Appeal of marss data Reported by Another District/Charter

MDE Response to Complete Appeals

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MDE Response to Complete Appeals

MDE will evaluate each appeal. However, without extenuating circumstances and/or additional information from the district/charter school charged with causing the error, the following will be done to correct the error.

For Status Start and End Date errors, the record at the district/charter charged with causing the error will be modified such that the date overlap is corrected. The student’s attendance and membership will be reduced as necessary so that the student’s ADM does not exceed 1.0. It is possible that the student’s ADM will be reduced more if the student was not enrolled in a Minnesota school district for the entire school year.

For Status End Code (SEC) errors, the code will be changed to the suggested code, if provided. If the student has been reported as a graduate by the district/charter with the earlier record and that district/charter confirms the student’s graduation status, no correction will be made and the later record will be excluded.

For a student with overlapping enrollment records reported as homebound in one district but not the other, the non-homebound record will be marked as a local error and no ADM generated. A homebound student is unable to attend at the school site and is ineligible to generate state aid.

For a student with overlapping records and SAC 16-18, the non-SAC 16-18 record will be marked as SAC 16-18 if the SAC 16-18 is confirmed by the other district/charter to be accurate. Otherwise, the SAC at the district/charter that reported SAC 16-18 will be changed, depending on the school of enrollment. If it is not the resident district, a local error may need to be caused and no ADM will be generated.

Once corrections are made to a MARSS file per the appeal, the data file of the district/charter school will be uploaded by MDE. If no other fatal errors exist, the file will load. Therefore, all local errors must be corrected prior to appealing data reported by another district/charter. MDE will not make corrections to data that are not involved in a documented and appealed cross-district error.

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