Section 2: Performance 2

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Section 2: Performance 2

Performance 2

Performance Summary 2

Financial Targets: Actual Performance Compared to Budget Targets 2

Key Performance Indicators: Actual Performance Compared to Budget Targets 5

Performance 5

Report on Operations 8

Performance 8

Major Projects and Achievements 8

Planning and Development 16

Performance 16

Visitor Services and Community Engagement 21

Performance 21

Education and Interpretation 37

Performance 37

Cultural Heritage 45

Performance 45

Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Restoration 47

Performance 47

Risk Management 66

Performance 66

Section 2: Performance

Performance Summary

Financial Targets: Actual Performance Compared to Budget Targets

The total cost of services is higher than expected due to a number of programs being fully completed within the period that were not anticipated. The net cost of services is lower than target due to an increase in own source revenue. The decrease in cash held is due to the total cost of services being higher than forecast. The approved full time equivalent (FTE) staff level is lower due to a reduction in the FTE ceiling for 2012/13.

Financial Targets: Actual Performance Compared to Budget Targets







Total cost of services




Net cost of services




Total equity




Net increase/(decrease) in cash held




Approved full time equivalent staff level




Summary of Financial Performance


In 2012/13 the BGPA received 64% of operating income from the State Government by way of consolidated fund appropriation. The BGPA generated the balance of revenue (36%) through own source activities.

Own source revenue includes 12% through sponsorship, primarily for the Rio Tinto Naturescape in Kings Park project, and fee-for-service revenue received to deliver scientific research and conservation outcomes.

A further 8% of revenue was raised through user fees and charges for events such as concerts held over the Summer Event season, venue hire, and licences with various leaseholders within the park.

Aspects of Kings Park, the BGPA's retail outlet, contributed 11% of total operating revenue, continuing a consistent growth trend since operations commenced in 2005.chart: summary of bgpa income. income from state government 64%; user charges and fees 8%; other revenue 5%; fee for service and sponsorships 12%; sales 11%.


The BGPA's expenditure is summarised into broad categories.

Employee benefits comprise 49% of total expenditure, which includes salary and wage costs, together with superannuation and leave entitlements.

27% of expenditure was incurred on supplies and services. The most significant expenses are in relation to professional fees and repairs and maintenance. The balance includes expenses for consumables, insurance, contract and leasing costs.

Depreciation and amortisation of 6% reflects the expense incurred by the land, building and equipment asset base under management by the BGPA. The BGPA has an asset replacement plan in place to identify the ongoing replacement of key assets.

Other expenses account for 12% of total expenditure, including costs associated with repairs to buildings and equipment, tree management, and landscape, ground and bushland maintenance. This category also includes employment on-costs such as workers’ compensation and staff development costs.

While expenditure incurred in supplies and services was fully planned, end of year adjustments and savings measures have resulted in an operating deficit. The core recurrent operations of the BGPA performed within budget.

For detailed information on the BGPA’s financial performance, refer to the Financial Statements section of this report.chart - summary of bgpa expenditure. employee benefits 49%; supplies and services 27%; depreciation and amortisation 6%; cost of sales 6%; other expenses 12%.

The BGPA’s Audit Committee, established under the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority Act 1998, met quarterly to assist the BGPA to discharge its responsibilities in financial management, compliance and corporate governance. The BGPA continues to work with internal auditors, 2020 Global and external auditors, through the Office of the Auditor General, to ensure compliance and ‘best practice’ in all areas and actively aims for full implementation of any audit findings.chart: summary of bgpa expenditure. employee benefits 49%; supplies and services 27%; depreciation and amortisation 6%; cost of sales 6%; other expenses 12%.
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