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§+§Caloplaca clauzadeana Gaya, Nav.-Ros. & Cl.Roux


Syn.: Amphiloma murorum v. gyalolechioides Müll.Arg. p.p., Caloplaca biatorina ssp. gyalolechioides (Müll.Arg.) Clauzade & Cl.Roux p.p.

N - VG, Ven. C - Umbr (Ravera & al. 2006), Sar.

Cr.pl/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 5, 4-5, 4-5, 2-3/ Alt: 1-2/ A: a, A1: a, B: a, C: r, D: r, E: a, F: r, G: r, H: vr/ w/ PF: 1/ Note: a mild-temperate to mediterranean lichen, found on vertical, sun-exposed calcareous and dolomitic rocks with some seepage of water after rain, a member of the critical C. saxicola complex, certainly more widespread.

+Caloplaca coccinea (Müll.Arg.) Poelt

Mitt. bot. Staatss. München, 12: 5, 1975 - Blastenia coccinea Müll.Arg., Flora, 50: 366, 1867.

Syn.: Blastenia arnoldiana Servít & Cernoh., Blastenia keissleri Servít, Callopisma ochraceum v. nubigenum Kremp., Caloplaca arnoldiana (Servít & Cernoh.) Servít & Poelt, Caloplaca aurantiaca v. nubigena (Kremp.) Dalla Torre & Sarnth., Caloplaca flammea (Anzi) Jatta, Caloplaca nubigena (Kremp.) Dalla Torre & Sarnth., Caloplaca nubigena v. keissleri (Servít) Clauzade & Cl.Roux, Placodium flammeum Anzi

N - Frl, Ven (Nascimbene & Caniglia 2000, 2003c), TAA, Lomb, Emil. C - Marc (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Abr (Recchia & Villa 1996, Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Mol (Nimis & Tretiach 2004), Laz (Nimis & Tretiach 2004).

Cr.end/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 4-5, 4-5, 3-4, 1-3/ Alt: 3-6/ A: rc, A1: c B: vr, C: er, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: a, H: a/ PF: 1/ Note: on steeply inclined faces of limestones and dolomite, perhaps starting its life-cycle on endolithic lichens (e.g. Clauzadea immersa), known from the mountains of southern Europe, and certainly ranging throughout the Alps.

+Caloplaca conciliascens (Nyl.) Zahlbr.

Cat. Lich. Univ., 7: 109, 1931 - Lecanora conciliascens Nyl., Flora, 63: 388, 1880.

N - Piem (TSB). C - Sar.

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 2-3, 4, 4, 3-4/ Alt: 2-3/ A: a, A1: a, B: a, C: er, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: a, H: vr/ PF: 1/ Note: related to C. exsecuta, known from the locus classicus in Tyrol, and from dry-warm valleys in Central Sardegna and in Piemonte. The identification of the Sardinian collection is not completely certain (Nimis & Poelt 1987: 60).

+Caloplaca congrediens (Nyl.) Zahlbr.

Cat. Lich. Univ.: 110, 1930 - Lecanora congrediens Nyl., Flora, 66: 100, 1883.

Syn.: Caloplaca herminica Samp.

C - Sar. S - Si.

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Terr-Sax/ 3, 4-5, 3, 2-3/ Alt: 3-5/ A: a, A1: a, B: er, C: er, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: a, H: a/ PF: 1/ suboc/ Note: a montane-subtropical to mild-temperate, mainly mediterranean-atlantic species, found on epilithic mosses overgrowing base-rich, often volcanic, siliceous rocks.

+Caloplaca conversa (Kremp.) Jatta

Sylloge Lich. Ital.: 254, 1900 - Callopisma conversum Kremp., Denkschr. K. bayer. Bot. Ges., 4: 162, 1861.

Syn.: Blastenia concinerascens Nyl., Caloplaca fallax (Bagl.) Jatta, Callopisma fallax Bagl., Caloplaca concinerascens (Nyl.) H.Olivier, Caloplaca conversa v. fallax (Bagl.) Wunder, Caloplaca fallax (Bagl.) Jatta, Caloplaca oreadum (Stizenb.) Jatta, Placodium conversum (Kremp.) Anzi

N - TAA, Lomb, Piem (TSB), VA (Piervittori & Isocrono 1999), Emil, Lig. C - Sar. S - Si.

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 3-5, 4-5, 4, 3-4/ Alt: 1-4/ A: a, A1: er, B: er, C: vr, D: er, E: a, F: er, G: er, H: a/ PF: 1/ w/ Note: a mild-temperate to subtropical-montane lichen, found on calciferous or basic siliceous rocks (esp. basalt) in sunny sites with short periods of water seepage, often on colonies of cyanobacteria. The earlier record from Venezia Giulia (Nimis 1993: 162) has been excluded, being far from the Italian border.

+Caloplaca coronata (Körb.) J.Steiner

Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien, 69: 71, 1919 - Callopisma aurantiacum v. coronatum [Kremp. ex] Körb., Parerga Lichenol.: 66, 1859.

Syn.: Caloplaca aurantiaca v. coronata (Körb.) Jatta

N - VG, Frl (vidi!), Ven (vidi!), Lig (TSB). C - Marc (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Umbr (Nimis & Tretiach 1999, Ravera & al. 2006), Abr (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Mol (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Tosc (TSB), Laz, Sar. S - Camp (Aprile & al. 2003b, Nimis & Tretiach 2004), Pugl (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Bas (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Cal (Puntillo 1996, Macchione 2006), Si (Nimis & al. 1994, 1995, Grillo 1998, Grillo & Caniglia 2004).

Cr/ Ch/ A.i/ Sax/ 5, 4-5, 4, 4-5/ Alt: 1-4/ A: a, A1: er, B: a, C: er, D: r, E: a, F: vr, G: r, H: rr/ PF: 1/ paras crustose lichens/ Note: a mild-temperate to subtropical, mainly mediterranean lichen, found on the top of sun-exposed calcareous boulders, esp. in small depressions of the rock, much overlooked in the past, and certainly more common, exceptionally reaching the subalpine belt on south facing rocks in dry-continental Alpine valleys.

+Caloplaca crenularia (With.) J.R.Laundon

Lichenologist, 16, 3: 231, 1984 - Lichen crenularius With., Bot. Arrang. Brit. Pl., ed. 3, 4, 22: 405, tab. 31, fig. 5, 1796.

Syn.: Blastenia ferruginea v. contigua A.Massal., Blastenia ferruginea v. festiva (Ach.) Nyl., Blastenia ferruginea v. plumbea A.Massal., Blastenia ferruginea v. saxicola A.Massal., Blastenia festiva (Ach.) A.Massal., Blastenia festiva v. saxicola (A.Massal.) A.Massal., Blastenia koerberiana A.Massal., Callopisma ferrugineum v. decussatum Bagl., Callopisma ferrugineum v. inarimense Jatta ?, Caloplaca contigua (A.Massal.) Mig., Caloplaca ferruginea v. festiva (Ach.) Th.Fr., Caloplaca festiva (Ach.) Zwackh, Caloplaca festiva f. convexa de Lesd., Caloplaca festiva f. fusciuscula Lamy, Caloplaca festiva v. depauperata H.Magn., Caloplaca festiva v. subvitellina (Vain.) Szatala, Placodium ferrugineum v. festivum (Ach.) A.L.Sm.

N - VG (Castello 2002, Martellos & Castello 2004), Frl, Ven, TAA, Lomb (De Vita & Valcuvia 2004), Piem (Isocrono & al. 2004), VA (Borlandelli & al. 1996, Piervittori & Isocrono 1997, 1999, Piervittori & al. 2004), Emil (Tretiach & al. 2008), Lig (Brunialti & al. 1999, Valcuvia & al. 2000). C - Abr (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Mol (Garofalo & al. 1999), Tosc (Pišút 1997, Tretiach & al. 2008), Umbr (Genovesi & al. 2002, Ravera & al. 2006), Laz (Gigante & Petriccione 1995), Sar. S - Camp (Garofalo & al. 1999, Aprile & al. 2002, Nimis & Tretiach 2004), Pugl (Garofalo & al. 1999), Bas (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Cal (Puntillo 1996), Si (Ottonello & al. 1994, Nimis & al. 1996b, Grillo 1998, Grillo & Caniglia 2004).

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 2-3, 3-5, 3-4, 2-4/ Alt: 1-4/ A: a, A1: vr, B: a, C: vr, D: rc, E: er, F: ec, G: ec, H: vc/ PF: 1-2/ Note: a temperate to subtropical species, found on a wide variety of siliceous rocks, on horizontal to weakly inclined faces, very heterogeneous, and in in need of revision.

+Caloplaca crenulatella (Nyl.) H.Olivier

Mém. Soc. Sc. Nat. Cherbourg, 37: 110, 1909 - Lecanora crenulatella Nyl., Flora, 69: 461, 1886.

Syn.: Caloplaca clauzadei de Lesd., Caloplaca ferrarii v. diabasicola Servít & Cernoh., Caloplaca lactea f. aestimabilis (Arnold) Lettau, Caloplaca lactea f. aurata (Harm.) Zahlbr., Caloplaca lactea f. ecrustacea (Harm.) Zahlbr., Caloplaca lactea f. flavicunda (H.Olivier) Zahlbr., Caloplaca prinii de Lesd., Placodium crenulatellum (Nyl.) A.L.Sm.

N - VG (Castello 2002, Martellos & Castello 2004), Frl, Ven (Caniglia & al. 1999, Nascimbene & Caniglia 2003c, Nascimbene 2005c), TAA (Navarro-Rosinés & Hladun 1996, Nascimbene & Caniglia 2000, Thor & Nascimbene 2007), Piem (Isocrono & al. 2004), VA (Piervittori & Isocrono 1999). C - Tosc (Benesperi 2007), Abr (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Umbr (Genovesi & al. 2002, Ravera & al. 2006), Laz (Bartoli & al. 1998), Sar (Navarro-Rosinés & Hladun 1996). S - Camp (Aprile & al. 2003b), Bas (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Si (Poli & al. 1996, 1997, Grillo 1998, Grillo & Caniglia 2004).

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 4-5, 4, 3-4, 4/ Alt: 1-4/ A: r, A1: r, B: r, C: rr, D: rc, E: rr, F: rr, G: vr, H: a/ PF: 1-2/ Note: a mild-temperate to subtropical species, often found on calcareous walls, perhaps parasitic of Verrucaria nigrescens when young, very much misunderstood in the past: see note on C. lactea.

+Caloplaca cretensis (Zahlbr.) Wunder

[in Vězda] Sched. ad Lich. Sel. Exs., n. 996, 1971 - Blastenia cretensis Zahlbr., Sitzungsber. K. Akad. Wiss. Wien, math.-naturw. Kl., 115: 519, 1906.

Syn.: Blastenia ulbensis Zahlbr., Caloplaca calcicola Zahlbr.

C - Mol (Nimis & Tretiach 1999). S - Camp (Nimis & Tretiach 2004), Si (Nimis & al. 1994).

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 5, 4, 2, 2-3/ Alt: 1/ A: a, A1: a, B: a, C: a, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: er, H: er/ PF: 1/ coast/ Note: an (apparently) eastern mediterranean species, found on compact limestones, mostly coastal in Italy, probably more widespread in the Mediterranean region than the few records would suggest.

+Caloplaca decipiens (Arnold) Blomb. & Forssell

Points-Förteckn. Scand. Växt.: 69, 1880 - Physcia decipiens Arnold, Flora, 50: 526, 1867.

Syn.: Amphiloma decipiens (Arnold) Bagl., Gasparrinia decipiens (Arnold) Syd., Lecanora decipiens (Arnold) Nyl., Placodium decipiens (Arnold) Leight.

N - VG (TSB), Ven, Lig, Emil (Nimis & al. 1996). C - Marc (Nimis & Tretiach 1999, Tretiach & Pinna 2000), Umbr (Nimis & Tretiach 1999, Ravera & al. 2006), Tosc, Laz, Abr (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Mol (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Sar. S - Camp, Pugl, Bas (Nimis & Tretiach 1999), Si (Ottonello & al. 1994).

Cr.pl/ Ch/ A.s/ Sax/ 4-5, 4-5, 4, 4-5/ Alt: 2-4/ A: a, A1: vr, B: a, C: er, D: rr, E: a, F: r, G: a, H: a/ PF: 1-2/ subc/ Note: a temperate, somehow subcontinental species, found on calciferous substrata, esp. on mortar walls, not common in most of Italy, perhaps because of its subcontinental character, but abundant, and locally extremely abundant in some dry Alpine valleys, and along the E slopes of the Apennines, mostly on walls in small villages, much rarer in natural habitats.

+Caloplaca demissa (Körb.) Arup & Grube

Lichenologist, 31, 5: 428, 1999 - Placodium demissum Körb., Parerga Lichenol.: 55, 1859.

Syn.: Imbricaria demissa Flot. nom. inval., Lecanora demissa (“Flot.”) Zahlbr., Lecanora incusa (Flot.) Vain., Rinodina castanoplaca H.Olivier, Squamaria elaeina v. saxicola Beltr.

N - Ven, TAA, Lomb, Piem (Valcuvia 2002, 2002b), VA (Piervittori & Isocrono 1999). C - Tosc, Laz, Sar.

Cr.pl/ Ch/ A.s/ Sax/ 3, 4-5, 4-5, 2-3/ Alt: 1-3/ A: a, A1: a, B: vr, C: er, D: er, E: a, F: vr, G: r, H: rr/ PF: 1/ w/ subc/ Note: a mild-temperate to xeric subtropical species, found on south-facing, steeply inclined to underhanging basic siliceous rocks, both in dry-warm Alpine valleys and in the Mediterranean belt, much less bound to water seepage than Peltula euploca and ecologically related species.

+Caloplaca diphyodes (Nyl.) Jatta

Sylloge Lich. Ital.: 259, 1900 - Lecanora diphyodes Nyl., Flora, 55: 353, 1872.

Syn.: Callopisma diphyodes (Nyl.) Sacc., Callopisma variabile v. lecideinum Müll.Arg., Callopisma variabile v. riparium Müll.Arg., Caloplaca diphyodes v. helygaeoides (Vain.) H.Olivier, Caloplaca helygaeoides (Vain.) Dalla Torre & Sarnth., Caloplaca variabilis ssp. diphyodes (Nyl.) Clauzade & Cl.Roux, Caloplaca variabilis v. lecideina (Müll. Arg.) H.Olivier

N - Frl (TSB), TAA (Nascimbene 2003, Nascimbene & al. 2004, 2004b), Piem (Isocrono & al. 2004), Lig.

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 3-4, 4-5, 3-4, 2-3/ Alt: 3-6/ A: vr, A1: r, B: a, C: er, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: a, H: a/ PF: 1/ Note: known both from the arctic and from the mountains of the temperate zone, this lichen occurs on calciferous schists, sometimes on dolomite and serpentine. According to Roux (in litt.) it is more or less aquatic and is closely related to C. variabilis.

+Caloplaca epithallina Lynge

Skr. Svalb. og Ishavet, 81: 113, 1940.

N - TAA.

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 2-3, 4-5, 4-5, 2-3/ Alt: 3-5/ A: er, A1: vr, B: a, C: er, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: a, H: a/ PF: 1/ paras crustose and foliose lichens/ subc/ Note: a raher continental species, found on sunny siliceous rocks, e.g. on isolated boulders in grasslands, restricted to dry-continental Alpine valleys in Italy.

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