Annual report 2012 research university of calicut

National Conference Papers

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National Conference Papers

Dr. Jos T. Puthur

“Comparison of in vitro Propagated —— Physiological and Biochemical Indices”

Dr. K.V. Mohanan

Effect of Siapton 10L, a plant biostimulant on growth and yield of cardamom (Elettaria

cardamomum Maton).

A.K. Pradeep

Isachne veldkampii

Ongoing Ph.D Guidance




Dollymol M. A.

P. Manimohan

Studies on the genus Mycena

Anil Raj K. N.

        “       “

Entolomataceae of Kerala

Adnaan  Farooq

        “       “

Pale-spored  agarics  of  Silent  Valley

Shabeer Khan

        “       “

Dark-spored  agarics  of  Silent  valley

Deepnalatha K. P.

        “       “

Studies on the genus Inocybe

K.T. Chandramohan

K.V. Mohanan

Studies on kaipad rice farming in North Kerala with special

reference to the varieties used.


        “       “

Studies on genetic variability, character association and

genetic divergence in apple  mint (Mentharotundifolia (L) HUDS.

Abhilash Joseph. E

        “       “

Studies on the role of cyclophilins in modulating the

activities of reactive oxygen species scavenging enzymes in

salt tolerant rice varieties

Soorya. V

        “       “

Studies on variability, character association and

improvement of Curcuma  aeruginosaRoxb.

Jattisha. P.I

Dr. M. Sabu

Slides on the phytoliths of selected taxa of Poucean in South


Mohammed Shameer Cheriyath

           “     “

Pollination Biology of selected species of Atpinic.Roxb. and

zingiber Boehm.

Sreejith P.E.

        “       “

Taxonomic studies on Musa  L’ cultivars (Musaccea) in South


Alfred Joe

        “       “

Taxonomic  Revision  of  the  family  Musaceacaue  in  India

Aiswarya  K.

        “       “

Biosystematic studies of selected genera of zingeberacea in


Smisha K.P.

        “       “

Pollination Ecology of selected taxa of the order zingiberales

Aswani  K.

        “       “

Pollination Ecology of the selected taxa of zingiberaceae

Sheba M. Joseph

Santhosh Nampy

Taxonomic revision of the genus Commelina L.

(Commelinaceae) in India

Anna Ancy Antony A.

        “       “

Taxonomic revision of the genus Murdannia Royle

(Commelinaceae) in India

Manudev K.M.

        “       “

A taxonomic study of Arisaema C. Martius in India

Shahina P.M.

        “       “

Taxonomic revision of the family Gentianaceae in South India

Janeesha A.P.

        “       “

A taxonomic study of Gesneriaceae Dumort. in India

Asha Ramachandran

Dr. John E. Thoppil

Studies on genetic polymorphism using selected cytogenetic

and biochemical methods in Trichopus zeylanicus Gaertn.

ssp.  travancoricus Burkill ex Narayanan  (Trichopodaceae).

Julie John

        “       “

Cytotoxic,  antitumor,  antioxidant  and  phytochemical  assays

in some species of Zingiber Boehem.

Seema Devi  R.

        “       “

Cytogenetic and biochemical assays in the in vitro and

parent plants of Orthosiphon

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

thymiflorus (Roth) Sleesen.(Lamiaceae)

Renjana P.K.

        “       “

Cytogenetic and Phytochemical aspects of members of

Acanthaceae used as the drug ‘Sahachara’ in Ayurveda

Anjana  S.

        “       “

Cytological,  biochemical  and  molecular  studies  on  the  in

vitro and parent plants of some selected species of

Pogostemon Desf. (Lamiaceae)

Sandhya Vincent Neelamkavil      “       “

Chromosome Analysis, DNA Profiling and Essential oil

characterization in the parent and in vitro plants of some

species of Isodon (Schrad. ex Benth.) Spach (lamiaceae)

Sinitha  K.

        “       “

Cytogenetic and phytochemical aspects of some selected

species of Amomum  Roxb. (Zingiberaceae)

Anjali  K.

        “       “

Cytological, Phytochemical and Molecular studies on the in

vitro and parent plants of some selected species of

Anisochilus Wall ex Benth. (lamiaceae)

Jisha V.N.

Dr. Sailas Benjamin

Extracellular alkaline protease production and efficacy

studies of endotoxin from Bacillus thuringiansis subsp.


Pradeep S.

        “       “

Microbial  remediation  of  hazardous  di(2-thylhexyl)phthalate

with an applied perspective

Sreedevi S.

        “       “

Characterisation  of  lignocellulolytic  microbs  from  the

woodyards of kallai river

Unni K.N.

        “       “

Enrichment of vegetable oils with conjugated linoleic acids

by microbial approach

Priji  Prakasan

        “       “

Microbial production of conjugated linoleic acids and

characterization of linoleate isomerase

Sajith  S.

        “       “

Studies  on  characterization  and  application  of  some

lignocellulolytic enzymes /produced by fungi

Shintu P.V.

Dr. V.V. Radhakrishnan

Studies on variability, divergence and improvement of

Maranta arundinacea L. (West Indian arrow root)

Viji  V.

Dr. Jos T. Puthur

Germination pattern, storage behaviour and reserve

mobilization of palm seeds

Swapna K. S.

        “       “

Phytoremediation potential of Chromolaena odorata (L.) King

and Robinson

Vijayakumari  K.

        “       “

Effect of ã -Aminobutyric acid (GABA)/â-Aminobytiric acid

(BABA) priming in drought tolerance potential of pepper

(Piper nigrum L.): A process with less defense investment.

Jisha  K.C.

        “       “

Studies on the influence of various priming methods for

abiotic stress tolerance on the primary metabolic functions

in Oryza sativa L. and Vigna radiata (L) Wilczek

Shackira A.M.

        “       “

Abiotic stress tolerance potential of mangroves in Kadalundi

Vallikkunnu Community Reserve

Mirshad  P.P.

        “       “

Establishment  of  energy  grasses  in  degraded  soils  facilitated

by VAM fungi

Sinisha  A.K.

        “       “

Heavy metal induced variation in photosynthetic features of

selected rice (Oryza sativa L.) varities

Prasad M.G.

Dr. Sunojkumar P.

Taxonomic study of Scrophulariaceae

Prasad  E.R.

        “       “

Reprodctive biology of some mebers of Lamiaceae

Vimal  K.P.

        “       “

Systematic and phylogenetics study of Leucas using

molecular methods

Smitha K.

        “       “

Systematic studies of Plectranthus in western ghats

Shinoj  K.

        “       “

Taxonomic revision of Lamiaceae in western ghat

Rajesh Kumar T.

Dr. A. Yusuf

Molecular characterisation of some member of Zingiberaceae

Deepa P.

        “       “

Molecular  characterisation  of  Ammonium  transporters  in

relation  to host paprasite interaction in Sandal

Showmy K.S.

        “       “

Transcriptional profiling and modeling of rice defensing

proteins under mycopathogen challenge and chemical


Aparna M.B.

        “       “

Azolla- anabaena as a model system to study the effects of

elevated CO2 on global vegetation

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Maryam  Roohallahi

           “       “

In vitro studies, expression and homology modeling of alpha

glycosidase inhibitors from  Salacia species

Rathy M.C.

Dr.  C.C.  Harilal

Studies on the effect of plant secondary metabolites in the control

of mosquito vectors.

Hidayathulla  R.M.

        “       “

Studies on coastal erosion in selected uninhabited islands of

Lakshadweep archipelago with special reference to

biodiversity conservation

Snisha  S.

        “       “

Quantification  and  characterization  of  bioactive  components

in plants with respect  to their efficacy in the treatment of

selected water contaminants

Sajith  U.

        “       “

Endemicity of filariasis in Kerala – Clinical and

environmental studies.

Nethu G. Pillai

        “       “

*Neethu G.Pillai – Studies on the standardization of growth

requirements of mangroves for assessing the probability of

sites for afforestation.

Fabeena P.M.


Physiological & Bio chemical characterization of fresh  water

cyanobacteria of the family nostacaceae of Kerala and its

assessment of Bio fertilizer on paddy

Sajna Mammethodi

        “       “

Bio degradation of coirpith using different lynybyn nostac

and assessment of cynopith Bio fertilizer on the grown of

some vegetables



Florestic & Ecological studies on the lataratic Plateau

Habitates of Northern Kerala


        “       “

Biosystematic studies on AmmaniaL., Rotala L., and Nesaea

Kunth (Lythraceae) in South India

Thoibha Kottekkattu

        “       “

Taxonomic studies on the Earagrostidinae (Poaceae:

Chloridoideae: Eragrostideae) in Peninsular India


The Department of Chemistry, University of Calicut came into existence in the year 1968, as a post-graduate

teaching and research Centre, under the able leadership of Late Prof. S.S. Moosath, the founder Head of the Department,

and eminent teachers Late Prof. K.T. Rama Varma (Physical Chemistry), Prof. C.P. Savarier (Inorganic Chemistry) and Prof.

G. M. Devasia (Organic Chemistry), with the major objective of promoting post-graduate teaching and advanced research

in Chemistry, especially among the students coming from the socially and educationally backward regions of northern

Kerala. The Department is committed to quality and equity in higher education. The former Heads and faculties of this

Department had given a strong foundation for the teaching and research programmes of the Department and had played

a key role in enhancing its academic competitiveness. The Department continues its steady journey towards excellence

with the financial support of the state/national funding agencies and collaborative support of the leading R & D

laboratories across the country. The department organises programmes which provide greater exposure to the students

on various academic and research facilities across the globe. A good number of students from this department pursue

research and adorn various important positions. The department has collaboration with research institutions like C-

MET(Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology) and various international universities. It has MOU with C-MET and

will sign MOU with some other Institutes very shortly.


Research Areas

Dr. K.K. Aravindakshan


Dr. E. Purushothaman


Dr. V.M. Abdul Mujeeb


Dr. D Bahulayan


Dr. K. Muraleedharan


Dr. P. Raveendran


Dr. Abraham Joseph


Dr. N.K. Renuka


Dr. M.T. Ramesan


Dr. Pradeepan Periyat

Inorganic & Physical

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Research Articles in national journals

Dr. E. Purushothaman

Photoinduced viscosity thrums & Polysture contained ortho-hydroxyazo Gronjis, Asian J.


Dr. Abraham Joseph

Theoretical and electrochemical studies on the effect of substitution on 1,2,4-triazole

towards mild steel corrosion inhibition in Hydrochloric acid,  Indian journal of Chemical


Books (Edited)

Dr. Pradeepan Periyat

Photocatalytically active cement by TiO



International Conferences Papers

Dr. V.M. Abdul Mujeeb

“Use of waste natural materials for the purification of water” The First International Conference

on Emerging   Technologies for Clean Water, September 14-16, 2012, Indian Institute of


Madras, Chennai.

Dr. K. Muraleedharan

“Copper nanoparticles for the purification of water”, The First International Conference on

Emerging Technologies for Clean Water, September 14-16, 2012, Indian Institute of Technology

Madras, Chennai.

Dr.  Pradeepan  Periyat

Synergic effect of surface charge and crystallinity onn Anatase TiO

Photocatalysts to achievew

selective degradation of dyes, II


 international conference on Advanced oxidation process


National Conference Papers

Dr. V.M. Abdul Mujeeb

“Preparation and charachterization and Cr(VI) sorption activity of chitosan citryl Schiff base”

UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Frontier Areas of Chemistry”, 5- 6


  December 2012, MES

Keveeyem College, Valanchery, Kerala.

Dr. K. Muraleedharan

“Synthesis of Cu nanoparticles via the thermal decomposition of Copper (II) oxalate”, UGC

Sponsored National Seminar on “Frontier Areas of Chemistry”, 5- 6


  December 2012, MES

Keveeyem College, Valanchery, Kerala.

“Thermal decomposition of copper(II) oxalate: A versatile route to copper and copper oxide

nanoparticles” National Conference on Condensed Matter Physics and Applications [CMPA –

2012], 27 – 28, December 2012, Department of Physics, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

University, Karnataka

Dr. Renuka N.K.

“Formation of Ceria rhombic micrplates” National Seminar “CTric 2012” held at Dept. of

Chemistry, CUSAT during  20-21 January 2012.

Dr. M.T. Ramesan

Synthesis and Conductivity Studies of Metal Complexes Incorporated Poly (methylmethacrylate)

“ National Conference on Condensed Matter Physics and Applications [CMPA –2012], 27 –

28, December 2012, Department of Physics, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University.

Ph.D Awarded




Mr. V.S. Shinu

Dr.  D.  Bahulayan

Studies on the development of an Eco-friendly multi-component

approach to Mannich-type – N-substituted  Amino acid


Ms. Sreelekha M.

Dr. P. Mohamed Shafi

Studies on secondary planned metabolites and their biological


Ongoing Ph.D Guidance




Abdulla A.

Dr. N.A.M. Abdul Kader

“An analytical study on the impact of Arab Spring uprisings and

ensuing developments on Arabic Literature”

Noushad Thayyil

Dr. M.P Kannan

Theoretical study on electrical conductivity & E2-doped hum-poly


Radhika P.

Dr. K. Krishnankutty

Chemical and biochemical studies on curcuminoid analogues

and their metal Complexes

Saifunneesa T.K.

        “       “

Synthesis  Characterization  and  Biologic  studies  of  some

unsaturated 1,3 - diketones and metal complexes

Stella K.A.

        “       “

Synthesis & Characterization of transition metal oxides Thermal


Jabeen Fathima M.J.

        “       “

Synthesis of Zirconia nanopowders through sol-Gel method and

their Characterization.

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Mity Thambi

Dr. P.Mohamed Shafi

Isolation structure elucidation, structure of modification &

properties of some Secondary metabolites in plants.

Mohanakrishnan Kalady

       “       “

Isolation,  Str.  Elucidation,  Str.  Modification  and  antimicrobial

properties of some secondary metabolites in plants.

Muneer C.P.

       “       “

Synthesis and biological activity of some Heterocyclic compounds.

Priya N.P.

Dr. K.K. Aravindakshan

Studies on metal complexes with nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur

donor ligands

Priya Varma C.

      “       “

Synthesis and characterization of metal complexes with chelating


Anjum Hassan C.A.

      “       “

Synthesis and characterization of metal complexes with biologically

important  chelating agents.

Subin Kumar K.

      “       “

Synthesis,  Characterization  and  biological          evaluation  of  Schiffs

bases and their metal complexes.

Alikutty P.

Dr. V.M. Abdul Mujeeb

Studies on the structural and behavioraal features of some

polymeric compounds.

N. Abdul Hameed

      “       “

Physico Chemical studies ion Natural Polymers and their synthetic


Kavitha A.P.

      “       “

Development of molecular descriptors  based on computeational

Chemistry tools.

Bassila  Hassan  O.K.

      “       “

Theoretical study of surface activity of chitosan and its derivatives.

Mujeeb Rahman P.

      “       “

Chitosan  nanocomposite  studies.

Muhammed Iqbal

      “       “

Design synthesis and insilico and invivi analysis of inhibitors of

tropical Diseases.

P. Pramitha

Dr. D. Bahulayan

MCR and Click Synthesis of Coumarin functionalized bio- active

peptidomemitics .

S. Arun

      “       “

MCR  synthesis  of  bio-active  Macrocycles.

Biny  Balan

      “       “

Click ligation studies on Oxazolone peptidomimetics with á and

â-amino acid residues.

Jithin  Raj

      “       “

Metal catalyzed cross coupling reactions in tandem one pot-


Jency Mohan

      “       “

Studies on the MCR synthesis of peptide functionalized

heterocycles using click chemistry.

Soumya T.V.

      “       “

MCR Synthesis of certain bio-active heterocycles and its

macrocyclization reactions.

Anu Surendran

Dr. K. Muraleedharan

Nanorods of metal oxalates.

Sarada  Karangadan

      “       “

Thermal decomposition of some transition metal oxalates.

Sindhu N.V.

      “       “

Thermal behaiviour of titanyl oxalates of alkaline earth metals.

Prajila M.                         Dr. Abraham Joseph

Electrochemical and Quantum chemical studies on triazine and

triazole based Schiff bases on corrosion of M.S. and Cu in acid


Sam John

       “       “

Theoretical and Electrochemical studies on triazine and triazole

based Schiff bases as corrosion inhibition for MS and alumn in

acid solutions.

Ramya K .                                 “       “

N.S.O. Donor mixed ligands systems as corrosion inhibitors for

commercial metals in acid solutions.

Anupama K.K.                         “       “

Medicinal  plant  extracts  as  corrosion  inhibitors  for  commercial

metals in different environments.

Revathi Mohan

       “       “

Electrochemical studies on N.S.O. donor heterocylces & their

Schiff bases as corrosion protection agents for commercial

metals in different environment.

Shainy K.M.

        “       “

Synthesis, characterization biological screenings & analytical

applications of N.S.O. donor ligands & its transition metal


Mathew  Kuruvilla

        “       “

Amino Acid Based Green Inhibitors for     the Corrosion of Mild

Steel and Copper in     Different Media.

Bindu U.

Dr. P. Raveendran

Chemical & Biological Activities of self assembled nano

structures materials.

Jai  Thomas

        “       “

Self-assembled  nanostructures  and  their  applications.

Vineeth M.

        “       “

Bio-inspired nanomaterials.

Annual Report 2012



University of Calicut

Sumitha Chandran U.K.         “       “

Optical  and  Electronic  Properties  of  metal  nanoparticles.

Jasmine Thomas

        “       “

Development Of green chemical strategies using metal and metal

oxide anaostructures

Anju  Ajayan

        “       “

Bottom-up Synthesis of Nanoporous Inorganic and Hybrid

frame works for Chemical and Biological Applications.

Shijina A.V.

Dr. Renuka N.K.

Preparation, characterization and catalytic activity studies of

mesoporous alumina and its modified analogues.

Nabeena C. P.

        “       “

Study on the catalytic activity of Keggin type heteropoly acids.

Praveen A. K.

        “       “

Catalysed synthesis and efficiency of Biodiesl derived from Non-

deible vegetable oils.

Divya T.

        “       “

Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic activity of nanoceria

and modified analogues.

Nikhila  M.P.

        “       “

Synthesis,  characterization  and  catalytic  activity  of  Nano  titania

based catalysts

Nihmath A.

Dr. M.T. Ramesan

Preparation of functional group containing polymers and its


Jasna  V.C.

        “       “

Chemical  modification  of  elastomer  and  its  nanocomposites.

Jayakrishnan  P.

        “       “

Development and characterization of electrically conductive

composite based on thermoplastic elastomer and their


Abdu Raheem Valiya Parakka

         “       “

Fabrication,  characterization  and  properties  of  natural  rubber,

acrylonitrile butadiene rubber bio nanocomposites.

Anil Kumar T.

         “       “

Preparation  and  characterization  of  different  functional  groups

containing SBR and their composites.

Subburaj  M.

         “       “

Development of chlorinated natural rubber/epoxy natural rubber

their blends and nano composites.

Sanjay Gopal

Dr. Pradeepan  Periyat

Synthesis and Characterisation of semiconducting nanomaterials

for DSCs

Binu  Nauphal

         “       “

Nano  crystal  Semiconductor  synthesis,  characterization  and


Dineesh Kumar M. P.

         “       “

Synthesis,  Characterisation  and  photocatalytic  applications  of



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