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The present issue of Primate Eye is so chock-full of announcements, reports 

and events that I have determined to take up very little space myself here. I 

wish only to let you, the Membership, know that we have a whole slew of 

new Council members, elected at the AGM at the Winter Meeting, who will 

continue the traditions of this, the most active of European primate 

societies. I will, however, mark the end of another era for the PSGB – we 

say goodbye to Russell Hill, who has served as Membership Secretary (and 

later Membership Secretary and Treasurer) of the Society since 2000. We 

are grateful for the meticulous care he showed during his tenure, and those 

of us who have attended Council meetings since the turn of the century will 

certainly miss his dry wit and (?)helpful suggestions. Taking over the role is 

the equally capable Gillian Brown, whom we welcome officially here. 

Keeping with the theme of commemoration, however, I must also direct 

your attention to the announcement of the creation of the Charles A. 

Lockwood Student Prize, to honour the memory of Charlie and his service 

to the Society. The first of these will be awarded at the forthcoming PSGB 

meeting at Bournemouth, the complete announcement of which is contained 

herein, as well. I look forward to seeing you all on the south coast in the 



The articles and abstracts included in Primate Eye are not for citation or 

quotation without permission of the authors. The deadline for the next issue 

of  Primate Eye is 15th May 2009. Items (manuscript or electronic in any 

standard format) for future issues should be sent to: 


Todd C. Rae 

Editor, Primate Eye 

Centre for Research in Evolutionary Anthropology 

School of Human and Life Sciences 

Whitelands College 

Roehampton University 

Holybourne Avenue 

London SW15 4JD  



Tel: +44 (0)20 8392 3726 

Fax: +44 (0)20 8392 3527  


PSGB correspondence unrelated to Primate Eye should be addressed to the 

Hon. Secretary. Notification of change of address should be sent to the 

Membership Secretary. 


The PSGB WebSite can be found at  





The PSGB would like to announce the Charles A. Lockwood Student Prize 

as a way to acknowledge Charlie’s time spent on the PSGB Council, as well 

as the thought, dedication and inspiration he provided to his students. The 

prize will be a medal to be awarded annually at the PSGB Spring Meeting 

for the best student oral presentation. The prize may be awarded to student 

presentations concerning any aspect of primate behaviour and ecology 

research, conservation or hominin evolution; the first annual prize will be 

awarded at the Spring Meeting 2009, which is being held in Bournemouth 

(see Future Meetings below). 












Held at 1300 hrs on 3 December 2008 

Zoological Society of London, 

Regent’s Park, London NW1 4RY 



Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting:


The minutes of the previous AGM held on 17 December 2007 were 

accepted as a correct record and signed by the President. 


2.     Matters arising: 

There were no matters arising. 


3.     President’s report: 

We have once again had a very active year, this year on the international, as 

well as the national, stage. Our Winter Meeting 2007 was a very special 

event celebrating the Society’s 40


 anniversary. Thanks in great part to the 

organisers, Charlie Lockwood, Caroline Ross, and Andrew Smith, we had 

two wonderful days, with a broad array of speakers representing the Society 

throughout its existence, including our Founder Member’s presentation by 

Robert Hinde. There was very good attendance by other PSGB members, 

who, as well as enjoying a great scientific conference, partook fully of the 

networking/social gathering on the ‘middle’ evening. And then in August, 

PSGB hosted the 22


 Congress of the International Primatological Society 

in Edinburgh. The local organising committee, comprising Paul Honess, 

Hannah Buchanan-Smith, Phyllis Lee and Bill Sellers, as well as myself, 

had worked hard over several years to bring off what turned out to be the 

largest ever primatological conference, with over 1200 delegates. We were 

greatly helped by other PSGB members at the conference itself, including 

our Marketing, Conservation and Captive Care Working Parties plus many 

other individuals, for which many thanks. As a result of this extra 

conference, we did not hold the usual Spring Meeting, but we return to 

normal practice from Winter 2008. 


We awarded three medals in the past year. Firstly, our regular Napier Medal 

for the best PhD in primatology in the previous two years was awarded to 

Annika Paukner from Stirling University. In addition we awarded two 

special medals, one to Cyril Rosen MBE for Conservation, and the second 

to the artist Stephen Nash for his Special Contributions to Primatology. It 

was a great pleasure to honour all three medal recipients. 


Council has continued to be active on a number of other fronts. This year I 

have signed four petitions or petition letters on behalf of Council and the 

Society: a letter to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) on the 

impact of bushmeat on forest biodiversity; a letter to Hilary Benn, Secretary 

of State for the Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, in 

support of a new UK law to fight trade in illegal timber; the Manifesto for 


the Conservation of Tanoe Swamp Forest, Côte d’Ivoire; and a petition 

organised by the RSPCA and the Monkey Sanctuary Trust, concerning 

potential UK legislation on the private ownership of primates as pets. In 

addition, we have sent letters in protest against the planned euthanasia of 

the Tonkean macaque colony at Strasbourg University, and the closure of 

the Geoffroy’s marmoset colony at San Diego Wildlife Park. Unfortunately, 

in both these cases the planned action was carried out. 


We have had major discussions in Council this year about the nature and 

format of PSGB conferences, following a previous survey of members. As a 

result, we will be instigating a number of changes, as outlined in the 

September 2008 Primate Eye. In particular, we will include a workshop 

element in our Spring Meeting aimed at post-graduate students, and our 

Winter Meetings, from 2009, will be over two days, with proffered as well 

as invited papers, around a theme. 


This year we say goodbye to our student Council member, Juliet Wright, 

and three members of Council who are stepping down by rotation: Tessa 

Smith, Andrew Smith and Sonya Hill. All have been very active Council 

members, and all have taken on additional responsibilities: Juliet who set up 

a Facebook page for student members of PSGB, Tessa as a member of 

Captive Care Working Party, Andrew as a meeting organiser and Sonya 

through Captive Care Working Party. I am very grateful to all of them for 

their time and support. I am delighted to say that Andrew has recently taken 

over as our meetings co-ordinator; Paul Honess is stepping down after 

pioneering the role for many years. Sonya remains Convener of Captive 

Care Working Party, so we will be holding on to both Andrew and Sonya as 

Assistant Members of Council for the future. We also very sadly lost a 

fourth Council member, Charlie Lockwood, who was killed in a tragic 

accident in July. Charlie was a very active Council member and meeting 

organiser, amongst so many other things, and we greatly miss him. 


In addition, we are finally losing Russell Hill from a very extended period 

on Council and as our Treasurer and Membership Secretary – according to 

the inside cover of Primate Eye, he has been in post since the year zero! 

Russell has brought our accounting into the 21


 century, and with apparent 

great ease kept us in the black and with increased reserves, through chasing 

members for their dues, querying all expenses, and generally keeping on top 

of things with great efficiency. We owe special thanks to Russell for his 

long service. 


I continue to be very grateful for the support of all our members and 

Council members who make the role of President such a pleasure. 


Ann MacLarnon,  







Secretary’s Report: 

Council has had a productive year in which a number of decisions were 

taken, the majority are highlighted elsewhere in this report. A few 

additional developments include the adoption of a Jiscmail account to 

facilitate communication among members. This is a members only account 

and has been developed by Council member Sarah Elton and is maintained 

by Sarah and the membership secretary.  In addition, Council had agreed to 

follow the letter of the Constitution more closely when recruiting new 

Council members. We will now indicate the newly nominated Council 

members in the October issue of Primate Eye. Any additional nominations 

must be received in writing and seconded in writing one week prior to the 

AGM. In the instance where no other nominations are received, then the 

new members will be deemed ratified at the AGM. The officers of the 

Society will still be elected each year at the AGM. 


I too wish to express my thanks to all the members of PSGB Council that 

make my role relatively easier. And, I thank in particular those members of 

Council that are stepping down: Sonya Hill, Andrew Smith and Tessa Smith 

– your efforts on behalf of Council were greatly appreciated. 


Colleen Schaffner, 

General Secretary 



Treasurer and Membership Secretary’s report: 


This is my final year as Treasurer and Membership Secretary and I am 

delighted to report that things have again been relatively uneventful despite 

the high profile turmoil descending on the financial markets around the 

world. Membership of the Society has again grown, with a total of 308 

individual memberships (187 full members, 26 associate members, 94 

student members) at the end of the September, an increase of 19 this year.  

In addition, the Society has 1 institutional member and distributes 19 copies 

of  Primate Eye through subscriptions and to copyright libraries. 


Membership is thus in a healthy state. 


The Society’s financial position also remains stable, and we are reporting a 

surplus for 2007-8 of £7260. Although in small part this is down to the 

increase in membership numbers, the majority is accounted for by income 

received directly before the year end and the later payment for our booking 

of ZSL as the venue for the 2008 Winter Meeting. Nevertheless, the success 

of our Marketing Working Party at IPS 2008 is reflected in a large increase 

in Other Income, and this profit will be paid out as a grant to our 2008 

Sponsored Cause in early 2009. Similarly, some late donations to the 

Conservation Working Party, notably from Knowsley Safari Park, will also 

be paid out in grants in 2008-9. As a consequence, expenditure will increase 

in the year ahead and I would expect it to exceed income for 2008-9 as 


these grants are paid. Nevertheless, the Society remains in a strong financial 

position and we have retained over £20,000 in our savings account. I hope, 

therefore, that the incoming Treasurer has the strong financial base needed 

to implement new initiatives that can take the Society forward with 

confidence in the years ahead. 


Russell Hill, 



6.     Forthcoming meetings: 

a)  PSGB Spring Meeting 2009 - will be held in Bournemouth at 

Bournemouth University on the 16


 and 17


 of April. The 

organisers of the meeting are Mandy Korstjens and Jo Setchell. 

The theme of the meeting will be ‘Form and Function’ in which the 

link between morphology, behaviour and ecology will be explored. 

The emphasis of the Spring Meeting, as always, is on our students. 

To further enhance our student provision two short workshops will 

be held on ‘presentation skills’ and ‘morphometrics’. Further 

details on the meeting will be available on the PSGB website in 

early January. 


b)  PSGB Winter Meeting 2009 - will be held in London at the Zoo. 

The theme of the Winter Meeting is ‘Environmental Stress’. The 

meeting will be two days long and in addition to invited speakers, 

the plan is to also encourage proffered papers. The organisers are 

Paul Honess, Stuart Semple and Tessa Smith. More details will be 

forthcoming about this meeting in the near future. Members are 

encouraged to check the PSGB website for forthcoming details.  


c)  PSGB Spring Meeting 2010 - will be held in Abertay, Scotland and 

details will be forthcoming nearer the time. 



Andrew Smith, 

Meetings Co-ordinator 


7.  Working party reports: 

a)  Conservation Working Party - 

There was a record number of applications for the February round of grants.  

Twenty-three people applied, but just three could be funded due to shortage 

of funds. These were:  

•  Josia Razafindramanana:


First assessment of the population of two 

sympatric lemurs in fragmented forests of south-eastern 



•  Louis Nkembi: The Conservation of Cross River gorillas in 

Bechati-Mone Forest corridor, South West Cameroon (funded by 

the Born Free Foundation)  

•  Stanislov Lhota: Conservation of proboscis monkeys in 

Balikpapan Bay 


In August, in contrast, there were just eight applications. Again, three were 

funded. These were: 

•  Rachel Munds: Population density surveys and taxonomic 

assessment of the Western tarsier (Tarsius bancanus borneanus

and Bornean slow loris (Nycticebus menagensis) in the Lower 

Kinabatangan Floodplain, Sabah, Malaysia. 

•  Tricia Parish: Identifying the CITES Appendix I-listed Asian slow 

loris: a training programme for enforcement officials and rescue 

centres in Southeast Asia (mostly BFF funding).  

•  Manij Upadhyay: Primate Conservation Awareness Programme in 

Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal 


In May this year, we were very grateful to receive a boost to our funds with 

a grant from Knowsley Safari Park for £1500. Another £900 or so was 

added after the IPS meeting in August, with funds from a raffle for the 

binoculars donated by Leica to Ian Redmond, plus Ian’s very generous 

donation from sales of his new book. I would like to thank Knowsley, Leica 

and Ian for these very welcome contributions.  


The conservation project for 2009 has been selected by CWP members and 

approved by Council. We will be supporting the Lebialem Hunters’ 

Beekeeping Initiative in the Southwest Province of Cameroon. This project 

aims to reduce financial dependence on the bushmeat trade by providing 

hunters with an alternative income from beekeeping. The poster about this 

project, which was on display at the winter meeting, is on the PSGB 

website.  The project also has a website:  


In addition to giving out grants, the CWP discussed a variety of 

conservation topics, including hearing from Helen Thirlway, the new 

Director of IPPL-UK, about the problems with the Barbary macaques in 

Gibraltar. As usual, CWP members have helped by reviewing applications 

for the Conservation Leadership Programme Awards. 


Many thanks to all members of the Working Party for their support 

throughout the year and, as ever, to Christophe Soligo for finding us a room 

in London and providing us with coffee and biscuits.  


Caroline Harcourt, 




b)  Captive Care Working Party - 

The Captive Care Working Party (CCWP) met in May 2008, at the Centre 

for Macaques breeding centre, Wiltshire, to discuss grant applications and 

any other business; we also were given a tour of some of the primate 

housing and environmental enrichment techniques in use there. We received 

eight grant applications this year, in a variety of fields concerning captive 

primate welfare. It was decided to offer two grants, as follows: 


Rebecca Bearman (Oxford Brookes University): “Behaviour and welfare 

implications of using positive reinforcement training as a behavioural 

management technique with socially housed Anubis baboons (Papio 

anubis)” (£500.70). In September 2008, Rebecca presented this work at the 

annual conference of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in Milwaukee, 

Wisconsin, USA, for which she won the award for ‘Best Overall Poster,’ so 

many congratulations to her! 


Eugenia Polizzi (Liverpool John Moores University): “Visibility between 

adjacent groups of capuchin monkeys: influence on aggression and on 

social relationships” (£750). 


We had intended to hold a second CCWP meeting at Chester Zoo in late 

2008, but this will be carried over until 2009, as we have had very active 

communication by email in the meantime. The latter half of 2008 was 

particularly busy for the CCWP, and several new issues were dealt with. 

These included matters relating to the controversial euthanasia of a group of 

Herpes B-positive Tonkean macaques (Macaca tonkeana) at the Centre de 

Primatologie (CDP) at the Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France, 

which was discussed in the October 2008 editorial of Primate Eye. In 

advance of the publicised euthanasia date, the CCWP and PSGB Council 

drafted a letter to be sent to the University, to express our support for those 

at the CDP acting to prevent the euthanasia of these macaques, if the 

animals could be maintained with good welfare, and managed in a way that 

clearly meets the required regulations for animals positive for B-virus 

(today, standard management practice in world-class primate facilities is to 

find a secure place for macaques carrying the Herpes B virus, and to 

implement management procedures that minimise the risks - e.g. in the UK, 

any animals found to be B-positive are subject to ‘Category 4’ 

containment). From an ethical perspective, animals should not be 

expendable when their usefulness to research is over, if they can maintain a 

good quality of life and if legal requirements for housing have been met (as 

appeared to be the case here). Sadly, the macaques were euthanised ahead 

of the publicised date, thus furthering the controversy, and the PSGB 

Council sent a letter to the University to express our concerns at their 

actions. In addition to that issue, we were contacted by Mole Hall Wildlife 

Park, in Essex, which had to close down due to the terminal illness of its 

owner, for advice on the re-homing of two adult male chimpanzees, for 


which some recommendations were made. The CCWP and PSGB also gave 

support to a campaign by the RSPCA and the Monkey Sanctuary, to restrict 

the private ownership of primates in the UK to specialists, i.e. for purposes 

other than pet ownership (namely species conservation, or the care of 

animals, by sanctuaries and individuals to whom sanctuaries re-home 

animals, as a result of their abandonment, neglect, maltreatment or injury). 

CCWP will report further developments on this issue in Primate Eye in the 



There were several changes to CCWP membership in 2008. We welcomed 

new member Steve Unwin, a Veterinary Officer at Chester Zoo and 

veterinary co-ordinator for the Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance, and we 

said goodbye to Vicky Melfi, Roger Curtis and Tessa Smith, whom we 

thank for their hard work and commitment to the CCWP. We received four 

applications from people interested in gaining membership to the CCWP, 

and we are currently assessing these; we intend that applicants will hear the 

outcome very shortly. The CCWP will continue to increase its activity and 

profile in 2009. 


Sonya P. Hill,  



c)  Marketing Working Party - 

PSGB Marketing had a strong presence at the IPS Congress in Edinburgh 

this year. Due to the generosity of Steven Nash, we used Nash images on t-

shirts, mugs and magnets, and also sold other PSGB-related items, 

including those using photographs kindly donated by our membership. 

Along with covering our costs for the merchandise and stall, we raised £200 

for the Hainan gibbon appeal; income from the sale of merchandise at the 

Winter Meeting will also go to the Hainan gibbon sponsored cause. At the 

IPS, Ian Redmond also ran a raffle of high-spec binoculars in aid of the 

Conservation Working Party, which raised several hundred pounds. In 

addition, we are very grateful to Conservation International for the kind 

donation of their unsold IPS merchandise, and thank those PSGB members 

who helped on the stall. The MWP sells goods via its Spice Shop (linked 

from the PSGB webpage), and is also looking into other mail order 

opportunities. Ideas for PSGB marketing from members are always 

gratefully received: please contact Sarah Elton, Todd Rae or Colleen 

Schaffner. Finally, we encourage meeting participants to visit our stall today 

and buy, buy, buy! 


Sarah Elton, 






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