Statement for master thesis submission

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Path planning for robot

Path planning for robot-guided endoscopes in
deformable environment ” submitted by student Ragsana
Aslanzade for Master degree on Artificial Intelligence in BA
programs in Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

I hereby submit for review my master's thesis titled "Endoscopic Model: Advancements and Applications" The methods proposed in this final work are justified by the need to address the limitations and challenges associated with current endoscopic models, and to investigate novel solutions in the area of medical imaging and diagnostics. Due to their enormous influence on medical procedures, endoscopic models are currently a very important study topic. The dissertation's main objectives are to assess the research problem's current state, highlight its importance, and provide a thorough overview of the field.
There are three chapters in the dissertation. Introductions to the research issue, its importance, and the study's goals are given in Chapter 1. It establishes the groundwork for comprehending the developments and uses of endoscopic models. Moreover,the second chapter focuses on performing an extensive examination of the literature that includes pertinent research, theories, and concepts. In Chapter 3, it goes over the process for model creation, data gathering, and analysis. The author's contribution to the subject is highlighted in this chapter by the unique strategies it suggests for improving the precision, effectiveness, and efficiency of endoscopic models.
I have carefully reviewed all the chapters in the thesis and believe that the work is the candidate's own, carried out under my supervision. In my opinion, the thesis is appropriately presented and worthy of examination.. I confirm that I have submitted this thesis for review and that, to the best of my knowledge, the candidate has completed the required research for the master's thesis.

Grade A( 92)

Yüklə 21,63 Kb.

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