Some World Macroeconomic Determinants of Storable, Internationally-Traded Agricultural Commodity Prices

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Some World Macroeconomic Determinants of Storable, Internationally-Traded Agricultural Commodity Prices by Emilio Pagoulatos, Azzeddine Azzam, and Motoichiro Kitazawa

Forecasting the U.S. Cotton Industry: Structural and Time Series Approaches by Dean T. Chen and David A. Bessler

Simultaneous Prediction of Price Magnitude and Direction by L. R. Cloman, J. E. Epperson, N. R. French, and T. T. Fu

Risk Behavior and Rational Expectations in the U.S. Broiler Market by Satheesh V. Aradhyula and Matthew T. Holt

Re-examination of the Pricing Efficiency of the Hog Futures Market by Raymond M. Leuthold, Philip Garcia, Brian Adam, and Wayne I. Park

Forecasting Livestock Prices Using a Stochastic Coefficient Approach by Richard P. Stillman, Roger K. Conway, Charles B. Hallahan, and Paul T. Prentice

Demand for Beef and Chicken Products: Separability and Structural Change by James Eales and Laurian Unnevehr

Impacts of Changing Consumer Meat Demand on the Feed Grain Industry by Eugenia Bair

Forecasting Government Responses to Changing Economic Conditions in Regional Commodity Trade Models by Karl D. Skold and William H. Meyers

The Effect of Marketing Loans on Agricultural Markets by Joseph W. Glauber and M. J. Miranda

Marketing Loan Options for the U.S. Soybean Industry: Economic Evaluation through 1990/91 by Abner W. Womack, William H. Meyers, and James P. Houck

The Impact of the 1985 Farm Bill on the U.S. Oats Industry by Jackie Todd

Secretarial Discretion and the Food Security Act of 1985 by Robert E. Young II

The Impact of Japanese Beef Import Quota Concessions: A Forecast Simulation Analysis by Thomas I. Wahl and Gary W. Williams

Measuring the Impacts of the Dairy Buy-out Program on the Red Meat Industry by Shamsul Alam and Jon A. Brandt

Potential Impact of Bovine Somatotrophin on the U.S. Dairy Industry by Robin Perso

Factors Influencing Farmer’ Decisions of Whether or Not to Hedge by B. I. Shapiro and B. Wade Brorsen

Hedging Portfolios for European Feed Processors and Compounders Including Foreign Exchange Risk by Jack E. Houston, Glenn C. W. Ames, and Robert B. Burney

Interaction of Price Variation and Price Levels in the Evaluation of Optimal Marketing Strategies for Illinois Corn Producers by Keith D. Rogers and Sharon K. Rich

Optimal Hedge Ratio Estimation by Robert J. Myers and Stanley R. Thompson

Implied Volatility and Interest Rates in Early Pricing of Put Options on Agricultural Commodities by Robert S. Firch and Roger A. Dahlgran

Option Price Behavior in Grain Futures Markets by William W. Wilson

Evaluation of Simple Price Forecasts as Tools for Fed Cattle Futures and Options Marketing Strategies by Ted C. Schroeder and Marvin L. Hayenga

A Comparative Analysis of Optimal Soybean Marketing Strategies for South Carolina Farmers in the 1960’s and 1970’s by Charles Curtis Jr., Kandice H. Kahl and Cathy S. McKinnell

Dominant-Satellite Relationships Between Futures and Selected Cash Prices for Live Cattle by Stephen R. Koonz, Michael A. Hudson, and Philip Garcia

If the Software Fits: Capabilities, Ease of Use, and Cost of Econometric-Forecasting Microcomputer Software by Roger A. Dahlgran

The Impacts of Varying Information Levels on Competitive Bidding Processes: An Experimental Investigation by Clark A. Roberts, Brian D. Adam, and Michael A. Hudson

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