28th polish film festival in america november 5-20, 2016

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November 5-20, 2016

Presented by the Society for Arts at several venues in the Chicago area.

English language title of film:

Original language title of film:

Original language(s):




Art Direction:






Production companies:

Country (-ies) of production:

Year of production:


Synopsis of film:
Previous exhibitions:

(Except in rare exceptions, must be Chicago premiere)

Biography of a director:

Role of representing filmmaker:

Filmography of director (including role in production, and year of production):

Preview materials will not be returned.

Exhibition format (must be subtitled in English or in English)

HDCam □ 35mm □ DCP □

DigiBeta NTSC □ Beta-SP NTSC □ Anamorphic □

DigiBeta PAL □ Beta-SP Pal □ Anamorphic □


Blu-Ray NTSC □ Blu-Ray PAL □

DVD NTSC □ Zone: □ Anamorphic □

DVD PAL □ Zone: □ Anamorphic □

Sound format:

Stereo □ Mono □ Dolby A □ Dolby SR □


1.33 □ 1.66 □ 1.85 □ Scope □

Preview format (DVD or Blu-Ray only) must be in English, subtitled in English, or non-verbal.

Producer, distributor, sales agent, or other representative:





Web page:

Entries must be received by September 15, 2016.

There is no entry fee.

Conditions for eligibility:

- The film must be directed by a Polish filmmaker, a filmmaker of Polish descent, or should have a substantial Polish component.
- 35MM films must have composite optical sound
- Tapes submitted must represent the final form in which the film will be exhibited. No re-edits and substitutions are allowed.
- Films must be available to exhibit on DCP, 35MM, HDCam, DigiBeta, Beta-SP, DVCam, Blu-Ray, or DVD.
- Film should be a Chicago-area premiere. In various contexts this condition may be waived.
- Film must have been completed since January 1, 2015.
- Films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English.

Entering procedure:

- Completed application forms must be sent with the Blu-Ray or DVD, and in the same package. Do not send them under separate cover.
- Enclose a comprehensive press packet, including at least three pictures (one of them of the representing filmmaker).
- There is no entry fee.
- Films are evaluated on Blu-Ray and DVD in PAL and NTSC formats.
- Preview materials are not returned.
- For confirmation that your Blu-Ray or DVD has been received, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Do not make follow-up phone calls. If necessary, we will call you.

- The festival line-up will be announced by October 5, 2016. The line-up will be posted online at www.pffamerica.com, and in various additional contexts.

If the film is selected:

- The print, DigiBeta, Beta, or DVD to be used for screening must arrive in the Chicago area by October 20, 2016.
- Film will have up to three public screenings and selected press screenings. The festival reserves the right to add more screenings if necessary.
- The festival pays one-way return shipping.

All entries must be received by September 15, 2016.

Preview materials will not be returned.
After completing the application, please enclose it with the preview materials, which will not be returned.

Package checklist:

Application filled out and signed:
Broadcast authorization form filled out and signed:
Preview Blu-Ray or DVD enclosed:
Comprehensive press kit, including stills, enclosed:

If sending from a country other than the United States of America, you must mark the package “preview material / no value.” Otherwise, the festival may be charged customs fees. The festival will refuse such fees, and consequently your film will neither be received nor considered.

Send package to:


Polish Film Festival in America
1112 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642, USA

I certify that I hold all necessary rights for the submission of this work.

Signature of Applicant:

Name of Applicant:



Optional broadcast authorization form:

I certify that I hold broadcast rights to this work within the United States.

If this work is selected, I grant the Society for Arts limited, non-exclusive rights to broadcast clips from this film as promotion for the Polish Film Festival in America. No clip shall exceed two minutes. This agreement expires on November 30, 2016.


Signature of Applicant:

Name of Applicant:


Kataloq: images
images -> 1. Параліч мімічної мускулатури,атрофія обличчя
images -> Мп г. Белгорода «Стоматологическая поликлиника №2» Информированное добровольное согласие на стоматологическое эндодонтическое лечение
images -> Задачами модуля являются
images -> Сагітальні аномалії прикусу. Дистальний прикус. Етіологія, патогенез, клініка та діагностика дистального прикусу
images -> Мп г. Белгорода «Стоматологическая поликлиника №2» Информированное добровольное согласие на проведение ортодонтического лечения
images -> Мп г. Белгорода «Стоматологическая поликлиника №2» Информированное добровольное согласие на пародонтологическое лечение
images -> Yazılım Eleştirisi

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