An aircraft pilot is a dangerous job

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Aircraft pilot

An aircraft pilot is a dangerous job

Hello. My name is Makhliyo and I am the first year student at Yeunjou Institute in Tashkent.

For the task 2, I have chosen a topic of the most dangerous job in the world and going to talk about being an aircraft pilot.

Being a pilot is considered as one of the most exciting jobs, they'll get to stay at exotic vacation spots and get paid for that too. However, it is the most dangerous job for me. In the world this job has a high danger rate. In fact, the labor statistics show that 50 out of 100,000 pilots will be killed at the job in any year. From my experience I do remember, once I was flying to Moscow, I had experienced the most dangerous flight. It was landing time of airplane and the weather was awful. The airplane faced turbulence around 5 minutes but a pilot managed to control the plane. If he couldn’t, I don’t know what would happen to us. Therefore, if someone asks the most dangerous job, I say it is being an airplane pilot.
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