Annual report 2012 research university of calicut

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Research Departments/ Approved research centres /Affiliated colleges may conduct entrance test as per the

notification issued


All the candidates getting a minimum of 50% marks and in the case of SC/ST candidates a minimum of 45%

marks, as the case may be, in the entrance test are qualified to apply for registration to Ph.D. Programme

2 . 3

Exemption from Entrance Test

2.3.1. Teachers of affiliated aided colleges under the University of Calicut, and teachers with FDP/QIP, etc., fellowships,

and teachers of the University departments are exempted from the entrance test.

2.3..2. Candidates having research fellowships from Central or state funding agencies are also exempted from the

entrance test. Qualified in GATE(valid score*) /GPAT (valid score*)/JRF/SRF examination of the apex bodies as

such as CSIR/UGC/ICAR/ICMR/DBT and DST inspire fellowship only. * the cut off score will be decided by the

concerned Department Councils


M. Phil. Degree successfully completed from any Statutory Recognized University in the relevant subject.


Foreign nationals who are otherwise eligible for admission

2.3.5. Full-time fellows, who have been selected on the basis of a written test and interview , working in a research

project under the investigation of a research guide of the University.

2.3.6. These candidates (2.3.1 to 2.3.5) can apply for Ph.D. registration at any time during the academic year

depending subject to the availability of guides.

2.4  Procedure for conduct of Entrance Examination

The entrance test will be normally conducted once a year for each department/discipline and list of successful

candidates eligible for Ph.D registration, prepared on the basis of the test, has a validity of one year, from the

date of publication of the same.


The list of successful candidates will be published by the head, place of research

2.5.1. A separate rank list for each subject, shall be published


If the particular discipline, doesn’t have a university department/centre, the entrance test shall be conducted

by the affiliated college/ recognized institution, by the directive of the University.




The University will issue notifications for PhD admission at its teaching/research departments/centres/

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

recognized institutes/affiliated colleges every year.


Students who have been shortlisted after the entrance examination, or otherwise eligible, apply to the

Department/Centre/ Affiliated Colleges, directly, in the prescribed forms along with application fee for

admission. Online registration for admission shall be effected in due course of time.


The application fee shall be remitted to the University Fund and the forms will be issued by the University.


Those who are exempted from entrance test can seek admission any time in an year, in the proscribed format.


However, no exemption from paying fee, except in the case of Reserved categories shall be entertained.




The University admits eligible candidates for Ph.D on the basis of the ranking in the Entrance Examination, for

pursuing research on full time or part-time basis, under the supervision of recognized guides in designated



The qualified candidate may contact the teaching/research department/centre/ recognized institutes/affiliated

college, where he/she prefers to pursue the PhD course, and seek the availability and willingness of the

research guide who is competent in the area in which he/she is willing to do research and work with him/her

to develop a research proposal

4.2.1. The candidate shall submit a duly filled up application, along with the fee prescribed, for Ph.D. registration in

the prescribed format along with the research proposal so developed as in 4.1, and submit it to the Head,

place of the research.

4.2.2. The research proposal shall not exceed 10 pages in length excluding the title page or cover page.

4.2.3. The research proposal should have the following structure:

a) Title b) Introduction c) Research Problem d) Objectives e) Conceptual Model/Review of Literature f) Research

Methodology g) Expected outcome and relevance of the study h) Bibliography


Every person, if he/she is otherwise eligible and qualifies as per above conditions and desirous of doing research

work for the Ph. D degree should face the interview before a committee constituted as below.


On the basis of interview, the allocation of the Research Guide for a selected candidate shall be decided by the

Department/Centre/ Institution/ Affiliated College, in a formal manner depending on the number of candidates

per faculty member, the available specialization among the Research Guides and the research interest of the

candidates as indicated during interview by the candidate. The allotment/allocation of Research Guide shall

not be left to the individual candidate or Guide. Guide wise quota will be declared. Reservation criteria shall be

observed at the time of allotment.

4.4.1. While granting admission to candidates to Ph.D. programmes, the Research Centre will pay due attention to

the State Reservation Policy.

4.4.2. Foreign candidates will be treated at par with Open Category for admission.


Head of the research centre shall forward the proceedings of the committee after interview along with the

application and list of all eligible candidates for admission for research in that subject, in the centre to the

University, within 7 days. All records related to admission procedures shall be kept in the Department/ Centre/



Based on the list and applications received from the Department/Research centres concerned, the University

shall issue orders granting registration.

4.6.1. Registration to full-time and part-time Ph.D. programme may be granted to candidates who apply for it.


The date of registration to Ph.D. shall be the date on which the candidate actually joins the research

department/centre. At the time of joining, the candidate has to pay the necessary fee, caution deposit etc,

and complete other formalities in the department/research centre/college.

4.8  Provisional Registration

Under circumstances where a candidate seeks a quick registration to avail of a fellowship or FIP for college

teachers, arranging VISA in the case of foreign candidates, etc., a provisional registration may be granted,

provided, the Vice Chancellor is convinced that the situation so warrants.

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

4.9  Validity of Registration


The registration to Ph.D. programme shall be active from the date of joining the research department or

centre for a period of five years for full-time Ph.D. candidates and six years for part-time Ph.D. candidates.


After the completion of the active period, the registration order may become invalid. A research scholar with

an invalid registration ceases to be a research scholar.


The Vice Chancellor may give an extension by one more year in exceptional circumstances for the completion

of the research work and submission of thesis.

4.9.4.  The candidate shall apply for extension before the expiry of the validity period.

4.9.5. No further extension of time beyond the additional one year period granted, shall be allowed under any



 Research scholars can avail the facilities of the centre, until the period of registration is valid.

4.10.1.  No claim for extension of facilities which are received on the basis of being a research scholar of the University

shall be made after the expiry of the validity period of registration.


Proof of attendance of the full time/par-time research scholars shall be maintained at the office of the Head,

place of research.


Registered candidates are eligible for Casual leave/Duty leave/ medical/maternity/paternity leaves as per the

orders issued by the university, in this respect.


Registered candidates shall not be allowed to register simultaneously for any other degree course.


As a general rule, a candidate will be permitted to register for a Ph.D programme, in a discipline, in which he/

she has qualifying degree. In case a candidate applies for a Ph.D programme, other than his/her Masters

subject, registration may be granted on the specific decision of the Research Admissions Committee.

4.15.  Part-time/Full-time Research

4.15.1. Registration may be granted to all resident scholars on full time basis and to employed persons on part-time


4.15.2. Teachers of colleges and Schools, and permanent employees of ‘government/private/business firms who are

eligible for Ph.D admission, may be granted part-time registration.

4.15.3. A full-time registration may be converted to part-time, after the completion of one year, or when the candidate

declared successfully completed the course work.

4.15.4 After three years in full-time, if the candidate wishes to convert the registration into part-time, the time

duration of thesis shall be reckoned with that of full-time registration.




The University fellowships shall be awarded to full-time scholars on the basis of merit and keeping the norms

of reservation. A valid registration for PhD course in the University does not warrant that the candidate is

eligible for University fellowship for research studies.


The University reserves the right for regulating amount of the fellowships or terminating it at any time, if

found non-productive or misused, based on the Progress Evaluation Committee report.


Application for award of research fellowships shall be submitted separately in the prescribed format once the

candidate joins for research study after getting registration.


Candidates who have been awarded research fellowship/grant from other external funding agencies can avail

the same through the University, subject to the conditions of the funding agency.


The period of University fellowship will be decided by the University and for others, the funding agency shall



The Departments/Centres/Colleges may invite external agencies for instituting research fellowships with the

approval of the University.




The committee shall be consisted of:

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

a)  Admission at University Departments.

1) HOD (Chairman)

2) Dean of the Faculty

3) Three subject Experts (Two from Department, nominated by the Department Council; and another

from outside to be nominated by the Vice- Chancellor)

b)  Admission at Research Centres at Colleges

1) Principal (Chairman)

2) Three experts (one Faculty member from the University Department/and two senior research guides

from the College, to be nominated by the Principal)

3) One person nominated by the Vice-Chancellor

c) Admission at Recognized Research Institutions

1) Director (Chairman)

2) Dean of the concerned Faculty

3) One head of the University Department, nominated by Director

4) Two subject experts nominated by the Director

5) One faculty member, from University Departments nominated by Hon’ ble Vice- Chancellor.


The research guide/supervisor of the candidate, if already not a member of the above, Committee, he/she

shall also join the Committee meeting while evaluating the research proposal of the candidate who seeks his/

her guidance.


The Chairman shall convene the Admissions Committee as and when necessary and be responsible for keeping

the proceedings and documents related to the admission.


The Research Admissions Committee shall examine carefully the documents presented by the candidate, and

adhere strictly to the norms and policies of the State related to reservation, and regulations of the University.


In case of any suggestions given by the committee for improvement of topic, the candidate shall make changes

accordingly and present the topic again before the said committee within 3 months of the earlier presentation.


After successful presentation, the proposal shall be sent by the Head, place of research within15 days from the

date of presentation to the university office.


In case of any dispute regarding the admission procedure, the matter may be referred to the Vice-Chancellor,

and the Vice- Chancellor will take appropriate decision.




A Ph.D. research scholar shall undergo a course work of one-semester duration, which include compulsory

class room teaching, seminar and assignment.


Course work lasting one semester has to be done before the end of a period of 12 months from the date of

registration for Ph.D. programme.


The course work shall have two courses with four credits each.


A research scholar can do his/her course work along with M.Phil candidates if the supervisor recommends it.

7.4.1. A full-time project fellow, who got registration to do Ph.D together with the project may be permitted to take

the course simultaneously.


One course shall be in the Area of specialization chosen for research and the other course shall be on Research

Methodology which include research methodology, quantitative methods, computer application, tools and

techniques including instrumentation, communication, seminar presentation and review of research literature


The supervisor of each research scholar shall design the syllabus or syllabi of the course from the area of



In the case of common course, Research Methodology, the syllabus may be designed by a committee appointed

by the Department Council /centre and shall be approved by the Departmental Council. If the University has

no research departments in that subject of study, the University will entrust the drafting of the course to any

of its existing departments.

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut


The PG Board of Studies in the subject shall ratify the Department Council decision regarding the course work

and approve the syllabi and mode of learning and evaluation.


The students from the research department of University of Calicut or the affiliated research centres/Colleges

can do their course work at their respective centres or any of the Research Institutions which have signed MoU

for Ph.D programme with the University.


University will conduct regular examinations related to course work, and publish the results after evaluation

and issue certificate to the candidate, showing that he/she has passed/ failed the exam with the scores.

7.10.1. The request for conducting course work examination shall be forwarded to the CE, along with the approved

syllabi, Attendance-Progress Certificate, and a panel of examinations. At least 70% attendance is required for

appearing the examinations. The head, place of research should forward the necessary documents and

application of candidate for the examination.

7. 11. If the research scholar fulfills the requirements of the course work and successfully completes the course work

as above, he/she will become qualified for submission of his/her research thesis for PhD degree.


The research scholar may be given a maximum extension of one year for successful completion of the course

work subject to the overall limit of three chances for examinations in the two courses .

7.12.1. If a candidate clears one paper but fails in the other, he/she may be permitted to appear the failed paper only

in the next chance.


The teaching schedule involved in the course work shall not be reckoned at part with the teaching load of other

courses of the University in affiliated colleges.


The candidates who have done M.Phil from any Statutory University and having been done a course on

Research Methodology during the course, shall be be exempted from the course work.


Those who have an M Phil degree in the relevant subject, but without done a course in research methodology

during the programme, shall be exempted from course work, if the candidate successfully clears a separate

examination, conducted by the university.







Normally a candidate shall be required to complete his/her doctoral research under the supervision of the

guide recommended by the committee for admission.

8.1.1. University may allow change of guide on the production of a ‘no objection’ certificate from the first guide and

an acceptance letter from the new guide.

8.1.2. In case of such a change, the candidate shall work for a minimum period of one calendar year under the new

guide before he/she submits the thesis.

8.1.3. A ’no objection’ certificate will not be required if the candidate justifies the nonavailability of his guide. The

justification will have to be endorsed by the Head, place of research.

8.1.4. A candidate can seek to opt one or more co-guides for the completion of his/her Ph.D, from the centre or any

of the center approved by the University, during the course of study.


At any given time a guide shall not have more than eight registered Ph.D. candidates and two M.Phil candidates

working under his/her supervision. At least two seats may be given to JRF/CSIR/ etc, fellowship candidates, if

available, under each guide. Also, 2 seats per guide may preferably be allotted to part-time scholars. In the

absence of par-time scholars, it may be given to full time candidates.


The University encourages interdisciplinary research in a wider perspective and shall consider approval of the

topic of research and selection of guides in case of inter-disciplinary subjects.


In case of any dispute between a candidate and his guide, or with the researchcenter the committee consisting

of the following shall examine the matter and report to the Vice- Chancellor, whose decision shall be final. The

candidate shall therefore lodge the complaint with the Vice-Chancellor.


The Head, place of research [If the complaint is against the Head, he / she shall not participate in the proceedings

of the meeting. In such case, additional member/s may be appointed by the Vice - Chancellor].


Dean of the faculty concerned

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut


Nominee of the Vice-Chancellor.


The  report shall include, among other things, specific recommendations, and shall be submitted to the





All the registered candidates shall be required to submit to the Head, place of research, an elaborate progress

report, through their research guides, about the research work they have done in every six months.


The progress reports submitted shall be placed before a Progress Evaluation Committee consisting of

[a]  the Head, place of research

[b]   the research guide, and

[c]    two research guides co-opted by the Head, place of research from amongst recognized research guides

of the University. The committee shall scrutinize the progress reports and prepare a brief statement on the

progress of the candidate and send to the University within 15 days of the meeting of the committee. The

committee should invite the candidate to present the progress of his/her research work. The committee may

suggest the continuation/discontinuation of the University Research Fellowship, on the basis of their assessment

with specific reasons.


If a candidate fails to submit three reports consecutively, his/her registration may be treated as cancelled on

recommendation of Head, place of research.


During the period of research, a full-time scholar can avail leave of absence from his/her centre for a maximum

period of 9 months, for data collection/ analytical study/consultation with external experts. The candidate

shall submit the progress report, under such cases of leave of absence from the centre, immediately after

joining back the institution.

8.8.1. All kinds of leaves to the Research Scholar may be granted by the Head, Place of Research and report the same

to the University, without delay.

8.8.2. The Head, place of research shall keep an attendance register, of all the research scholars.




Every research scholar should publish at least one research paper in peer reviewed national/International

Journal in the area of his/ her research beforethe date of submission of his or her thesis to the University.


Publication of research findings in peer reviewed journal is treated as a compulsory accomplishment for the

submission of the thesis.




9. l.

The submission of thesis may be permitted only after completion of three years from the date of registration

and on successful completion of Course Work. Prior to the submission of the thesis, the candidate shall submit

a synopsis of the thesis. The synopsis shall contain introduction, chapter wise brief account of the work done.

9.1.1. The synopsis shall accompany List of Evaluators,not less than 10, submitted by the Guide and forwarded by the

Head, place of research in sealed cover.

9.1.2. Preferably, the examiners shall be chosen from various states and from various universities/ institutes.

9.1.3. For Indian language subjects, this selection, however, may not be strictly be followed.

9.1.4. The Vice Chancellor, can reject the panel list, if the list is found prepared with false intentions and not according

to the above directives of the University.

9.1.5. At least 12 copies of the, neatly printed and properly tagged copies synopsis may be submitted, along with a

soft copy as a pdf file.. Avoid hard binding of the synopsis.

9.1.6. The size shall not exceed 12 pages and or 100Mb

9.1.7.  The synopsis shall also accompany, application form, certificate of course work or equivalent M Phil certificate.

the proof of publication, report of presubmission seminar, no dues certificate, and the statement of fee paid to

the university, and chalan receipt of the final fee payments.


The thesis can be submitted any time after the submission of synopsis, but not beyond three months.


At least three months before the date of submission of the thesis each candidate shall give a pre- submission

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

seminar to be arranged by the Head of the place of research at the research centre on the request of the

candidate duly endorsed by the guide. The final plan of the thesis will be discussed by the research scholars

present, among whom the presence of the research guides and the Head, place of research or his/her nominee

shall be necessary.


If the candidate fails to submit his/her thesis after the completion of normal period of three months the

candidate will be allowed to submit with late fee up to a further period of three months, but beyond which no

further extension will be permitted.


On exceptional cases, upon recommendation of Guide, Head of place of research and Dean of Faculty, the

Vice Chancellor may permit the submission of thesis even before three years duration.


The final thesis (5 Copies)shall be submitted in compact bound form along with a soft copy (CD) with each

chapters in pdf.


 The final thesis shall be presented in accordance with the following specifications.

9.7.1. The thesis should be logically divided into meaningful chapters for readability.

9.7.2. The methodology should be adequately described in the initial chapters.

9.7.3. Literature review should relate to the problem studied.

9.7.4. The chapter may be divided into sections.

9.7.5. Summary of the study, findings from the study (based on the data collected/compiled and analyzed for the

study), and recommendations, if any, shall be included.

9.7.6. Bibliography, Appendix etc. shall follow the last chapter.

9.7.7. The title of the thesis, name of the candidate, degree, name of the guide, place of research and the month and

year of submission shall be printed on the title page and on the front cover.

9.8 .

The following documents shall also be included in the Ph.D thesis.

9.8.1. A declaration signed by the research scholar that it has not previously formed the basis for the award of any

degree, diploma, associate ship, fellowship or title or recognition.

9.8.2. A certificate from the supervising teacher certifying that the thesis is a bonafide account of the research work

carried out by the research scholar under his or her supervision.


The thesis shall be written in English except on cases, when related to Modern European or Indian or other



The title of the thesis may be modified once in a research period, with the recommendation of the guide, and

on payment of the necessary fee. Such modifications shall be entertained prior to synopsis submission only.

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