Physical and financial security for your family

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In the future, Melaleuca will provide our Marketing Executives with many more 

opportunities like this one. That is an important part of the residual income  

model! Regardless of what products or services we offer in the future,  

we will always provide the absolute highest quality available. And  

because of the large number of customers we bring to the table,  

we will often be able to do it at unbelievably low prices!

One of the highlights of Melaleuca’s annual convention in Orlando, Florida 

was the announcement of Melaleuca’s entry into the home security industry. 

Thousands in attendance cheered as Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot 

laid out the business strategy that is forecasted to make Melaleuca one of 

the largest players in the home security industry over the next five years.

Frank L. VanderSloot

CEO Melaleuca


The vast marketing organization that we have built over the last 

24 years is a huge value to every Marketing Executive who has 

helped create that organization! We can literally plug hundreds 

of services and products into the sales organization and reap 

the benefit of its power! For 24 years, we have protected 

the integrity of the entire organization in preparation for this 

moment. We have always felt that the power and opportunity of 

the marketing organization needs to be reserved for the benefit 

of all those who built it. Therefore, we have never allowed any 

products to be sold through this organization by anyone other 

than Melaleuca. In other words, a Marketing Executive may not 

use his or her Melaleuca organization to sell products or other 

services such as insurance, real estate, or other investments. 

That would be totally unfair to others in the organization. It is 

important that all who built the customer organization  

benefit from it. 

These additional opportunities can be very exciting and very 

lucrative. However, it is important to not have our Marketing 

Executives running several different directions at once. Instead, 

they should continue to focus on building their Preferred 

Customer organization! For example, it would be very difficult 

for any Marketing Executive to gain the expertise to enable you 

to get licensed in all 50 states to sell home security systems. 

Because of that, Melaleuca will make building your 

Melaleuca Security business very simple for you. In fact, 

Melaleuca will actually build your Melaleuca Security 

customer base for you! You will not have to do a single home 

security presentation because Melaleuca will make all of your 

presentations for you! Melaleuca professionals will contact your 

current Preferred Customers and future customers to determine 

their interest in becoming Melaleuca Security customers. 

Our presentation will be professional and complete. The 

presentation will be offered to Melaleuca Preferred Customers 

and others, only if you introduce them to us as your referral. It 

will be a very “soft sell” with absolutely no pressure. You will not 

have to produce any Leadership Points!  


The only requirement for you to qualify for commissions on the 

Melaleuca Security program is that you provide us with one 

(yes, only one!) subscriber! That one subscription could be 

your own home, or any other residence or business that is not 

already a Melaleuca Preferred Customer. You can subscribe 

today by filling out the enclosed Early Commitment Agreement 

form. You will need to make a $120 deposit with your 

subscription. This $120 will go towards the purchase of your 

equipment for the base system. As soon as Melaleuca receives 

your Early Commitment Agreement form (or the form from your 

one required referral) and your deposit, you can qualify to earn 

commissions on all those in your organization who subscribe 

after you qualify. In other words, if you have not already done 

so, you should fill out the Early Commitment Agreement form 

sent to you with this brochure and fax it in today to 1-888-528-

2090 (or you can download the agreement at www.melaleuca.

com/security). We realize you and your customers will want 

to know a great deal about this service before you actually 

subscribe or make a three-year commitment. Rest assured 

that you will have time to learn everything you need to know 

about the system and the opportunity before you make a final 

decision. But right now, we’re asking you to send in a $120 

fully refundable deposit to secure your commitment. You 

can change your mind for any reason in the next 60 days. If 

you decide to not follow through with the installation of your 

Melaleuca Security system, your deposit will be refunded to 

you immediately.


General Electric is the leader in the home security industry 

and manufactures the most state-of-the-art and most reliable 

home security technology available in the marketplace. General 

Electric has chosen to partner with Melaleuca on this very 

exciting business venture! As their part of the partnership, 

General Electric will provide the home security monitoring 

equipment to Melaleuca at exceptionally low prices. Because 

it is the very best, some other security providers use the same 

General Electric equipment that Melaleuca will be using. But 

because of our exclusive partnership, Melaleuca will be able  

to provide the equipment at substantially lower prices than  

our competitors! 


With a Melaleuca Security system in your home you will be able to choose how and when to turn it on, what we call “arming the system.” 

From the keypad or remote device, you can arm your system whether you are home or away. When the system is armed, if activity is 

detected     , a loud siren on the keypad will sound      to scare off intruders and notify anyone in the home of the danger. The security 

system simultaneously transmits      a signal to the central station to alert the dispatchers of what is going on in your home. If you have 

a false alarm, you simply cancel the alarm by disarming the system or by telling the central station dispatcher your verbal password. In 

the event that the alarm is not cancelled by an authorized user, the central station will dispatch      the necessary local authorities for the 

burglary, fire, or medical emergency situation. The central station will then      notify your predesignated friends and family of the situation at 

your home so that they may assist as directed by the authorities. If you have the Interactive Security with the GSM Cellular Communicator, 

you may also be notified via email or text to your cellular phone     . The interactive service also allows you to access your system remotely 

at any time     . Video cameras will transmit video over the Internet to the video server     . You may be notified via text or email      of any 

unauthorized motion in your home. You can also watch live or recorded video anytime from your cell phone or computer     .

•   A burglAry occurs in this  



•  63% of burglAries occur during  

  the dAylight hours 

•  65% of burglArs come through   


•  fires will kill 3,040 And injure    

  14,960 people this yeAr

•  your home is 3.1 times less likely  

  to be burglArized if you hAve A    



One of Melaleuca’s most unique options is the Interactive Video service.  We believe 

it will be very popular with our customers. You can install up to four video cameras 

anywhere inside or outside your home. You can program the system to notify you on 

your cell phone, email, or business phone when there is unauthorized movement in 

the home. You can immediately see what is happening at home from your cell phone 

or computer! With the stand-alone video interactive package, you do not have a 

security monitoring service.


This can be a great tool for working parents whose children come home before 

they do. At any time you can view the footage in specific rooms in your home from 

your cell phone to see if the children are safe, doing their homework, playing video 

games, or watching TV. When you and your spouse are out for the evening, you can 

just tap into your video camera from your cell phone and make sure that the baby 

sitter is doing okay with the kids, etc. (Sometimes live video can give a more accurate 

description of what is happening than a phone call!)


If the kids are supposed to be home from school at 3:45, you can program the 

system to notify you if it does not detect movement in the home by 3:50. You can also 

program it to notify you as soon as the kids do get home. In fact, you can look at your 

cell phone monitor and see for yourself that everyone is home safely. You can also set 

up a camera on the entry of your home so that you will have a record of everyone who 

visited your home throughout the day. Melaleuca will provide this valuable service for 

only $29.95 a month! There are very few companies that offer this service, and those 

who do charge much more than our price. A tremendous value for any parent!













•  All Melaleuca Marketing Executives are qualified to participate in  

  the revenue created by Melaleuca Security as long as they  


  refer just one customer (which could be their own home).

•  Your marketing organization is the same organization as your    

  Preferred Customer marketing organization!

•  You will be paid on all Melaleuca Security customers in your    

  organization who subscribe after you do (or after the date of your  

  one referred subscriber).


•  As soon as your one referral is installed, you will begin receiving  

  commissions on all Melaleuca Security customers in your 

  Melaleuca marketing organization as long as they did not 

  subscribe before you qualified. 


•  Each home security customer will generate 15 Service  


  Points each month. (A Service Point is essentially the same    

  thing as a Product Point.) 


•  Marketing Executives will receive 7% commission on Service 

  Points. Therefore, you will receive 7% × 15 Service Points, 

  which equals $1.05 per Melaleuca Security customer in  

  your organization. But that is the smallest part of the  

  commission program!


•  Melaleuca has budgeted to pay out $1.05 × 7 generations, which  

  equals $7.35 total payout on every Melaleuca Security customer.

•  Since we do not expect every Melaleuca Preferred Customer  

  to become a Melaleuca Security customer, there will be several  

  “OPEN” positions in the marketing organization that will not  

  receive a commission on customers in the organization. As    

  always, melaleuca marketing executives will benefit from  

  the “OPEN” positions!

•  Each time an “OPEN” position occurs in the organization, the    

  $1.05 that would have been paid to the “OPEN” position, will  

  be deposited in a company-wide “Melaleuca Security  


  Unclaimed Commission Pool.” That pool will be divided  

  each month among all qualified Marketing Executives. The 

  portion of the pool that you receive each month will depend on  

  the number of Melaleuca Security customers in your organization  

  compared with the total number of Melaleuca Security customers  

  in the company. 


•  If one of your Melaleuca Preferred Customers subscribes to the 

  home security program prior to the month that you qualify by 

  referring your own household (or by referring another household), 

  you will not be paid Melaleuca Security commissions on that 

  household. (Therefore, if you decide to participate in the  


  Melaleuca Security program opportunity, it is important that you  

  subscribe, or send your one referral in, today!)

•  Melaleuca Marketing Executives who do not refer the required 

  one Melaleuca Security customer will not be paid Melaleuca    

  Security commissions on any customer in their organization. 

  (Note: Again, your own household or another household that you  

  refer will qualify you to earn commissions.)

Product names and logos are trademarks of their respective companies.

the industry


Home security is becoming more and more important to the 

average family and has suddenly become an $8 billion industry! 

After all, nothing is more priceless than the security of our family. 

Because this service substantially decreases the chance of 

robbery or fire damage, home owners insurance policies now 

typically provide a 5%–20% discount to those who have home 

security systems. Still, only 17% of all American (and Canadian) 

households have a home security system. That’s why even in 

these tough economic times the industry is growing at over 8% 

per year.

  ADT is currently the largest provider, controlling 51% of the 

market. The next five largest are 1) Brinks Security (now changing 

its name to Broadview Security), 2) Stanley Security, 3) Protection 

One, 4) Monitronics, and 5) Slomins. 

  Because of its very low cost of entry and very low equipment 

prices, Melaleuca can offer a higher quality service than our 

competitors at extremely low prices, beating all other companies 

by a considerable margin. Because of the tremendous power 

of our business model, the size of Melaleuca’s organization, 

and our dramatically low pricing, it is projected that Melaleuca 

Security will rapidly integrate into this market and soon become 

one of the largest home security providers in the industry. And as 

always, Melaleuca will pass the profits along to its loyal Marketing 

Executives who have been building this organization for the past 

24 years!

top 100 AlArm compAnies


We anticipate that after 

the first few months there 

will be over 100,000 

open positions in the 


contributing substantial 

dollars to the Unclaimed 

Commission Pool!


For a better understanding of how the Melaleuca Security 

compensation plan actually works, let’s imagine the scenario 

illustrated below. Let’s suppose you subscribed before anyone else 

in your organization. (That qualifies you to earn a commission on 

their subscription every month.) For simplicity, suppose you have 

only two Melaleuca Security customers: the Anderson family on 

your 5th generation and the Smith family on your 7th generation. 

Let’s suppose that in this particular leg of your organization you did 

not have anyone else subscribe to the Melaleuca Security program. 

That means that in this leg of your Melaleuca Security business  

you have “OPEN” positions on your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and  

6th generations.

In this scenario you will receive $2.10 commission each month. 

($1.05 from the Anderson’s subscription and $1.05 from the Smith’s 

subscription). Had the Marketing Executive on your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 

and 4th generation been Melaleuca Security subscribers, they 

would have also received a total of $2.10 from the Andersons and 

Smiths, but since they are not subscribers, they did not qualify and 

therefore those positions are considered “open.” The $2.10 that 

they each would have earned will be deposited into the 


Security Unclaimed Commission Pool.

  In this scenario, the Andersons will also receive $1.05 each month 

from the Smith’s subscription. And the “OPEN” position right below 

the Anderson’s household (on your 6th generation) would also have 

received $1.05 from the Smiths had that position been qualified to 

receive commissions. But, since that position is “OPEN” because 

it was not a Melaleuca Security subscriber (or has not referred the 

one necessary subscriber), that “unclaimed” $1.05 will be  

deposited into the “Unclaimed Commission Pool.”


Let’s assume for the sake of simplicity that you and your two 

customers were the only Melaleuca Security customers in the 

company. Note: You have two subscribers and the Anderson 

household has one subscriber. That gives you two shares of the 

pool and it gives the Andersons one share. Your two shares plus 

the Anderson’s share equals three shares total in the pool. At 

the end of the month there is a total of $9.45 in the Unclaimed 

Commission Pool. Each of the 3 shares is worth 1/3 of the $9.45, 

or $3.15 per share. Therefore, at the end of the month you receive 

2 shares × $3.15, which equals an additional $6.30 plus the $2.10 

($1.05 from each of the two subscribers in your organization), which 

equals $8.40 total. That makes each of your two Melaleuca Security 

customers worth $4.20 each! 

  Of course, in reality the Unclaimed Commission Pool will 

contain the money from all open positions in the entire company. 

(We anticipate that after the first few months there will be over 

100,000 “OPEN” positions in the company—each contributing 

substantial dollars to the pool.) And, of course, the pool will be 

divided among thousands of Marketing Executives—not just your 

own organization. But the example above illustrates the concept. 

Although, the exact amount you earn per customer will vary a little 

from this example, we expect you to earn from $3.10 to $4.50 per 

month for each Melaleuca Security customer in your business. 

That’s more than you make from the average Preferred Customer! 

In fact, whenever a Preferred Customer subscribes to Melaleuca 

Security, your income on that customer will more than double.


Basic System Components

Your Melaleuca Security system comes complete with the 

essentials to cover a typical home. Included are the following: 

•  control panel/keypad—

Used to turn your system  


  ON and OFF 

•  loud interior siren—

Alerts you of potential danger





•  backup battery—

Powers the system during  


  power outages




•  telephone jack—

Connects your system to the  


  landline telephone




•  3 door/window sensors—

Monitor your entry doors





•  motion detector—

Monitors movement activity in  


  the home




•  1 yard sign/4 window decals—



  potential intruders that you have a security system




•  expandable capacity—

Add up to 40  


  wireless devices

Basic System Features

Your Melaleuca Security System includes top-of-the- 

line features. 


•  24-hour monitoring—

Central Station operators are  


  always standing by for you 


•  2-way voice intercom—

Allows operators to speak  


  and listen inside the home during an alarm event


•  emergency buttons—

Request dispatch of Police,  


  Fire, or Ambulance with one button


•  backlit lcd display—

Visual menu and status   




•  Arming buttons—

Arm your system with one button


•  voice Annunciation—

Tells you when doors are  


  opened (and which doors are opened)


•  multiple user codes—

Each user may have their  


  own disarm code for system access



•  remote telephone Access—

Arm, disarm, or check  


  system status from any off-site phone



1. Basic Security 









2. Interactive Security 








3. Interactive Video 









4. Interactive Video & Security 












* ADT prices based on actual prices from ADT and ADT Authorized Dealer websites, brochures, and direct 

communications in September 2009. Product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

All prices in U.S. Dollars and for U.S. Customers only. 



Melaleuca Preferred 


Available Packages



Melaleuca Preferred 

































•  Additional door/window sensors 

Monitor doors or windows for Open/Closed status.

•  Additional motion detectors 


Detect movement in halls or stairways. 

•  glass break detectors 

Detect breaking glass in one room up to 25 feet. 

•  smoke or heat detectors 


Detect smoke or flames within a protected area. 


•  carbon monoxide detectors 


Monitor for dangerous CO levels inside the home. 


•  personal emergency buttons 


One-button notification for medical emergencies. 


•  Additional keypads 


Arm/disarm the system remotely within the home. 


•  gsm cellular communicator 


Communicates wirelessly to the Monitoring Center.

•  keychain remotes 


Arm/Disarm the system from within 100 feet  

  of the home. 

•  flood or freeze detectors 

Activated by water or cold temperature in  

the home.  

•  video surveillance camera 



live or recorded video inside your home.







© 2009 Melaleuca, Inc. • Idaho Falls, ID • Printed in the USA • 877.760.3444 • • 09/09U    



freQuently Asked 


Question: What if I’m already in a home 

security monitoring agreement with 

another provider that has not yet expired?

Answer: Melaleuca is in the home security 

business for the long term. We can afford 

to be patient, so we will wait for your 

current contract to expire. To preserve 

your right to receive future commissions, 

however, you will need to send a copy of 

the Early Commitment Agreement along 

with your current monitoring contract and 

your $120 deposit. Your $120 deposit 

will be applied to your equipment when 

you install your Melaleuca system. We 

will contact you prior to the expiration of 

your contract and convert your home to 

Melaleuca Security at that time.

Question: If I am a Melaleuca Security 

customer, can I still cancel my Preferred 

Customer agreement at any time?

Answer: Yes. But only Preferred Customers 

receive an $11 discount on the Melaleuca 

Security service. Therefore, if you cancel 

your Preferred Customer status, your 

monthly rate on your Melaleuca Security 

service will increase by $11. Even 

without the Preferred Customer discount, 

Melaleuca Security is far below the 

competition on monitoring fees. But still, 

who would want to cancel their Preferred 

Customer account? 

Question: If I move, can I take my home 

security service with me?

Answer: Yes. The equipment is all wireless 

and easily transportable and can be 

quickly installed in your new home.

Question: Is there a warranty on my 


Answer: All General Electric equipment has 

a two-year warranty.


Question: Can I install the Melaleuca 

Security system in a business? 

Answer: Yes. But we cannot install smoke 

detectors in a business.

Question: Can I introduce households 

who are not yet Preferred Customers to 

Melaleuca Security?

Answer: Yes. But they will not receive the 

Preferred Customer discount, so they will 

pay $11 more per month than a Melaleuca 

Preferred Customer would. You can see 

there is a tremendous incentive to become 

and remain a Melaleuca  

Preferred Customer!

Question: If I subscribe today, when will I 

have my system in my home?  

Answer: The systems will be available for 

professional or self-installation beginning 

in November. If you sign up today, you will 

be one of the first to get your system.



Question: Will the 15 Service Points per 

month on my Melaleuca Security system 

apply to my 35 Product Point Preferred  

Customer commitment? 

Answer: No. Your Melaleuca Security 

business is a separate business and  

does not apply to your Preferred  

Customer commitment.


Question: Will the volume of my Melaleuca 

Security Business apply to my 

Organizational Volume too?

Answer: No, same as above.




Over time, your customers from your Melaleuca Security business can 

really add up! We expect that Melaleuca Security customers will stay 

with us longer than the national average of 7.2 years. But even using 

the 7-year average, every customer is worth a lot! $4.00 per month 

is $48.00 per year. If a customer only stays for the average 7.2 years, 

every customer will generate $344 in commissions! Just ten customers 

would create about $3,440! You can see how just a few customers can 

really add up over time. Of course, many Marketing Executives already 

have hundreds or even thousands of Preferred Customers who will 

soon be Melaleuca Security customers. This is a substantial opportunity 

for all Melaleuca Marketing Executives! 




Melaleuca will contact your new customers in approximately their 6th 

week as a Preferred Customer. Melaleuca will let your new customers 

know about the tremendous value of subscribing with Melaleuca 

Security. Many of them will become Melaleuca Security subscribers 

and your business will begin to prosper. Remember, the average home 

security customer stays with their service for 7.2 years! That’s real 

residual income!


For the past 24 years, tens of thousands of Marketing 

Executives have diligently built one of the most extensive 

marketing organizations in the history of free enterprise. In 

fact, it may now be the largest of its kind ever built. It already 

consists of over 200,000 Marketing Executives and 500,000 

loyal customer households. It has tremendous power, both 

in acquiring new customers and in negotiating clout. And its 

tremendous potential has been preserved specifically  

for the benefit of those who have built it— Melaleuca 

Marketing Executives.

  Even if you are a brand-new Marketing Executive, you 

can benefit from the tremendous power that this dynamic 

organization brings to the marketplace. when you can offer 

a far superior service at unbelievably low prices, it gives 

you an incredible advantage against all competitors. 

So even if you are a new Marketing Executive, you benefit 

tremendously from the last 24 years of hard work from the 

thousands who came before you.



many of the customers in your organization will subscribe to this outstanding service in the 

next few months. In order to earn commissions you musts simply establish yourself as the 

leader of your organization by qualifying before they do. it’s that logical and  

that simple! wisdom would suggest that you not procrastinate.

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