Address: Albireh, Nablus St., Ramouni Building

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Technical Assistance

Address: Albireh, Nablus St., Ramouni Building

Telephone: +970241663050


Palestinian Land Authority

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

The World Bank

Progress Report

January 2016

26 May 2017


1.Executive Summary 3

2.Background 5

1.1.Objective of the Consultancy 5

3.Achieved Activities 6

1.2.University Students Recruitment and Training 7

1.3.Village Committee Members Activities; 9

1.4.Community Awareness: 12

1.4.1.Awareness Sessions 12

1.4.2.Field visits: 16

1.5.Field Work Data Collection: 21

1.6.Legal Aid: 22

1.7.Media: 28

1.7.1.Distributing brochures: 28

1.7.2.Distributing leaflets: 28

1.7.3.Distribute a leaflet about women rights in inheritance 28

1.7.4.Update the website 28

4.Challenges 28

5.Annexes 28

6.February work plan: 30

1.Executive Summary

The overall objective of the project is to streamlining the design and implementation of the land registration system in the project area in the Dura district. Therefore, the goal is associated with improving the design of the existing system through close work and cooperation with the relevant authorities and the community through; promoting the rights of women and vulnerable groups as well as maximizing the outreach to ensure an effective and transparent a systematic registration and providing improved registration services in the Project area.

During the month of January 2016, several activities were implemented to ensure the smooth implementation of the planned activities of the SFP contract. Followings are the major activities;

Establish the SFT friends association among the University Students and Youth Associations. The purposes for such joining up within the community associations are;

  • To Maximize the outreach within their communities regarding the visibility of the project

  • Contribute to the exit strategy when the fund of the project is finished

  • Contribute to the ongoing efforts of the SFT team in the field through disseminating information.

It is worth mentioning that, 53 students (male and female) were attended the training or one day at Al Majd Village Council. The training themes focused on the following topics;

  • The importance of this project in increasing the awareness of local communities and encourage them to register their own properties in the settlement office.

  • Providing the legal support to women and vulnerable groups to ensure people enjoy the value added of utilizing their property economically especially women and vulnerable groups.

  • Highlighting the role of the students in disseminating the necessary information to the public as well as acting as SFT friends after the project is ended.

  • Presenting the process of collecting data about blocks from the field work

  • Presenting the steps of the registration process and the necessary supporting documents, and

Village committee members (VCMs) were activated and involved in solving disputes, two disputes were solved by the VCMs.

Building on the previous efforts, in cooperation with SO, local councils and local NGOs, the SFT successfully delivered five workshops, among these workshops four were devoted for women and vulnerable groups. The total beneficiaries were benefited directly from the workshops was 145 beneficiaries, among them 128 women. In addition 7 field visits were paid in 7 localities with a total of 35 beneficiaries (22 F and 13 M) benefited of these visits to; (i) maximizing the outreach of the direct beneficiaries mainly at the marginalized areas. (ii) support the surveyors of SO during the landscaping activities. (iii) path the floor for the community awareness workshops.

The SFT team in full cooperation with the SO and their field workers was able to collect data on 2 blocks. These blocks are from blocks (135 & 36)) with ongoing disputes between relatives and neighbors. The reason behind the sharp drop on number of blocks is due to the request of the SO to stop collecting data from the field because they have so many outstanding blocks to be register. They added, we y do not want to accumulate more data till they finish what has been submitted to them.

The legal aid component is continuing to provide legal assistants to women and vulnerable marginalized groups. Besides the follow up with the 15 cases of last month, the legal advisor provided legal advises for 13 new cases. 3 cases were referred by the SO office while 10 cases were visited the office of the SFT (help Desk) seeking legal aid. It is worth mentioning that 4 cases are belong to women while the rest for the vulnerable groups. Tables (4&5) describe briefly the status of the legal cases.

As one of the social media for communication and being in contact, and in cooperation with the SO staff, the SFT team played significant role in making the project visible to the local communities. In this regard the following activities took-place; distributing brochures, distributingleaflets, distributinga leaflet about women rights in inheritance and Updating the website

As well as the facebook at فريق التيسير الإجتماعي -tami مشروع إدارة الأراضي الثاني/دورا

During the implementation process, it has been witnessed that the interim PD, has failed to fulfill his commitments to deliver the following issues;

  • Failure to provide the SFT a time table to enable the SFT plans the activities of collecting data from the field to move ahead of the starting up of the surveying works. We still waiting for the time table. The implication of this failure is delaying the work

  • Still some cases of the vulnerable groups have not been solved yet. A full document of the cases were sent to the Chairman of the PLA to take an action.

  • Still some data collection from Zones 1&2 are under work. A concept note was sent to TL of the project, looking forward to be considered.

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