Annual report 2012 research university of calicut

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Ph.D Awarded




Madhavan Namboothiri N.M. Ramachandran P.T.

Some Problems Relating Order and Fuzzy Topologies

Harish V.K.

M.S. Balasubramani “A Study on Shift Invariant Subspace of L




) under Shift Metric”

Ongoing Ph.D Guidance




Latheesh Kumar

Anil Kumar V.

Studies in Cayley Graphs

Libeesh Kumar K.B.

      “           “

A Study on Magic Graphs

Vineesh K.P


      “           “

A Study on Friendly Index Sets of Graphs

Ratheesh K.P.

Ramachandran P.T

Some Problems on Properties of Subsets of a Topological Space

Kunheenkutty M.

      “           “

Some Problems on Local Properties of the Lattice of Topologies

N.M. Madhavan Namboothiri       “           “

Some Problems Relating Order and Fuzzy Topologies

Sreeja M.

      “           “

Some Problems Related to Homogeneity in Topological Spaces

Santhosh P.K.

      “           “

Some Problems in Categorical Topology

Kavitha  T.

      “           “

Studies on the Group of Homeomorphisms and the Group of L-Fuzzy

Sini P.

      “           “


Dhanya P.M.

      “           “

Some Problems on the Lattice of L-Fuzzy Topologies

Baby Girija E.V.

Raji Pilakkat

Some Problem in Algebraic Graph Theory

Sivadasan  T.

      “           “

Complete Integrability – Set Theoretic Method

Preethi  Kuttipulackal

      “           “

“Mixed Tree Domination in Graphs”

Chithra T.

      “           “

Studies on Graph Labeling

Sheeba M.B.

      “           “

Topological  - Graph Theory

Seena V.

      “           “

On the Study of Hyper Graphs

Vinod Kumar P.

Dr.  Balasubramani

On the Study of Classification  of AFC* - Algebras

Nandakumar M


Dr. K.S.S. Moosath

Integrable Systems given by lax Pair Equations


Department of Nanoscience & Technology is one of the recently started Departments in the University of Calicut

under UGC XI


 plan. UGC has sanctioned three teaching positions (one Professor, one Associate Professor, and one

Assistant Professor) and given financial assistance for the initial setup of the Department. The Department has initiated

an M.Tech program in Nanoscience & Technology from 2011 onwards with an intake of 10 students. The M.Tech course is

programmed in the semester pattern with research oriented elective papers and project work. The Department also

offers Ph.D program in the areas of alternative energy sources, sustainable nanomaterials and carbon nanomaterials.

The mission of this department is to create a world class centre of excellence for pursuing interdisciplinary

research in Nanoscience and Technology and to impart high quality post graduate education to students in frontier

areas of Nanoscience & Technology


Research Areas

Dr. P. Raveendran

Green Chemistry

Dr. S. Sindhu

Nanomaterials for Energy Applications

Ms. U. Bindu

Metal Nanostructures

International Conferences Papers

Dr. Sindhu S.,

Efficiency enhancement in DSSC…..

Ongoing Ph.D Guidance




Jabeen Fathima M.J.

Dr. Sindhu S . Synthesis of Zirconia nanopowders through sol-gel method and their


Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Niveditha C.V.

Dr. Sindhu S.

Electrochemical Synthesis of Nanomaterials

Shameera P.

Dr. Sindhu S.

Synthesis and characterization of gel eelctrolytes

Nijisha P.

Dr. Sindhu S.

Development and functional modification of dyes for optoelectronic



The Department started functioning in the year 1971 shortly after the University had been established in the

northern part of Kerala  as a centre for postgraduate training and research in Physics. Ever since its establishment, the

department of Physics, University of Calicut has played a key role in strengthening postgraduate teaching and research

in Physics and earned a good reputation among academics.  The current faculty strength of  the department is 11.  The

department has created moderately good research facilities for Nuclear Science, Astronomy & Astrophysics and Materials

Science.  Good teaching and laboratory facilities for post graduate training in Physics had been developed over the forty

years  span of its existence.  The total intake for MSc is 20, MPhil  is 8 and faculties admit Ph.D students from time to time

depending on the  vacancies available.  Due to its close proximity to the Union territory, Lakshadeeep, the department

provides special quota admission to students from the off land besides the normal sanctioned strength for all courses.

The major research fields are Nuclear Science, Theoretical Plasma Physics, Radiation Physics, Materials Science, Neutrino

Astrophysics, and Astronomy. The research facilities include, Si(Li) detector, liquid nitrogen plant, Electron beam  gun

thin film deposition system, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, UV-Visible spectrometer, Electrical conductivity measuring

units, Atomic Force Microscope, X-Ray Diffractometer, Astronomical observatory fitted with 14" reflecting telescope and

data analysis systems, etc.

The department offers M.Sc, and M.Phil programs under the choice based credit-semester scheme.  On an average

3-5 students qualify the national level tests like, UGC/CSIR, GATE or the NET before they complete their MSc course. Our

alumni are well placed in India and abroad. The research activities of the faculty have resulted in over 550 research

publications in national and international journals.  On an average the research in various fields of physics results in

10-15 publications in internationally reputed and peer reviewed journals. The department  have active collaboration

with reputed  universities and institutes both in India and abroad.  Active MoU’s with IUAC New Delhi, IIAP Bangalore,

ISRO Banglore, IUCAA Pune and C-MET, Trichur & Indian Institute of Oceanography, Goa, help us to foster the research

activities in front line areas. Distinguished scientists from India and abroad visit the department on regular basis for

lectures and other collaborative programmes.  Other activities include, seminars, workshops, SERC Schools, Scholar in

residence programmes, etc.


Research Areas

Dr. B. R. S. Babu

Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics

Dr. P. Rameshan

Theoretical Physics, Statistical Mechanics

Dr. V.M.Bannur

Theoretical Physics,High Energy Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Plasma Physics

Dr. George Varghese

Materials Science

Dr. Antony Joseph

Nuclear Physics

Dr. M.M. Musthafa

Nuclear Physics

Dr. P.P. Pradyumnan

Solid State Physics, Materials Science, Nanoscience

Dr. A.M. Vinodkumar

Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics

Dr. P.A. Subha

Non-linear  Science

Dr. C.D. Ravikumar


Dr. M. Shahin

Materials Science

Dr. Libu K. Alexander

Materials Science & Nanoscience

Research Articles

C.D. Ravikumar  &

Black hole mass limits for optically dark x-ray bright

B. R. S. Babu

sources in elliptical galaxies’,


Antony Joseph

Half life and inner penetrability in the cold fission of


European Physics Journal.

A.M. Vinodkumar,

Effective  atomic numbers for gamma ray interaction

B.R.S. Babu   &

at 59.54keV in heterogeneous layers of materials

Antony Joseph.

using  241Am  gamma rays

Radiation Physics and Chemistry.

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Antony Joseph

Equilibrium shapes and deformations of some rare

earth nuclei in cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky shell

correction   Approach

Turkish Journal of Physics.

Antony Joseph

A fission model approach to alpha decay and cluster

radioactivity of  Dy, Er and Yb isotopes,

Turkish Journal of Physics

P.P. Pradyumnan

Synthesis of solid solutions of Mn and Bi substituted

V2O5 and substitutional effect in structural and

optoelectronic Behavior

Physica B.

P.P. Pradyumnan

X-Ray Photoelectron emission Photoluminescence and

International Journal of Physics

Roman Analysis of Solid Solutions of Aluminium Zinc

and Research (IJPR).


M. M. Musthafa

P. P. Pradyumnan

Effect of Ag doping on structural, electrical and

dielectric properties of TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized

Journal of  Material  Science and

by a low temperature hydrothermal method


M. M. Musthafa

P. P.  Pradyumnan

AC Conductivity and Diffuse Reflectance Studies of

Ag-TiO2 Nanoparticles

Journal of Electronic Materials.

P.P.  Pradyumnan

Bulk Synthesis and Structural Determination of High

Mobility Multication Transparent Conducting Oxides

Solid State Phenomena.

P.P.  Pradyumnan

Thermoelectric Property in Multiferroics,

Advanced Materials Research.

M. M. Musthafa

P. P.  Pradyumnan

Ag doped nanotitania for electrical and optical


AIP Conf. Proc.

P. P Pradyumnan

Synthesis & structural studies of new thermoelectric

perovskite material, AIP Conf. Proc.

M. M. Musthafa

P. P.  Pradyumnan

Effect of Ag doping on structural, electrical and

Journal o f Materials Science :

dielectric properties of TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized Materials in Electronics.

by a low  temperature hydrothermal method

M. M. Musthafa

P. P. Pradyumnan

AC Conductivity and Diffuse Reflectance Studies of

Ag-TiO2 Nanoparticles

Journal of   Electronics Materials

M. M. Musthafa

Study of isomeric cross section ration and pre-

equilibrium fraction in proton and alpha particles

International Journal of Modern

induced nuclear  reaction on 



Physics E.

Musthafa. M.M

Dosimetrical Evaluation of  Leksell Gamma Knife 4C

Polish Journal of  Medical Physics

Radiosurgery unit’

and engineering.

A.M Vinodkumar

Fission fragment angular distribution measurements

for 160+194pt reaction at energies near the Coulomb


Nucl. Phys. A.

A.M . Vinodkumar

Synthesis of heavy nuclei using damped collisions:  A test

Physical Rev. C.

George Varghese

Samarium Coordinated Polymer: Structural, Vibrational Journal of Organometallic

and Thermal Studies of [Sm2(C3H2O4)3 (H2O)6

Polymers and Materials.

V.M. Bannur

Comparison of quasi particle model in the context of

(e,e+, r) plasma

The European Physics Journal D.

 V.M. Bannur

SCQGP in Quark stars

The European Physics Journal C.

George Varghese

The width of Liesegang Bands: a study using moving

boundary model and simulation

Pramana: Journal of Physics

International Conferences Papers

P. P. Pradyumnan,

Multiferroics for Thermoelectric Application

International conference on recent

Ramachandran T &

trends in advanced materials (ICRAM-

N.E. Rajeevan

2012)  VIT University, Vellur, Tamil Nadu.

Binitha M. P and

‘Dielectric studies on mixed phosphate crystals

International conference on recent

P.P. Pradyumnan

 trends in advanced materials (ICRAM-

2012)  VIT University, Vellur, Tamil Nadu.

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Dhanya Chandran, Deepa M., A.C. Conductivity Study of Tin oxide (SnO



International conference on recent trends

P. P. Pradyumnan,


in advanced materials (ICRAM-2012)  VIT

K. Rajendra Babu &

University, Vellur, Tamil Nad.


Jayaram P.,  Jaya T.P. &

P.P. Pradyumnan

Bulk synthesis and structural Determination of



 International Conference on Solid

High Mobility Multication Transparent Conduct- Compunds of Transition Elements-2012'

ing Oxides’

(SCTE-2012), Lisboa 3.

A.K. Abdul Gafoor,

M.M. Musthafa &

P.P. Pradyumnan

Effects of Ag doping on dielectric properties of

Int. national conference on nano science

anatase TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by a

and nanotechnology-ICNN 2011,, 6-8,july

low temperature hydrothermal method

2011  p:48.

A.K. Abdul Gafoor,

Samarium doped nanotitania with tunable

M.M. Musthafa, Jesty Thomas band gap energy as solar photocatalyst

International Conference on Renewable

& P.P. Pradyumnan


K.K Abdullah and P.A Subha Innovative Experiments for Young Scientists and


Libre Software Meeting(RMLL).

Sailaja Urpayil  &

Dielectric Relaxation Study on Amorphous

Proceedings No.278. International

M. Shahin Tha

Pharmaceutical: Captopril

Conference On Materials Science and

Technology,  St. Thomas College, Pala,

Kottayam, Kerala.

Sailaja Urpayil &

Fragility of Cimetidine Studied by Broadband

Proceedings No.79.International

M. Shahin Thayyil

Dielectric  Spectroscopy

Conference on Molecular Spectroscopy

of Advanced Materials and Biomolecules,

Bishor Moor college Mavelikkara.

National Conference Papers

K.K. Girija and Antony Joseph

Shape evolution in  




with spin

K.K. Girija and Antony Joseph

A feasibility check of cluster radioactivity from neutron rich Dy, Er and Yb isotopes

P.P. Pradyumnan

Synthesis and  Super paramagnetic studies of Mn:FeCo Nanoparticles

Binitha M. P and P.P.Pradyumnan ‘Electrical Characterisation of Copper Tartrate Single crystals’.

T. Ramachandran, N. E. Rajeevan

and P. P. Pradyumnan

‘Preparation and Structural Studies of Co-Ni based Material for Thermoelectric


Binitha M. P. and P.P. Pradyumnan  Growth and Property studies of a bone grafting crystalline material-CHPD

Jaya T.P., Jayaram.P and

P.P. Pradyumnan

‘Synthesis of doped metal oxides for preparation of functional materials

T Ramachandran, N. E. Rajeevan

and  P. P. Pradyumnan

Investigation of Structural properties of Nickel Substituted cobalt oxide for thermo

electric generation

N. E. Rajeevan, T. Ramachandran

and P. P. Pradyumnan

XMCD studies of Multiferroic BixCo2-xMnO4 Thin films

M.M. Musthafa, B. Satheesh,

B.P. Singh, R. Prasad

Study of isomeric cross section ratios in proton and alpha induced nuclear

reactions  on 113,115In

B. Satheesh,   M.M. Musthafa,

B.P. Singh, R. Prasad

Isomeric population ratios in some nuclei produced in proton and alpha induced

reactions on 93 Nb

A.K. Abdul Gafoor, M.M.Musthafa


K. Pradeep Kumar, P.P



Dielectric properties of nanotitania tubes synthesized by low temperature

hydrothermal method

B. Satheesh,  M.M. Musthafa,

B. P. Singh &  R. Prasad

Study of excitation functions, isomeric cross section ratios and pre-equilibrium

emissions in  proton and alpha induced nuclear reactions on 93Nb,

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

E Prasad, R G Thomas, P Sugathan,

A Jhingan, S Appannababu,

K M Varier, A M Vinodkumar,

B R S Babu, G Mohanto, Mukul Ish,

C Yadav, D Singh & S Kailas

Onset of quasifission in 30Si+  180Hf reaction

M Vinodkumar  &  B R S Babu

Study of evaporation residue cross sections for the 32S + 182, 184W reactions

A.M. Vinodkumar

Evaporation Residue measurements in the 


O +


Ta using HIRA spectrometer

A.M. Vinodkumar

Spectroscopy of Thorium Isotopes using HYRA-INGA spectrometer

A.M. Vinodkumar

Neutron Multiplicity measurements in 


Mg + 


Th reaction

A.P. Sunitha and P.A.Sub

Nonlinear waves in Bose Einstein condensates in a nonlinear potential

George Varghese

Oxides: a new class of materials

Sailaja Urpayil &  M. Shahin

Importance of Amorphous state and its Molecular Mobility in Pharmaceutical



Sailaja Urpayil &  M. Shahin

Correlation between structural and   secondary relaxation processes in glass


forming systems: Evidences of coupling model predictions.

Ph.D Awarded




Bharath Kumar Yerra

Dr. B.R.S. Babu

‘Study of Li Rich K-Griants’

Satheesh B.

Dr. M.M. Musthafa

Study of nuclear reactions induced by proton and alpha

particles at low and medium energies

Sajeev Thomas

Dr. M.M. Musthafa

Optimization of quality of images in Stereotactic Radio-

surgery procedures

Ongoing Ph.D Guidance




Satheesh B.

Dr. M.M. Musthafa

Studies of nuclear reactions induced by proton and alpha

particles at low and medium energies

Jithesh V.

Dr. C.D. Ravikumar

Study of Environment of ULX sources

Preetha A.U.

Dr. C.D. Ravikumar

Multi-Wavelength Analysis of AGN and ULX

Dhanya Joseph

Dr. C.D. Ravikumar

Morphological Analysis of Galaxies

Nikesh M.

Dr. C.D. Ravikumar

Morphological Analysis of early type Galaxies

Simji P.

Prof. Vishnu Mayya Bannur Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Quasi particle


Sineeba Ramadas

Prof. Vishnu Mayya Bannur QGP in Quark Stars

Neethu P.

Prof.  Vishnu Mayya Bannur Collective effects in QGP

Jayaram P.

Dr. P.P. Pradyumnan

Studies of Nanocrystalline  Photovoltaic Semiconductor


Shibi Thomas

Prof. George Varghese

Study on the Pattern Formation in Reaction Driven Diffusion


Shijina K.

Prof. George Varghese

Nano composites of Polymer and metal oxide nano particle for

various applications

Megha U.

Prof. George Varghese

Studies on the Synthesis, Characterization & magnet transport

properties of some perovskites

Sahra Mohamed

Dr. Mohamed Shahin

Praveena K.P.

Dr. Mohamed Shahin

Shibina T.

Dr. P.P. Pradyumnan

Studies on electric, dielectric properties of magnetic ion

incorporated oxide materials

P. Subramania Athiray

Prof. B.R.S. Babu

Study of Lunar surface chemistry using swept charge devices

Radhika D.

Prof. B.R.S. Babu

Study of Blackhole Binaries

Jagdish Gehlot

Dr. A.M. Vinodkumar

Fusion-Fission studies of Compound Nuclei around Mass 215

M.B. Roopasree

Dr. B.R.S. Babu

Multiple phase conjugation technique for wave front correction

Rakhee Kushwa

Dr. A.M. Vinodkumar

Studies on GEM based soft X-ray polarimeter

Sailaja U.

Dr.  Mohammed Shahin

Study of Relaxation processes in Glasses

Latha P.

Dr. K.M. Varier

“X and Gamma ray interaction studies Fusion-fission”

Girija K.K.

Dr. Antony Joseph

Studies on High spin Nuclei

Chacko K.V.

Prof. Vishnu Mayya Bannur Trends of variables and air sea fluxes over Indian Ocean

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Ramachandran T.

Dr. P.P. Pradyumnan

Studies on Thermoelectric Semiconducting oxide materials

P.A. Sivaramakrishnan Dr. Mohamed Shahin

Abdul Gafoor A.K.

Dr. M.M. Musthafa

Pre-equilibrium studies on heavy ion induced reactions

Mohamed Aslam P.

Dr. M.M. Musthafa

Effect of radiation on Electronic Devices

Khalid Abuain

Prof. P. Rameshan

Medical image processing

Binitha M.P.

Dr. P.P. Pradyumnan

Growth and Property studies of oxalates   & Tartrate  Single


Reshma Bhaskaran

Dr. C.D. Ravikumar

Studies on Background Radiation

Jayakrishnan K.

Dr. Antony Joseph

Characterization of Conjugated Polymers

Nimmy Narayanan

Prof. Vishnu Mayya Bannur Relativistic heavy ion collisions and quark gluon plasma

Xavier C.K.

Dr. Antony Joseph

Indoor and outdoor Radon monitoring studies using SSNTD

Paul  C.M.

Prof. P. Rameshan

Studies on Stochastic Resonance

Lisha C.L.

Prof. P. Rameshan

Computational condenced matter Physics – study of unknown

stable structures by the method of constraints

Sreejith P.

Dr. Antony Joseph

Formation and Evolution of Magnetic Activities on the Sun

Sajeev Thomas

Dr. M.M. Musthafa

Optimization of quality of images insterotalic – Radiosurgery


Remya P.

Dr M.M.Musthafa

Dr. B. Eswara Reddy

Understanding the origin senarios of stellar streams in the

Galaxy: Chemical tagging of stars in the solar neighbourhood

Ahamed Raseen Nanakkal

Dr. Libu. K Alexander

Investigations on Inorganic Graphene Nanocomposites

Aswathy  S.

Dr. C.D. Ravikumar

Studies on Galaxy Evolution: Morphology-Population


Aysha Muhsina K.

Dr. P.A. Subha

Studies on Non linear waves in dispersive media

Deepthy Maria Joseph

Dr. Antony Joseph

Structure study of exotic nuclei using cluster models

Divya N.K.

Dr. P.P. Pradyumnan

Preparation, Characterization and Property studies of some

metal oxide and metal alloy thin films.

Jaya T.P.

Dr. P.P. Pradyumnan

Optical, Electrical, and Morphological studies of conducting ion

doped metal oxide thin films.

Najmunnisa T.

Dr. M.M. Musthafa

Study of some isomeric pairs produced in nuclear reactions at

low and medium energies

Prasanth J.P.

Dr. Vishnu Mayya Bannur

Non ideal equation of state of quark gluon plasma using

classical and quantum cluster expansion

Ramsiya M.

Dr. Antony Joseph

Estimation of Radon and Thoron in Environmental Samples

Samina M.

Dr. George Varghese

Synthesis and characterization of electrochromic thinfilm metal


Vidya Rajan N.

Dr. Libu K. Alexander

Studies on functionalised graphene

Usha K.

Dr. P.A. Subha

Studies on Non-linear systems

Hind N.

Dr. M.M. Musthafa

Generation and validation of nuclear reaction data at low and

medium energies

Rajesh K.K.

Dr. M.M. Musthafa

Analysis of nuclear reactions induced by light and heavy ions

Indu N.

Dr. Antony Joseph

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