tive or individual invoices and manages backlogs. Transactions affecting 

finances are tracked in NEXUS / HOSPIS Financial Management ng. You can 

take inventory using a rolling system and carry it out according to articles, 

groups or storage location. The system also provides various functions for 

evaluations and statistics.


Additional functions are available for managing a pharmacy. The integration 

of the medication information system NEXUS / hospINDEX is also possible 

for updating drug information and prices. Based on the selected article 

master, an in-house, web-based drug list can be generated.


The service catalog as well as its prices can be updated with a close link 

with NEXUS / HOSPIS Patient Management ng, and goods consumption can 

be controlled via entry of services performed.



Integration of material logistics into the overall 

solution of NEXUS rounds out the great variety of 

system options.



Depicting and securing the complete logistics 

process are pivotal advantages of  

NEXUS / HOSPIS Material Management cl.

The Advantages for You at a Glance

An example of how the solution works in actual practice

NEXUS Schweiz GmbH, Alte Winterthurerstrasse 14 B, CH-8304 Wallisellen

Tel +41 (0)44 806 11 11,,

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