Annual report 2012 research university of calicut

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Hareesh K.P.



Anil Narayanan






Other Research Activities/Events

Seminar on Vedic Heritage of India: Contemporary approaches on 08.02.12.

Seminar on Landmarks in the development of Vyakarana by Dr. Jan Emhoubn on 08.10.12

Seminar on Pre-modern classification of knowledge on 03.12.12 by Dr. Cezary Galewicz

Seminar on Aspects of Indian logic on 21.03.12

One day seminar on The contribution of Vidwan C.S. Nair on 09.10.12

A one day seminar on Literary theory: Problems and approaches on 10.10.12


The Department was set up in 1988 to provide facilities for teaching, training and research in Statistics. Since

then it is actively involved in theoretical and practical studies of real life situations from the modeling and analytical

point of view. The faculties of the Department have collaborative research work with scientists of various organizations

within and outside India. Some of them have held Common Wealth Fellowship and Scholarship tenable at U. K. In

addition, the faculties advise and assist teachers and research scholars of other Departments of the University in

Statistical Analysis of their data. Until the year-2012, twenty nine research scholars of the Department have been

awarded Ph. D. Degree. The Department Library has over 2200 books. The Department has a Computer Lab with 20

Personal Computers along with packages such as SPSS and SYSTAT. The teaching–learning process has been enhanced

now augmenting with the ICT enabled Smart Class Room Environments, visual presenter and other equipments such as

OHP and LCD Projector. The Department wishes to address several societal and industrial problems through modern

statistical methodologies.  Apart from many emerging areas of statistics the focal theme of the department, in the coming

years, includes ‘official statistics’. The Department has an active Alumni Association.


Research Areas

Dr. M. Manoharan

Stochastic Process & Applications, Reliability and Survival Analysis

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Dr. C. Chandran

Probability Modelling and Inference Extreme Value Theory

Dr. K. Jayakumar

Time Series and Distribution Theory

Dr. N. Raju

Stochastic Modeling

International Conferences Papers

Dr. M. Manoharan

Non-parametric estimates for a survivor function of paired recurrent events

Dr. M. Manoharan

Multistate Coherent Systems with Multiple state Transition at a time

Dr. M. Manoharan

Heterogeneous Versus Homogeneous Covariance Patterns in Modeling longitudinal Data

Dr. C. Chandran

Importance of Generalized Logistic Distribution in Extreme Value Modeling

Dr. K. Jayakumar

Wrapped Geometric Distribution

Dr. K. Jayakumar

On Half cauchy Distribution and process

Dr. K. Jayakumar

Wrapped Stew Laplace Distribution on Integers

National Conference Papers

Dr.M. Manoharan

On Selection of Covariance Structure in Modeling of Longitudinal Data

Dr. K. Jayakumar

Skew Cauchy Distribution and Process

Ongoing Ph.D Guidance




Radhakrishnan Nair K .

Dr. M. Manoharan

Some Contributions in Longitudinal Data Analysis

Abdul Rasheed K. V.

Dr. M. Manoharan

Study on Waiting Time Characteristics in Queuing Models

Sreekala M.S.

Dr. M. Manoharan

Study on Queuing Network and Their Applications

Vidhya. G. Nair

Dr. M. Manoharan

Contributions to Stochastic Modelling in Reliability

Nazeema Beevi T.

Dr.  C. Chandran

Some Contributions on Successive Sampling

Aparna Aravindakshan

Dr. C. Chandran

Applications of Copulas in Extreme Value Theory

Sophy Jacob

Dr. K.Jayakumar

Study on Circular Distributions

Elsamma Jacob

Dr. K.Jayakumar

Time Series Models with Asymmetric Innovations

Sajayan T.

Dr. K.Jayakumar

Study on Geometric Stable laws

Sankaran K. K.

Dr. K.Jayakumar

Some Contributions to Mittagthefler Distribution





Aparna Aravindakshan M.    ICMR Fellowship

Nazeema Beevi T.

Moulana Azad Fellowship


Kunhali Marakkar Centre for West Asian Studies and Indian Ocean Studies started functioning in 1999. Beginning

with the Centre offered courses in M.A West Asian Studies. From 2008 onwards the Department has been offering M.A in

Political Science, from 2011 M.Phil in Political Science and from 2012 PhD in Political Science. The teaching and

research within the Centre has been designed in a way that encourages students to explore the interrelationships

between ideas, events and institutions and Policy making. At present the trust areas of the centre are Political Theory and

Ideologies,state and politics in India,Political process and Development in Kerala and International Relations. “Chair

for Maritime Studies and Research” funded by Ministry of Defence (Indian Navy) and the UGC’s Area Study Programme

Indian Ocean Studies”, also come under this Centre.

M.A. Political Science (CCSS) Programme is so designed as to give intensive schooling covering the important

areas of Political Science and interdisciplinary studies in Social Sciences. The Programme is designed to equip the

students to meet the requirements of advanced research in State and Society, Area Studies and Civil Service Examinations.

The Thrust areas of M.Phil Political Science are Political Theory and Ideologies,Indian Political Process and International



Research Areas

Dr. K.S. Pavithran

Political Theory and Ideologies and International Relations.

Naseer P.K.

Public Administration and Comparative Politics

Sunilkumar K.

Government and Politics in India and Political Economy of Kerala

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Research Articles in National Journals

Dr. K.S. Pavithran

Indian Secularism: The Nehruvian  Perspective

Journal of Parliamentary Studies

Dr. K.S. Pavithran

Agrarian Crisis in Wayanad: Some Reflections

ISDA Journal: Studies in Development and


National Conference Papers

K.S. Pavithran

Marxism in the 21



Twenty First Century Marxism

June 13-14, 2012

Emerging Issues and  Concerns. -EMS- Smruti

         “       “

Politics  in Kerala: Yesterday,

‘Kerala in Transition’:

August 16-17- 2012

Today and Tomorrow.

Politics, Economy and Society

Ongoing Ph.D Guidance




John Mathai

Dr. K.S. Pavithran

Politics of Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A Study in  Arts

and Science Colleges in Wayanad District

Vinodkumar. C

       “       “

Nature of Communalism and Communal Politics in Kerala: A Comparative

Study of Nadapuram and Marad

Other Research Activities/Events

The centre held a National Seminar on ‘Maritime Security and India’s Foreign Policy in the 21


 Century: Emerging

Issues and Concerns’ on February 8


 and 9



Special Lectures were held on ‘Recent trends in Comparative Politics’ by Dr. G. Gopakumar, UGC Emeritus Professor

on 30 and 31


 of October 2012.


The Centre for Women’s Studies started functioning on 1st October, 2005. The major focus of the Department at

present is on research and publications. Research consultancy for taking upfeminist research is provided by the faculties

to research scholars from throughout the country.


Research Areas

Research Articles



Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Women & Education, Combatting violence against

women, Women and Globalisation




Mini Sukumar

Feminist theory, women’s Movements




Layana Aanand

Women’s Studies

Research Articles in international journals

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

Religion and Son Preference

International  Journal  of

June 2012

MultiDisciplinary Vol 1 (2)

Educational Research

Mini  Sukumar

Engendering Local Development…

Universities Forum –

February  2012

International Journal

Vol3, No.1

on Human Development

and International Cooperation

 ISSN 2070-6790

Mini Sukumar

Reclaiming Submerged identities-

Economic and Political

Dalit Writing in Malayalam


(Book Review)

Research Articles in national journals

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

Strengthening of Jagratha Samithis


Conferences Papers

Dr.  Moly  Kuruvilla

The Effectiveness of DV Act 2005… Ethiraj College  for Women Chennai,  11.01.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

Conceptualizing Empowerment…

Mangalore University

Mangalore, 22.03.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

Athijeevanathinte Sthreevazhikal

State Youth Welfare Board

Kozhikode, 10.03.2012

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

Tribal Women- Issues and …


Kozhikode, 14.03.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

Women’s  Leadership:…


Cochin, 27.03.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

Status of Tribal Women…

Mother Teresa Women’s


Kodaikanal, 09.05.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

Education for Women ….

Mother Teresa Women’s


Kodaikanal, 28.11.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

Need for Engendering…

Pondicherry University


Mini Sukumar

Feminist Consciousness and …

Alphonsa College

Pala, 08.02.2012

Mini Sukumar

Emergence of Women’s …

Govt. Law College

Thrissur, 17.02.2012

Mini Sukumar

Keraleeya stree: Oru Vikasana…

University of Calicut

University of Calicut, 01.11.2012

Nisha P.

Curricular Components for…

Pondicherry University


Thasniya K.T.

‘Jaagratha Samithis –The …

Pondicherry University


Seema S.P.

Equal Parenting and Sharing…

Pondicherry University


Pavamani Mary Gladys Unwed Mothering Among Tribals… Pondicherry  University


Extension Lectures

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Life Goals of Women: …

Darunnajath  Arabic  College Malappuram,  14.01.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Body Image, Identity and …

Mar Thoma College

Chungathara,  02.02.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Women Empowerment and Police

Chemmad, 17.02.2012

Dr.  Moly  Kuruvilla Women Empowerment and Police


Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Women Empowerment and Police

Tirurangadi, 18.02.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Effective   Interpersonal Relation… Ma’din Academy

Malappuram,  14.05.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Effective Parenting and…

GMLP School

Tanur,  19.05.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Social Empowerment and…

Kerala  NGO Association

Tirurangadi, 12.06.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Challenges and Coping Strategies… Don Bosco College

Sulthan Bathery, 20.09.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Feminist Research Methodology

St Thomas College

Kozhencherry, 24.09.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Women’s Rights as Human Rights

UGC Academic Staff College University  of  Calicut,  11.11.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Scope and Relevance of Gender…

UGC Academic Staff College University  of  Calicut,  15.11.2012

Dr.  Moly  Kuruvilla Women Empowerment and Police

Tirur,  26.11.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Feminist Research Methodology

Bharathiar University

Coimbatore, 29.11.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Women’s Body Image…

Ideal Education Society  for

teacher trainees

Calicut, 11.12.2012

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Ensuring Safety and Dignity…

Kelappaji Agricultural

Engineering College

  Thavanoor,  20.12.2012

Mini Sukumar

Gender in Education

Government Institute of

Advanced Study in Education Thrissur, 20.09.2012

Mini  Sukumar

Violence Against Women: ...

UGC Academic Staff College University  of  Calicut,  04.10.2012

Ongoing Ph.D Guidance




Nisha P

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Empowerment of Adolescent Girls: Challenges and Prospects

Thasniya K.T.

Dr. Moly Kuruvilla Gender Bias in Classroom Practices at Primary and Secondary levels

Pavamany Mary Gladys Dr. Moly Kuruvilla

The Question of Legitimacy of the Child and its Implications on Women’s Lives

Seema P.

Dr.  Moly Kuruvilla Dual Role Conflict Among Women Managers in Higher Education

Other Research Activities/Events

One day Seminar on Women’s Code Bill organized on 8th March 2012.

The Department in collaboration with Ma’din  Academy, Malappuram organized a Ten days   orientation programme

for self empowerment of girl students on 2nd to 14th April 2012.

One day Seminar on Draft Bill on Kerala Protection of Safety and Dignity of Women Act  on November 6th 2012.

A Round Table Conference was organized on the topic “Role Conflict of Women  Employees and  Effective Coping

Strategies” on  16-11-2012.

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut


The Department of Zoology is one of the largest Departments under the Faculty of Science in the University of

Calicut with a highly qualified faculty of 11 (2 Professors, 4 Associate Professors and 5 Assistant Professors).  The

Department has followed a three-prong strategy of strengthening and achieving excellence in teaching, research and

extension work and has taken the leadership in organising refresher courses and workshops through the Academic Staff

College for the benefit of teachers drawn mostly from colleges affiliated to this University.  The quality of teaching in the

Department is continuously monitored by the Department Council and is being regularly updated and the students have

been made to feel and work as active participants in the learning process under the inspiring leadership of the teachers.

The students have also benefited immensely from National Symposia and workshops held in the Department and from

Seminars and lectures given by eminent Scientists from India and abroad.

The Department has so far attracted 45 major research projects for a total amount of Rs. 51 million from funding

agencies like University Grants Commission, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Council

of Scientific and Industrial Reseach, Department of Science and Technology, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Indian

National Science Academy, International Foundation for Sciences (Stockholm), Aeronautics R & D Board, Science

Technology Environment Committee of Kerala, etc. The faculty has produced a total number of 152 doctoral theses in

various topics Biology from the time of its inception till this date.


Research Areas

Dr. M. Gokuldas


Dr. N. Ramani


Dr. K.V. Lazar

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Dr. M.Nasser

Ecology and Ethology of Insects

Dr. Kannan.V.M

Biochemistry, Molecular biology

Dr. Y. Shibu Vardhanan

Toxicology, Biochemistry and Environmental Studies

Dr. Sebastian C. D.

Insect Biochemistry and Toxicology, Molecular Taxonomy

Dr. E. Pushpalatha

Biopesticides & Toxicology

Dr. Manogem

Insect Endocrinology & reproductive biology

Dr. Chitra

Endocrinology and Toxicology

Dr. Zubair


Research Articles in national journals

Dr. N. Ramani

Phytophagous mites- a potential threat to medicinal

International  Journal of Acarology,

plants in  Kerala,

(Taylor & Francis,  : 38(1): 62-65

        “       “

Assessment  of  chlorophyll  loss  induced  by

Brevipalpus  phoenicis Geijskes (Acari:Tenuipalpidae)

infesting the medicinal shrub, Ocimum gratissimum

International  Journal of  Acarology,


(Taylor & Francis,  : 38(8): 1-5

Dr. M. Nasser

On some Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera:Chalcididae)

associated with gall-inducing psylloids,

Phacopteron and Trioza species (Hemiptera:

Triozidae) in southern India, Zootaxa


3566: 14–22.

Dr.Manogem E.M

Dynamics of dichotomous spermiogenesis

Journal of Cell and Tissue Research: 13(1).

Dr. Sebastian C. D

Molecular Phylogenetic Status of Microcentrum

Developmental Microbiology and


Molecular Biology. 3(1): 9 -15.

Dr. K.V. Lazar

Molecular phylogenetic status of Microcentrum

Developmental Microbiol. and Molecular

rhombifolium in the family Tettigoniidae,

Biol., 3,  9-15.

Dr. E. Pushpalatha Effect of Plant Extracts on the filarial vector,

Culex quinquefasciatus

International Journal of Ecobiology.

Dr. M.Gokuldas

Hyperlipaemic and Hyperglycaemic effect of

ametabolic peptide hormone

International Research Journal of Pharmacy.

       “       “

Identification of AKH/RPCH family peptide in the rice

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut


Journal of Entomology.

       “       “

Antifeedant effectos crude extracts from four plants

International Journal of Agricultural

against Luprops tritici


Dr. K. C. Chitra

Oxidative stress in Zollinger-Ellison syndrome:

International Journal of Analytical,

possible role of HSP70 and ROS

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences.

Books (Edited)

Dr. M. Nasser

“Importance of biodiversity conservation in safeguarding biological control in agrolandscape”

in BIODIVERSITY: Issues, Impacts, Remediation and Significance

Dr. M. Nasser

“Diversity Of Pollinators,  And The Impact Of Their Abundance On Fruit Production In Pumpkin

(Cucurbita Moschata L.)” in Agrobiodiversity: Status,  Trends and Prospects


Apolipoprotein A-1 binds to Jacalin-Sepharose  in a sugar-dependent manner. In “Prospects in

Bioscience: Addressing the issues”.

      “       “

Plant Protease Inhibitors:  A Natural Defense Mechanism and its Scope in Plant Protection in

“Biotechnology and Bioinformatics – Current trends and Future Perspectives.”

E. Pushpalatha

Antimicrobial activity of some plant extracts on selected strains of bacteria

      “       “

Larvicidal activity of a few plant extracts on Culex pipiens (Diptera : Culicidae)

      “       “

Reproductive Toxicity of Anamirta cocculus (L) Wight and Arn and Sphagneticola trilobata (L)

Pruski extracts on Culex pipiens

Dr. M. Gokuldas

Insect Adipokinetic Neuropeptides

International Conferences Papers

Jayakrishnan.T.V. and

N.  Ramani

Chlorophyll loss due to infestation by Oligonychus

International Conference on

coffeae Neituer (Acari:Tetranychidae) on tea

Advances in Biological Control


Damage assessment  of the gall mite Aceria pongamiae

Y. Shibu Vardhanan and

Keifer, 1966(Acari:Eriophyidae) with in the leaf galls of

International Conference on

N. Ramani

Pongamia pinnata (L.).,

Advances in Biological Contro

Y.Shibu Vardhanan,

Closed Retting: A Green Technology for Controlling Coir




Ajit Haridas

Retting Pollution of Backwaters

Congress of Environmental

and V.B. Manilal


Y.Shibu Vardhanan and

Production of virgin coconut oil from testa free al

International Conference on

Shinu. K. C

buminous endosperm of (Cocos nucifera .L) coconut

Advances in Biological

thorough fementation: Fourier transform - infrared

Sciences (ICABS)

spectra (FT-IR)

Y.Shibu Vardhanan,

Evaluation of damage potential of the gall mite,

International Conference on

Nasreen PNM. Y

Aceria pongamiae keifer 1966 (acari: eriophidae) on

Advances in Biological Sciences

and N. Ramani

Pongamia pinnata (l.) Pierre


Akhilesh, V.P., Shaniba,

V.S, Mashhoor, K., Idrees

Babu, K.K, Padmakumar,

K, Rosy, P.A. , Lazar V.

Genetic diversity of soft corals of the genus Sarcophyton


isolated from Lakshadweep Islands.

National Conference Papers

Anjana M, N Ramani and E Julie

Oribatid fauna of Nelliyampathy, Western Ghats, Kerala, India

Shyamjith, P.K. , N. Ramani and

Observations on the association and feeding activity of Phthiiracaroid mite on

M.  Anjana

the mangrove tree, Avicennia marina (Forsk) Vierh.

Anitha, K. and N. Ramani

A survey on phytophagous Mites associated with some medicinal plants of Kerala.

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Anitha, K. and N. Ramani

Variation in the intensity of infestation by spider mites on medicinal plants of Kerala.

Nasareen, P.N.M and Niravath


Seasonal variation in the population density  of the gall mite,  Aceria pongamiae

Keifer, 1966(Acari:Eriophyidae) with in the leaf galls of Pongamia pinnata (L.).

Anjana, M., N. Ramani and

E. Julie

An inventory of Oribatid fauna of Nelliyampathy, Western Ghats, Kerala, India.

Shyamjith P.K , N Ramani

Association of a mangrove dwelling euptyctime oribatid mite, Rhysotritia ardua (C.L.

Koch, 1841) (Acari:Oribatei) with the epiphytic alga, Microspora sp


Role of Education in Modern India.

Prameela K, E.M Manogem and

Effects of chitin synthesis inhibitor flufenoxuron on certain biological aspects on

Shibu Vardhanan Y

sixth instar larvae of Spodoptera mauritia”Boisd.

M Jaseera  and Y Shibu Vardhanan The elucidation of changes of reducing power and polyphenol content in plantation

crop honey during normal and modified atmospheric storage: ft-ir spectra.

Prameela K., E.M. Manogem and Effects  of  chitin  synthesis  inhibitor,  flufenoxuron  on  certain  biological  aspects  on

Shibu vardhanan.Y

sixth instar larvae of Spodoptera mauritia (Boisd)

U.K.A Saleem & Nasser M

Gall  Inducing  Insects  Of  Janakikkadu  Forest  Reserve:  Diversity,  Host  Plants  And


Akhilesh V.P, Shaniba V.S,

Mashhoor K, Idrees Babu K,

Jiji Joseph V, Tanuja D, Rosy P.A

Molecular barcoding anf phylogeny analysis of the boulder coral  Porites solida

and Kottickal L.V.

isolated from lakhshadweep islands.

Jiji Joseph V, Mashhoor K,

Akhilesh V.P, Tanuja D and

Kottickal L.V.

The riparian diversity of butterflies along the banks of river Thejeswani.

Mashhoor K, Swathi R,

Leya T, Sebastian C.D,

Akhilesh V.P, Tanuja D,

Genetic structure of cytochrome oxidase subunit II of the angle-wing katydid

Rosy P.A and Kottickal L.V.

rocenntrum rhombifolium

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