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Amygdalaria consentiens (Nyl.) Hertel, Brodo & May.Inoue

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Amygdalaria consentiens (Nyl.) Hertel, Brodo & May.Inoue

- Lecidea consentiens Nyl.

Syn.: Huilia consentiens (Nyl.) Hertel

Aspicilia mastrucata (Wahlenb.) Th.Fr.

- Lichen mastrucatus Wahlenb.
Bryocaulon divergens (Ach.) Kärnef.

- Cornicularia divergens Ach.

Caloplaca fraudans (Th.Fr.) H.Olivier

- Caloplaca ferruginea v. fraudans Th.Fr.
Dermatocarpon leptophyllum (Ach.) G.Lang

- Endocarpon leptophyllum Ach.

Syn.: Placidium leptophyllum (Ach.) A.Massal.

Lecanora atrosulphurea (Wahlenb.) Ach.

- Lichen atrosulphureus Wahlenb.

Syn.: Lecidea flavescens A.Massal.

Leptorhaphis tremulae Körb.

Syn.: Campylacia tremulae (Körb.) A.Massal., Spermatodium tremulae (Körb.) Trevis., Sagedia tremulae (Körb.) Anzi

+Melanohalea olivacea (L.) O. Blanco, A. Crespo, Divakar, Essl., D. Hawksw. & Lumbsch

Mycol. Res., 108, 8: 882, 2004 - Lichen olivaceus L., Sp. Pl.: 1143, 1753.

Syn.: Imbricaria olivacea (L.) DC., Melanelia olivacea (L.) Essl., Parmelia olivacea (L.) Ach.

N - Ven, Lomb (Alessio & al. 1995), VA (Piervittori & Isocrono 1999).

Fol.b/ Ch/ S/ Epiph/ 1-2, 4-5, 3, 1/ Alt: 3-4/ A: a, A1: er, B: a, C: er, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: a, H: a/ PF: 1/ Note: a circumboreal-montane species, mostly found on Betula in cold, but sunny situations. The epithet "olivacea" was used in the past for several other species of this group. All earlier records from Italy are unreliable, including that of Ahti (1966, see Nimis 1993: 479), the recent ones from Lombardia and Val d' Aosta need confirmation. In my opinion, this species does not occur in Italy.

Miriquidica lulensis (Hellb.) Hertel & Rambold

- Lecidea lulensis Hellb.
Nephroma arcticum (L.) Torss.

- Lichen arcticus L.
Pertusaria xanthostoma (Sommerf.) Fr.

- Porina xanthostoma Sommerf.
Porpidia hydrophila (Fr.) Hertel & A.J.Schwab

  • Lecidea hydrophila Fr.

Syn.: Lecidea petrosa Stirt. non Arnold, Haplocarpon hydrophilum (Fr.) V.Wirth, Huilia hydrophila (Fr.) Hertel
Pseudocyphellaria crocata (L.) Vain.

  • Lichen crocatus L.

Cryptothele rhodosticta (Taylor) Henssen

  • Verrucaria rhodosticta Taylor

Syn.: Pyrenopsis rhodosticta (Taylor) Müll.Arg., Pyrenopsis sanguinea Anzi ?, Psorotichia sanguinea (Anzi) Jatta ?
Pyrrhospora russula (Ach.) Hafellner

  • Lecidea russula Ach.

Syn.: Protoblastenia russula (Ach.) Räsänen
Ramalina cuspidata Nyl.
Stereocaulon paschale (L.) Hoffm.

- Lichen paschalis L.

Umbilicaria arctica (Ach.) Nyl.

- Gyrophora arctica Ach.
Usnea fragilescens Lynge

Syn.: Usnea mollis Stirt. nom. illegit.

Usnea plicata (L.) Wigg.

- Lichen plicatus L.
Usnea subcornuta Stirt.
Biatora cuprea (Sommerf.) Fr.

Lichenogr. Eur. Ref.: 265, 1831 - Lecidea cuprea Sommerf., Suppl. Fl. Lapp.: 165, 1826.

N - TAA, Lomb, Piem, VA (Piervittori & Isocrono 1999).

Note: according to Printzen (1995) this species is known with certainty only from N Europe. All Italian records should be considered as dubious until checked.

Biatora meiocarpa (Nyl.) Arnold

Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien, 37: 141, 1887 - Lecidea meiocarpa Nyl., Flora, 59: 577, 1876.

Syn.: L. minuta auct. non (Nyl.) Nyl.

N - TAA, Lomb, Lig.

Note: Ekman (1994) states that this is is a northern species, confined to Fennoscandia. Reports from C Europe could be due to misidentifications, perhaps with the similar Biatora helvola, or with Lecania cyrtellina. Printzen (1995) excludes this taxon from Biatora s.str., saying that it has strong affinities with Lecidea albohyalina. Until checked, all Italian records (see Nimis 1993: 386) should be considered as dubious.

Caloplaca tenuata (Nyl.) Zahlbr.

Cat. Lich. Univ., 7: 271, 1931 - Placodium tenuatum Nyl., Flora, 62: 202, 1877.

N - VG.

Note: on steeply inclined, hard limestones in humid areas, often on cyanobacterial crusts, the record from Sicilia, by Ottonello & Salone (1994) is dubious, and that from Venezia Giulia reported by Nimis (1993: 185) is due to a misidentification (vidi!).

Cladonia stricta (Nyl.) Nyl.

Flora, 52: 294, 1869 - Cladonia degenerans v. stricta Nyl. [in Middend.] Reise Sibir., 4: 4, 1867.

Syn.: Cladonia lepidota auct. non (Ach.) Nyl.

N - Lomb (Rivellini & Valcuvia 1996). C - Tosc.

Note: the Italian records (see Nimis 1993: 245-246) are, in my opinion, very dubious.

Gassicurtia vernicoma (Tuck.) Marbach

Bibl. Lichenol. 74: 339, 2000 - Lecidea vernicoma Tuck., Am. J. Sc., ser. 2, 25: 429, 1858

Syn.: Buellia myriocarpella (Nyl.) H.Olivier, Buellia vernicoma (Tuck.) Tuck., Buelliopsis vernicoma (Tuck.) A.Schneid.

N - Lig.

Note: a North American species, erroneously reported from the E Pyrénées, the Italian record might refer to Amandinea punctata s.lat. Amer.

Lecanographa hemisphaerica (J.R.Laundon) Egea & Torrente

Bibl. Lichenol., 54: 138, 1994 - Lecanactis hemisphaerica J.R.Laundon, Lichenologist, 8: 142, 1976.

S - Pugl.

Cr/ Tr/ S/ Sax/ 5, 3, 2, 1-2/ Alt: 1/ A: a, A1: a, B: a, C: a, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: a, H: vr/ Note: the only Italian record, by a British author (see Nimis 1993: 333), needs confirmation. This species was reported several times from man-made substrata in the British Isles: the Italian record is from the wall of a church. Pending the examination of this material, I prefer to exclude this record from the Italian checklist. Temp.

Lecidea ahlesii (Körb.) Nyl.

Flora, 55: 356, 1872 - Biatora ahlesii Körb., Parerga Lichenol.: 161, 1861.

Syn.: Biatora valentior (Nyl.) Walt.Watson, Lecidea valentior Nyl.

C - Tosc.

Note: the record from Italy (see Nimis 1993: 377) is very dubious.

Micarea assimilata (Nyl.) Coppins

Bull. Brit. Mus. Nat. Hist., Bot. ser. 11, 2:114, 1983 - Lecidea assimilata Nyl., Lichenes Scand.: 221, 1861.

N - TAA.

Note: see Nimis (1993: 438).


poorly known taxa
Acarospora hostilis H.Magn.

Bot. Notiser, 109, 2: 143, 1956.

N - TAA.

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 2, 4, 3-4, 1-2/ Alt: 4-5/ A: vr, A1: r, B: a, C: a, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: a, H: a/ #/ Note: described from Austria, near the Italian border, and only known from the Alps, in my opinion, the study of the type material is could prove that this a synonym for another species.

Acarospora trachytica Jatta

N. Giorn. Bot. Ital.: 127, 1882.

S - Camp.

Note: the type should be examined: perhaps it will prove to be a synonym of another species (e.g. of A. nodulosa).

Aspicilia bricconensis Hue

Nouv. Archiv. Mus., ser. 5, 2: 73, 1912.

Syn.: Lecanora bricconensis (Hue) Zahlbr.

N - TAA.

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 2-3, 4, 3-4, 2-3/ Alt: 4-5/ A: vr, A1: er, B: a, C: a, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: a, H: a/ PF: 1/ #/ Note: a very poorly known taxon, described from South Tyrol, the description could have been based on two different species, indicator values are very tentative.

Aspicilia scopulicola de Lesd.

Bull. Soc. Bot. France, 98: 137-138, 1951.

N - Lig.

Note: known only from the type collection.

Buellia hypoleuca H.Magn.

Bot. Notiser, 109, 2: 151, 1956.

N - TAA.

Note: only known from the type locality, on soil in an arid site.

Diplotomma lutosum A.Massal.

Miscell. Lichenol.: 41, 1856.

Syn.: Buellia lutosa (A.Massal.) Anzi, Buellia subdispersa Krempelh., Diplotomma subdispersum (Krempelh.) Arnold

N - Lomb. C - Tosc.

Note: a dubious taxon of a very critical complex, which badly needs further study.

Endocarpon lunardii de Lesd.

Bull. Soc. Bot. France, 74: 439, 1927.

N - Emil.

Note: a very poorly known species, the type material was on sandstone.

Gyrocollema rupestrina (Zahlbr.) Henssen

Syst. Ascomycetum, 5: 131, 1986 - Ginzbergerella rupestrina Zahlbr., Hedwigia, 71: 208-209, 1931.

C - Abr.

Note: I have serious problems in understanding what this taxon really is.

Lecidea badiopallens Nyl.

Flora, 61: 242, 1872.

N - Lig.

Note: a member of the L. fuscoatra complex, which in the Mediterranean is very variable. Pending a revision of the whole group, I prefer to place this species in the dubious taxa.

Opegrapha deusta Jatta

[de Not ex] Jatta, N. Giorn. Bot. Ital., 13: 15, 1881.

N - Lig. C - Sar.

Note: a poorly known taxon which needs further study, with no recent record from Italy, the type material was collected on lignum.

Pertusaria conglobata (Ach.) Th.Fr.

Lichenogr. Scand., 1: 321, 1871 - Variolaria conglobata Ach., Syn. Meth. Lich.: 132, 1814.

C - Sar.

Note: there are only two records of this silicicolous species, the type collection from France (without locality) and that from Sardegna, by closer examination of Sardinian specimens I came to the conclusion that they are just a saxicolous form of P. velata. Temp.

Pseudopannaria marcii (de Lesd.) Zahlbr.

Cat. Lich. Univ., 2: 686, 1924 - Bacidia marcii de Lesd., Bull. Soc. Bot. France, 53: 583, 1906.

S - Si (Nimis & al. 1994).

Cr/ Cy.h/ §/ Sax/ §/ Alt: 1/ A: a, A1: a, B: a, C: a, D: a, E: a, F: a, G: vr, H: a/ PF: 1/ #/ Note: a very poorly-known taxon, which well deserves further study.

Psorotichia gelatinosa Anzi

Neosymb. Lich. Rar. Nov.: 2, 1866.

N - Lomb.

Note: this could well be a good species, but it is known only from the type material, which needs further study.

Psorotichia pictava (Nyl.) Forssell

N. Acta Reg. Soc. Sc. Upsal., ser. 3, 13: 75, 1885 - Pyrenopsis pictava Nyl., Flora, 52: 82, 1869.

Syn.: Collemopsis pictava (Nyl.) Nyl.

N - Lig.

Note: a very poorly-known taxon, which needs further study.

Siphulastrum alpinum Jatta

Bull. Soc. Bot. Ital., 5: 250, 1892.

N - Piem.

Note: known only from the type collection, this taxon well deserves further study. However, the envelope purported to contain the type, in NAP (vidi), is empty.

Staurothele viperae Servít

Stud. Bot. Cech., 7: 11, 1946.

N - Lig.

Note: described from Dalmatia, very poorly understood, as many species described by Servít, it badly needs further study.

Thelidium tiroliense Zschacke

Hedwigia, 62: 133, 1921.

N - TAA.

Note: as this taxon is very poorly-known, and as the record cited by Nimis (1993: 689) is from Austria, I prefer to exclude it from the lichen flora of Italy.

+Thelocarpon robustum Eitn.

N - Lomb (Valcuvia 2002, 2002b), Lig (Ozenda & Clauzade 1970, Clauzade & Roux 1985).

Note: According to Navarro-Rosinés & al. (1999) this is a synonym of Acarospora smaragdula var. murina (Sandst.) H. Magn.

Verrucaria aberrans Garov.

Tent. Disp.: 11, 1864.

N - Lomb.

Note: see comments in Nimis (1993: 731).

Verrucaria acrotella Ach.

Meth. Lich.: 123, 1803.

N - TAA, Lig. C - Tosc, Sar. S - Si.

Note: see comment in Nimis (1993: 731).

Verrucaria crustulosa Nyl.

Bull. Soc. Bot. France, 25: 493, 1879.

Syn.: Dermatocarpon crustulosum (Nyl.) Servít, Dermatocarpon crassum (Anzi) Zahlbr., Endocarpum crassum Anzi, Endopyrenium crassum (Anzi) Müll.Arg., Placidiopsis crassa (Anzi) Clauzade & Cl.Roux, Verrucaria crassa (Anzi) Jatta non A.Massal. nec Eschw.

N - Lomb, Lig.

Note: a complex in need of revision, all Italian records were named V. crassa.

Verrucaria discernenda Zschacke

Rabenhorst's Krypt.-Fl., 9, 1, 1: 81, 1933.

N - TAA.

Note: an all too poorly-known endolithic lichen of dolomitic rocks, reported only from upland areas of South Tyrol and Westfalia. A revision of the type is badly needed.

Verrucaria franconia (Zschacke) Servít

Stud. Bot. Cech., 11: 21, 1950 - Verrucaria submersa v. franconia Zschacke, Hedwigia, 65: 64, 1927.

N - Piem, Lig.

Note: all Italian records of this very poorly known taxon are dubious (see Nimis 1993: 739).

Verrucaria mortarii (Arnold) Lamy

Bull. Soc. Bot. France, 25: 498, 1878 - *

Syn.: Amphoridium mortarii (Arnold) Servít

N - Piem. C - Tosc.

Cr/ Ch/ S/ Sax/ 5, 3-4, 3, 2-3/ Alt: 2/ A: a, A1: a, B: a, C: a, D: r, E: a, F: r, G: a, H: a/ suboc/ #/ Note: on man-made calciferous substrata, incl. mortar, esp. on walls, below the montane belt. This is taxon is critical, and, in my opinion, it could well enjoy a wealth of synonyms after further study. S Temp.

Verrucaria ochrostoma (Leight.) Trevis.

Conspect. Verrucar.: 8, 1860 - Sagedia ochrostoma [Borrer ex] Leight., Brit. Spec. Angioc. Lich.: 23, tab 8, fig. 4, 1851.

N - Ven, Lig.

Note: closely related to V. murorum, see Nimis (1993: 746).

Verrucaria pulicaris A.Massal.

Miscell.Lichenol.: 58, 1856.

N - Ven.

This name was used seldom (however, it is still accepted in the checklist of Germany by Scholz, 2000), I have no idea what the name refers to, but the type material is well worthy of further study.

Verrucaria tabacina (A.Massal.) Trevis.

Consp. Verruc.: 8, 1860 - Lithoicea tabacina A.Massal., Symmicta Lich.: 90, 1855.

N - Ven. S - Camp (Aprile & al. 2003), Cal (Puntillo 1996).

Note: a very poorly known species of calcareous rocks reported from several localities in Central Europe, but probably a synonym - or the correct name - for other species, which awaits further study.

Verrucaria vindobonensis Zschacke

Hedwigia, 67: 56, 1927.

Syn.: Amphoridium vindobonense (Zschacke) Servít

N - Lig.

Note: a very poorly known species of calcareous rocks in Alpine-subalpine habitats, reported from the the E Alps and from Liguria, which badly needs further study.

Verrucaria vicinalis Arnold

Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien, 29: 377, 1879.

N - TAA.

Note: a species of calcareous rocks, known only from South Tyrol, which needs further study, the record from Liguria (Nimis 1993: 750), being expecially dubious, is not accepted here.

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