Two-Part Program

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What is Pay & Performance?

  • Two-Part Program

  •  New performance management approach

  •  New compensation structure

  • Today’s meeting will focus primarily on the new process for performance management

Why Pay & Performance?

  • Current State

  • Inconsistent processes for performance management and pay decisions

  • No process for performance management in some areas

  • Pay increases perceived by many as an annual pay adjustment rather than a reward for performance

  • Many managers do not have clear guidance or necessary resources for performance management

  • Staff members desire greater support for professional development

Why Pay & Performance?

  • Future State

  • Common foundation and consistent process for performance management

  • Consistent and fair process for pay decisions

  • Pay increases linked to performance

  • Flexibility for units to expand on common foundation

  • Expectations for individual performance and opportunities for professional development defined

Performance Evaluation and Planning (PEP) Form

  • The new PEP form has two sections on two pages with expandable text sections.

  • Section One: Evaluation of Past Year

  • Section Two: Planning for Coming Year

Section II: Planning for the Coming Year

Planning for the Coming Year

Setting Goals for the Coming Year

Identifying Areas for Development

Let’s Look at an Example – Staff Specialist

One More Example – Financial Management Analyst

Section I: Evaluating the Past Year

Evaluating the Past Year

Evaluating Levels of Performance

  • Duke is committed to linking the opportunity for annual pay increases to performance

  • Performance evaluations will serve as the means to create this important link

  • By differentiating performance, more of available budget dollars for pay will used to reward those whose performance contributes to our overall success.

Defining Levels of Performance

Evaluation of Job Responsibilities

Evaluation of Individual Goals

Evaluation of Behaviors

Evaluation of Behaviors, cont.

Evaluation of Behaviors, cont.

Manager’s Overall Evaluation


  • Required for all managers

  • Optional for staff members (used before PEP completed)

  • Some of the advantages of a self-evaluation include:

    • Allows for self-reflection on job performance during year
    • Creates opportunity for dialogue about similarities and differences between manager evaluation and self-assessment
    • Provides time for manager to respond to the staff member’s self-evaluation

The PEP Annual Calendar

Next Steps

  • Work with supervisor to set goals for next fiscal year.

  • Review new compensation structure portion of Pay & Performance Program in fall 2005.

Thank You

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