The case study method this is a method of active analysis of a problem situation, based on learning by solving specific situational problems

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Nowadays, we can mention five the main types of teaching foreign languages that are used all around the world but few people know about them: the case method study, communicative method, silent way,

The case study method - this is a method of active analysis of a problem situation, based on learning by solving specific situational problems. The essence of the case study method: students divided into groups should analyze the situation and develop a practical solution; the end of the process is the evaluation of the proposed algorithms and their discussion within the framework of a general discussion in the context of the problem. This technique is used in classical education in foreign language lessons, where the case presents a life problem situation that students need to solve based on existing knowledge, practical experience and intuition. Since any situation has several solutions, there is a discussion of all possible solutions [4].

Communicative method - the most popular of the modern methods of learning foreign languages. This method is the most active for learning a foreign language, because the main purpose of this method is to teach a person to interact with other people in the target language, which implies all forms of communication: speech, writing (both reading and writing skills), the ability to listen and understand what the interlocutor said [5]. Improvement in learning factors is much easier to achieve if the student is literally "immersed" in the atmosphere of the target language and its main aspects. The communicative method is suitable for almost every student, as it allows you to learn a foreign language faster and more consciously.

Silent way - according to this method, the initial knowledge of any foreign language is a priori inherent in the person himself and he himself is able to achieve the desired level of knowledge. Following this technique, the teacher does not speak a word in the target language, so as not to confuse the students with their subjective perception of the language. When teaching pronunciation, the teacher uses special tables on which each color or symbol denotes a certain sound, and thus presents new words. Thus, knowledge of the language is formed at the level of the system of conditional interactions, down to the subconscious, which, according to the authors, should lead to brilliant results.

Audio-lingual method - this method is not ideal in terms of teaching as it is built on cramming. The training is based on the principle: heard-repeated. The teacher says a phrase; the student must repeat it exactly until his pronunciation reaches a certain level. Only after that the student has the right to add words and details from himself [6].
2. What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a process where more traditional methods for training (in-class, instructor-led) are combined with eLearning content to create a more flexible user experience. Blended learning is the best of both worlds, giving learners the guidance and interaction of an in-class experience along with dynamic and flexible learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

3. What are the 5 elements in lesson planning?

A good lesson plan should include the following 5 components; lesson topic, class objectives, procedure, time management, and student practice.

A lesson plan traditionally includes details of the lesson, the learning outcomes to be covered, the methodology that will be used, the resources/ materials required, and the activities that will be carried out both to engage and assess the learners
To be effective, a lesson has to include clear, easy to follow instructions; it has to have a clear objective—what we want students to walk away having learned or understood; and it has to be engaging enough to keep students interested and participating throughout.
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