Online education has gained huge popularity in recent years. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of online education

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Online education has gained huge popularity in recent years.

Discuss advantages and disadvantages of online education

In recent decades, online learning has become increasingly popular thanks to technological advancements among a huge number of poeple. Although there are certain problems of online education, it also has several benefits as well.

To begin with the positives, one of which is convenient environment.
Now, learners can acquire knowledge sitting at their home far away from professional teachers. Also, they are able to catch up on classes even missed one by watching again and again. Another advantage is that flexible times of classes. They can opt suitable time for themselves to study at any time zone. Furthermore, distance education offers more learning opportunities for its users. Students can apply for lessons that have their interest around the globe.

However, some drawbacks come with computer based-learning, the most obvious of which is to be self-disciplined and motivated. This learning method bring difficulty for those because they have to take control of everything they do, all thing is done by themselves. Moreover, being lonely during all classes may cause sense of isolation. Attendents can be easily demotivated once they do not complete their task thoroughly.

Furthermore, technical issues are considered major problems of distance learnin. Students can struggle to show better performance if there are low internet access, sound distruptions as well as a number of pop ups on the screen of devices.

To conclude, although distance learning has positive sides suchas convenience, flexibility of lessons, a wide range of learning oppotunities,but it has negative sides as well; feeling loneliness, technoligocal problems, being strong determined.
body 1
a number of drawbacks offers( what kind?)
-demand more self discipline and motivated ( why?)
- sense of isolation (How?)
feel lonely if failed.
- technical issues
- low internet access

it also come with a wide range
1 convenience (how?)
- suitable environment + comfort
2 flexible schedule

3 learning opportunities around the globe

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