April 11, 2014: jlus committee Endorses

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May 30, 2013

April 11, 2014: JLUS Committee Endorses 


June 30, 2014: CB-55-2014 Presented to Council

July 15, 2014: PZED Hearing #1

September 17, 2014: PZED Hearing #2

Property in Safety Zones may not be rezoned 

to the following zones: 

More-intense residential zone

Multifamily: R-30, R-30C, R-18, R-18C, R-10A, R-10, 


Mixed use: M-U-I, M-X-T, M-X-C, M-U-T-C

Comprehensive design zone

Urban Center District (27A)

Permits of a minor nature are exempt, even 

when part of nonconforming use, building, or 


Required certifications for height and noise 

added to permit application section of Zoning 


Temporary permits in Safety Zones referred to 

Planning Board

Relationship between MIOZ and 


Lower height standard applies

More restrictive requirements apply

District Council may amend incompatible DDOZ 

boundary/standards through MIOZMA

Clarification of MIOZMA process

Joint public hearing

Notice timing

Close of record

Additional Exemptions


Permits of a minor nature

Areas in ILUC Height Surfaces C/F

Defines nonconforming uses/structures

Clarifies that MIOZ applies to 

accessory/ancillary uses 

Adds Limited Permitted Uses in APZ 1/2

Churches up to 80 seats/6,000 sf

Restaurants in the C-S-C Zone up to 6,000 sf

Principal office up to 0.08 FAR

Accessory office up to 0.15 FAR

Existing Limited Permitted Uses not 


Limited Permitted Uses may expand up to 25%

Reword Limited Permitted Uses to separate 

size restrictions for new uses with expansion 

option for existing uses

Draft companion legislation to notify property 

owners through their property tax bill of 

proximity to JBA

Zoning Ordinance defines “church” as a church 

and all accessory uses customarily associated with a 


Properties not subject to the MIOZ until rezoned 

into the MIOZ through MIOZMA

MIOZMA will take 9-12 months following 

adoption of MIOZ

ILUC scheduled to expire June 30, 2015

Outreach/coordination with faith-based 


Outreach to Congress re: Clear Zone

Brief Council Members

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