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achieve your goals- succeed in doing the things that you want to do in life, especially after a lot of work

put a lot of effort into sth -use a lot of physical or mental activity in order to achieve something

make an effort to do sth do your best- make the greatest effort possible

have an opportunity -be In a situation that makes it possible for you to do something that you want to do

mess sth up - do something wrong or badly

dream of sth imagine something that you would like to happen

encourage -talk or behave in a way that makes somebody else more confident to do something

take part in sth -be involved in an activity with other people

make the most of sth -get the maximum use, benefit or enjoyment from something, often because it may not last long
go wrong -change or end In a bad or negative way

a password -a secret combination of letters or numbers which

install software (onto a computer) put a computer program onto a computer so that the computer can use it.
back sth up -copy documents, files, etc.

store- put or keep things in a particular place so you can read or use them in the future.

a hard drive- part of a computer that stores information

a memory stick- a small piece of equipment that you use for storing information or photos

an attachment- a document, picture, etc. sent with an email

a virus -a computer program which can make copies of itself and stops a computer from working normally

crash- when a computer or a website suddenly stops working

copy sb in (on an email)- send somebody a copy of an email that you are sending to somebody else

forward sth to sb -send an email you have received to somebody else’s computer.

Delete- remove a document, email, etc. from a computer

print (out) -produce a copy of a document, etc. on paper

scan -use a machine to put a document, etc. into a computer.

Wi Fi- a wireless way of connecting computers to the internet in a public place


A social networking site is a website such as Facebook, Google+, etc. that is designed to help people communicate and share information, photos, etc. with a group.

When you update your status, you add a new comment to your page on a social networking site. Also: update your (Facebook) page and a status update A profile is the personal information (interests, married, etc.) you add to your page on a social networking site.

When you upload something, you copy or move photos, documents, etc. to a website, (opposite: download)

A forum is a website or part of a website where people can discuss particular topics. Also: a message board When you post a comment on a website, forum, etc. you write something for other people to read.

When you tweet, you write a message on Twitter for other people to read. Also: a tweet (noun)

When you follow somebody on Twitter, you are automatically sent messages from this person when they tweet.

A link is a connection between two pages on the internet.


be quite/very/really good at (doing sth)-She's very good at encouraging people.
be able to (do sth)- was able to give a good performance.
know how (to do sth)- He knows how to do some really amazing tricks.
find sth quite/very/really easy (to do)- found some of the tricks quite easy to learn.
manage to (do sth)- managed to do all the tricks without messing them up.

find sth impossible (to do): found it impossible to breathe and sing at the same time.

be useless at (doing sth)- was useless at learning languages at school.
have no idea how (to do sth)- had no idea how to do any magic tricks.
be no good at (doing sth)- I'm no good at doing card tricks.

not be able to (do sth)- was disappointed that I wasn't able to win.
a storm very bad weather with lots of rain, snow, wind, etc.
thunder the loud noise that comes from the sky during a storm
a tornado an extremely strong and dangerous wind that blows in a circle and destroys buildings
a heat wave a period of unusually hot weather that continues for a longtime
a flood when a lot of water covers an area that is usually dry, especially when it rains a lot or a river becomes too full
an earthquake a sudden violent movement of the Earth’s surface, often causing a lot of damage
a drought a long period of time with no rain and not enough water for plants and animals
a landslide when a large quantity of rocks and earth falls down the side of a mountain


A surgeon - is a doctor who does operations.

An operating theatre- is the place where you have an operation.
Asthma - is an illness which makes it difficult for you to breathe. / stratch
A specialist is a doctor who knows a lot about one area of medicine.
The A&E department is the part of a hospital where you go if you have an emergency.
An allergy -is a medical problem that some people get when they eat, breathe or touch certain things.
A migraine- is an extremely painful headache that/which can also make you feel sick.
A ward -is a big room with beds in a hospital where patients receive medical treatment.
A surgery - is a building or an office where you can go and ask a GP or a dentist for medical advice.
AGP -is a doctor who/that gives medical treatment to people who/that Jive in a particular area.
A prescription- is a piece of paper that/which the doctor gives you so that you can get the medicine you need.
An infection -is a disease in part of your body that/which is caused by bacteria or a virus.
a debt - money which is owed to somebody else
pay off -pay back money you owe to a bank, a person, etc
a demonstration- when a group of people stand or walk somewhere to show that they disagree with or support something
protest -say or show that you disagree with something

a target -something you want to achieve
discover- find information, a place or an object for the first time
reject -not accept
a strike -a period of time when people don’t go to work because they want more money, better working conditions, etc
call sth off -cancel something that was planned

hay fever an illness with symptoms similar to a cold that is
caused by flowers or grass in the spring and summer,

a virus /'vairas/ a very small living thing which can cause
illnesses, disease and infections,

food poisoning when you eat some food that is bad and
makes you ill.

a runny nose when your nose produces liquid all the time,
usually when you have a cold.

a blocked-up nose when you can’t breathe through your nose.
wheezy when you breathe noisily and with difficulty,

particularly when you have asthma or an allergy.
sneeze when you blow air down through your nose suddenly,

for example when you have a cold.
throw up (informal) be sick, vomit.
diarrhoea /daia'ria/ when you have to go to the toilet all

the time.
a rash a group of smalt red spots on the skin, often caused by
allergies, that you want to scratch,

penicillin /pena'sibn/ a type of antibiotic,

paracetamol /paera'siitamol/ a type of painkiller.
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