Aortic Stenosis: Feedback template

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Aortic Stenosis: Feedback template

If you wish to provide feedback to the National Health Committee (NHC), electronic submission is preferred where possible. We would request that you submit your feedback using the Word format template below (available on the NHC website

Please email your comments to

Alternatively, feedback can be mailed to the following postal address:

Aortic Stenosis Consultation

NHC Executive

PO Box 5013

Wellington 6145

Feedback needs to be received by 5pm 24 November 2015 to guarantee Committee consideration.

Please provide your contact details below.


If this feedback is on behalf of an organisation, please name the organisation:

Please provide a brief description of the organisation if applicable:


Interest in this topic (e.g. consumer advocate, health professional, researcher, member of the public):

The NHC gives particular weight to feedback provided on behalf of organisations; with the exception of feedback received from individual patients and their families which will be given equal weight as to organisational feedback.

Please note that your feedback and all correspondence you have with the NHC may be subject of requests under the Official Information Act 1982 (the OIA). The NHC will generally omit your personal details from your feedback and correspondence before making it available as part of any request under the OIA, if you make it clear that you wish such information to be withheld.

If there is any part of your feedback or correspondence that you consider could properly be withheld under the OIA, please include comment to this effect along with the reasons why you want information withheld.

Similarly, if there are aspects of your feedback or correspondence that you wish withheld from publication on the NHC website, as part of the summarisation of consultation feedback received, please include comment to this effect.

The following sections provide space for giving feedback on the NHC’s ongoing work in this area.

Consultation Questions: Aortic Stenosis

  1. Are there any errors of fact or material omissions within the Aortic Stenosis Tier 2 report?


If yes, please provide details of these errors/omissions together with the relevant citations.

  1. Is there any other feedback you wish to provide? Yes/No

Please provide any other feedback.

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