Annual report 2012 research university of calicut

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Ongoing Ph.D Guidance




T.V. Jayakrishnan

Dr. N. Ramani

Studies on mites associated with tea plantations of North Kerala.


     “       “

Studies on Lohmanniid mites of Kerala.

Rahana Moideen Koya

     “       “

Studies  on  parasites  associated  with  oribatid  mites

P.K. Shyamjith

     “       “

Studies on the oribatid mites associated with mangrove ecosystems of

North Kerala

Anitha. K.

     “       “

Studies on mites injurious to selected medicinal plants of Kerala.

Prabheena P.

     “       “

Biological  studies  on  some  injurious  tenuipalpid  mites


infesting selected fruit and plantation crops of Kerala.

Nasareen P.N.M.

     “       “

Studies on the damage induced by selected species of gall forming

eriophyid mites (Acari:Eriophyidae) on economically important plants

of North Kerala.

Vibija  C.P.

     “       “

Biosystematic studies on mites (Acari) infesting bamboo.


Dr. M. Nasser

Toxicity of selected insecticides on the life stages of O. arenosella

Walker (Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae) the black headed caterpillar

pest of coconut and its predator Cardiastethus exiguus Poppius

(Heteroptera: Anthocoridae)

Shameer K.S

     “       “

Role of volatile organic compounds of different coconut cultivars

(Cocos nucifera  L.) in the tritrophic interactions between the host

plant, the pest O. arenosella  and its parasitoids

Unneenkutty Alias Saleem

     “       “

Diversity  of  gall  associated  insects  in  North  Kerala.

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Mohammed Shameem K.      “       “

Systematic studies on Hispine Cassidinae (Coleoptera: hrysomelidae)

of southern India

Praseeja .C

Dr.Manogem E.M

Studies on the effects of chitin synthesis inhibitor ,flufenoxuron on

Spodoptera mauritia  Boisd.

Hima. K.S

Dr. Shibu Vardhanan Isolation And Evaluation Of Botanicals From Sesame (Sesamum

Indicum L.) Agricultural Waste: An Organic Strategy Of Pest Control



Characterization of Juvenile Hormone analogue-responsive proteins

from Drosophila larvae.


      “       “

Identification  and  characterization  of  glycoproteins/proteins

differentially  expressed in the blood of leukemia patients.


      “       “

Effect of alteration in the level of expression of p14 ARF gene in

normal and cancer cell lines.


      “       “

Identification,  purification  and  characterization  of  plant  protease

inhibitor/s against larval gut proteases of Spodoptera mauritia.

Usha P.P.

Dr. Sebastian C. D.

Study On The Genetic Diversity Of The Pierid Butterflies (Lepidoptera:

Pieridae) Of Kerala

Anju Viswan K.

Dr. E. Pushpalatha

Biochemical detection of insecticide resistance mechanism in the

selected species  of Mosquito vectors.

Umadevi D

Dr.  Gokuldas

Biochemical  & molecular characterization of an adipokinetic

neuropeptide  from the mango leaf webberOrthaga exvinacea.

K.U.M.A. Rafeeq

      “       “

Relative efficacy of some plant extracts against household pests with

special reference to the rubber plantation litter beetle, Luprops



      “       “

Investigations on the silk proteins of the leaf webber, Orthaga


Remya. C

     “       “

Studies on the role of hormones in the regulation of protein

metabolism in the mango leaf webber, Orthaga exvinacea.

Emmanuel Simon

     “       “

Studies on the interaction of a curcumin analogue, dimethopxy-

curcumin with DNA and its biochemical consequences in cell.

Vijesh  Varghese

      “       “

Biochemical  basis  of  carbamate  detoxification  in  the  banana  weevil,

Cosmopolites  Sordidus

Rukhsana. K.

Dr. K.V. Lazar

Studies on the biology and phylogeography of parasitoids of  Opisina

arenosella Walker (Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae).

Sreejith  Kanholi

     “       “

Molecular barcoding and phylogeny analysis of leaf hoppers

(Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) associated with rice ecosystem of Kerala.

Kavitha  S

     “       “

Studies on the genetic diversity of wasps of the family Vespidae from



Jiji  joseph

     “       “

Genetiv diversity on COI gene of Papilionidae butterflies of Kerala.

K. P. Asifa

Dr. K.C. Chitra

Evaluation of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in the

reproductive and non-reproductive tissues of male Wistar rats

Vidya  Balakrishnan

     “       “

Evaluation of genotoxic potential of nanoparticles in freshwater fish,

Oreochromis ssambicus (Peters, 1852).

Other Research Activities/Events

Dr. C.D. Sebastian was the Coordinator for the 13th Refresher Course in Life Sciences, UGc Academic Staff College,

University of Calicut, 30


 November to 20


 December 2012.

Ms. Renjitha Pillai, University of Waterloo, Canada delivered a talk on Diabetes mellitus .


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