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1) books
2) a) articles, b) chapters, c) review articles d) reviews
3) Visual Anthropology

  1. Books

Appropriation as Practice: Art and Identity in Argentina

Institute for the Study of the Americas(University of London)/Palgrave, New York; 2006

[ISBN 1-4039-7314-8]

Reviews in: Anthropological Notebooks, Bulletin of Latin American Research, Ethnoscripts, Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology, J. of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Visual Studies, Social Anthropology.

Reviews forthcoming in: Anthropological Theory, Anthropos, Archivos del Presente, Durham Anthropology Journal, Futures, Indiana, J. of Latin American Studies, Museum Anthropology, Revista de Indias, Third Text, Zeitschrift für Ethnologie.
Futures Lost:

Nostalgia and Identity among Italian Immigrants in Argentina, Berne/New York/Oxford: Peter Lang European Academic Publishers, 2000, 343pp.

[ISBN 3-906765-96-2; US ISBN 0-8204-5314-5]

Reviewed in: Annales (Histoire. Sciences Sociales), Altreitalie, The Americas, Desarrollo Económico, Estudios Interdisciplinarios de América Latina y el Caribe, European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Iberoamericana, Immigrants & Minorities, International Migration Review, J. of Latin American Studies, J. of the Royal Anthropological Institute, J. of Southern Europe and the Balkans, Nations & Nationalism, Nuova Storia Contemporanea, Revista de Indias, Revista Mexicana de Sociología, Tribus, Zeitschrift für Ethnologie.
Mafia for Beginners (with the illustrator Oscar Zarate),

Cambridge: Icon Books, 1994, 176pp. (my contribution: text)

[ISBN 1 874 166 20 X]

Reviewed in: Anthropology Today.

Translated into: Croation, Korean, Serbian,Turkish.
Emigration und Rückwanderung von "Gastarbeitern" in einem

sizilianischen Dorf, (Migration and Return Migration of

‘Guest Workers’ in a Sicilian Village)

Frankfurt/Berne/New York: Peter Lang Verlag, 1990, 167pp.

[ISBN 3-631-43245-3]

Reviewed in: Ethnizität und Migration, Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie.
Co-authored book

Monica Quijada, Carmen Bernand, Arnd Schneider.

Homogeneidad y Nación. Con un estudio de caso: Argentina, siglos XIX y XX.(Homogeneity and Nation. With a case study: Argentina, 19th and 20th centuries)

Madrid: Colección Tierra Nueva e Cielo Nuevo, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 2000. 260pp.

[ISBN 84-00-07901-9]

reviewed in: Bajo el Volcán (Revista del Posgrado en Sociología, BUA Puebla), Desarrollo Económico, Foro Ibero-Ideas, Hispanic American Historical Review, Historia, Indiana, International Review of Social History, J. of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Matices: Zeitschrift zu Lateinamerika, Spanien, Portugal, Politica, Revista Andes, Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine, Revista de Indias, Revista Mexicana de Sociología.

Co-edited book
Between Art and Anthropology co-edited with Chris Wright,(With contributions from Steve Feld, Lucy Lippard, George E. Marcus and Susan Ossman, amongst others). Oxford: Berg Publishers, 2010.


Reviews forthcoming in: Anthropological Forum, Museum Anthropology Review.
Contemporary Art and Anthropology, co-edited with Chris Wright,(With contributions from Jonathan Friedman, George E. Marcus, Susanne Kuechler, Chris Pinney, and Nicholas Thomas, amongst others). Oxford: Berg Publishers, November 2005.

[ISBN 1 84520 102 7 HB/ 1 84520 103 5]

Reviewed in: Anthropological Forum, Anthropos, Anthropology Matters, Ethnoscripts, Exit Book, Futures, Journal Ethnologie, Journal of Museum Ethnography, Österreichische Zeitschrift für Volkskunde, The Senses and Society, Revista de Antropologia, Reviews in Anthropology, Revista Fórum Permanente,Third Text, Visual Anthropology Review, Zeitschrift für Ethnologie.
Reviews forthcoming in: Durham Anthropology Journal, J. of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Museum Anthropology.

Invited guest editor of special refereed journal issue

“Europe and Latin America”) (special issue), Anthropological Journal on European Cultures, 7 (2), 1998.

[ISSN 0960-0604]
2 a) Refereed articles
“Three modes of experimentation with art and ethnography”, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (N.S.), 14, (1), 2008, 171 – 194.

[ISSN 1359-0987]

“Becoming a ‘Third Subject’: Artists of European Origin and the Appropriation of Indigenous Cultures in Argentina”, Studi Emigrazione/Migration Studies, XLV, 170, April – June, 2008, 301 – 318.

[ISSN 0039-2936]

“Rooting Hybridity:

Globalisation and the challenges of mestizaje and crisol de razas for contemporary artists in Ecuador and Argentina”, Indiana , 21, 2004, 95 -112.

[ISBN 3-7861-1809-4]
“On ‘appropriation’: a critical reappraisal of the concept and its application in global art practices”, Social Anthropology, 11, (2) 2003, 215 - 229.

[ISSN 0964-0286]

“Fashioning Indians or Beautiful Savages: The Case of Gaby Herbstein’s Huellas 2000”, Ethnoscripts, 5 (2), 2003, 2 -33 [ISSN 1438-5244]
“Appropriation, Contemporary Arts and Globalisation: Some Issues for Future Research”, Ethnoscripts, 1 (1), 1999,81-84.

[ISSN 1438-5244]

French edition as:

“Appropriation, Contacts between Cultures, and Globalisation’, Les Cahiers ALHIM (Amérique Latine Histoire e Memoire), 1, 2000, 213 – 217. [ISBN 2-914297-00-9]

Italian edition as:

"Appropriazione, Arte contemporanea e globalizzazione: alcune proposte per la ricerca futura", Avatar, 1, 2001, 137 - 140. [ISBN 88-8553-083-7]

“Organizing Ethnicity: Three Episodes in the Politics of Italian Associations in Argentina, 1947-1989”, Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 25 (50), 2000, 195 - 228. [ISSN 0826-3663]
“Editorial Note”, Anthropological Journal on European Cultures, 7 (2), 1998, 7- 9. [ISSN 0960-0604]
“Refracted Identities: Argentine Images of Europe”, Anthropological Journal on European Cultures, 7 (2), 1998, 39-57.
“L’alterité dans l’Argentine moderne”, Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie, CV, 1998, 241-260. [ISSN 0008-0276]
"Putting an ocean between them: Gender Relations among Italian Immigrant Families in Twentieth-Century Argentina", Immigrants & Minorities, 15 (3),1996, 193-213.

[ISSN 0261-9288]

"Uneasy relationships: contemporary artists and anthropology", Journal of Material Culture (eds. James Clifford & Daniel Miller), 1 (2), 1996, 183-210.

[ISSN 1359-1835]

"The two faces of modernity: concepts of the melting pot in Argentina", Critique of Anthropology, 16 (2), 1996, 173-198.

[ISSN 0308-275X]

"The transcontinental construction of European identities: A view from Argentina", Anthropological Journal on European Cultures, 5 (1), 1996, 95-105.
"Moderne, Urbanität und Masseneinwanderung an der Peripherie: Das Beispiel Buenos Aires", kea: Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften (Bremen), 8, (1995), 125-148.

[ISSN 0938-1945]

"Inszenierte Mythen: Indigener Spielfilm als Dokument und Fiktion", Fernsehen und Ethnologie, ed. Gerd Becker, Hamburg: Mitteilungen des Hamburgischen Museums für Völkerkunde, NF., 23 (1993), 177-180.

[ISSN 0072-9469]

"The art diviners", Anthropology Today, 9 (1993), 2, 3-9.

[ISSN 0268-540X]

"Ethnicity, Changing Paradigms and Variations in Food Consumption among Italians in Buenos Aires",

Altreitalie (Agnelli Foundation, Turin), Vol. 7, June 1992, 84-95.

[ISSN 88-7860-070-9]

articles (non-refereed)
“The meaning of the fiesta of Santa Ana”, americas plural,(4), October, 2005,, (Online newsletter of the Institute for the Study of the Americas, University of London) [ISSN 1745-249X]
"FIELDWORKS: Dialogues between Art and Anthropology (Tate Modern, 26 - 28 Spetember 2003): A brief report on its making",  Research Bulletin (University of East London), November 2003, p.2.
“Globalization, the media, and the rise to power of the extreme right in Austria: some observations from Argentina”, European Studies (University of East London), 2 (1), March 2000, p.4.
"Die Wilden greifen zur Kamera ...Plädoyer für ein neues Verhältnis zwischen Fernsehen und Ethnologie",

Frankfurter Rundschau (nationwide newspaper), Frankfurt, 20.10.1992.
"Presente e passato in un paese del Sud", Nuove Effemeridi, Palermo, I (1988), 1, 76-79.
"Die Mythen der Mafiosi", Interview with Claudio Fava, Frankfurter Rundschau (nationwide newspaper), 27.5.1986.
"Warum Italiener auswandern", Interview with the Bishop of Caltanissetta, Mons. Alfredo Garsia, Christ in der Gegenwart (Freiburg), 38 (1986), 13, p.108.
"Kunst und Ethnologie", Ethno-Logik, Münster, May 1981, 25 - 32.
2 b) Refereed book chapters
“Unfinished Dialogues: Notes towards an Alternative History of Art and Anthropology”, Made to Be Seen: Perspectives on the History of Visual Anthropology, eds. Jay Ruby /Marcus Banks, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2011.

[ISBN 978-0-226-03661-8]

“Between Art and Anthropology” (with Chris Wright), Between Art and Anthropology, eds. Arnd Schneider and Chris Wright, Oxford: Berg Publishers, 2010.


“Fashioning Indians or Beautiful Savages: The Case of Gaby Herbstein’s Huellas”, Women, Ethnicity and Nationalism in Latin America, ed. Natividad Gutiérrez Chong, Alsdershot: Ashgate, 2007.

[ISBN 978-0-7546-4925]

“Appropriations”, Contemporary Art and Anthropology, co-edited with Chris Wright,(With contributions from Jonathan Friedman, George E. Marcus, Susanne Kuechler, Chris Pinney, and Nicholas Thomas, amongst others). Oxford: Berg Publishers, November 2005.

[ISBN 1 84520 102 7 HB/ 1 84520 103 5]

"Setting up roots, or the anthropologist on the set: observations on the shooting of a cinema movie in a Mapuche reservation, Argentina" Visualizing Anthropology, eds. Anna Grimshaw & Amanda Ravetz, Bristol: Intellect Books. 2005.

[ISBN 1-84150-112-3]

“Indias a la moda: el caso de ‘Huellas 2000’”, Mujeres y Nacionalismo en América Latina, ed. Natividad Gutiérrez, Mexico City: UNAM, 2004.

[ISBN 970-32-1412-6]

“Sites of Amnesia, Non-Sites of Memory: Identity and Other in the work of four Uruguayan artists”, Siting Ethnography, ed. Alex Coles, London: Blackdog Publications, 2000.

[ISBN 1 901033 12 0]

“Discourses of Ethnic Distinctions in Contemporary Argentina”, Ideology and Discursive Practices: Spain and Latin America, ed. Francisco Domínguez, Peter Lang: European Academic Publishers, Berne/New York, 2000. [ISBN 3-906763-67-6 and US ISBN 0-8204-4621-1]
“La politica de la resistencia y la adaptación: una comparación entre inmigrantes judíos italianos y otros exiliados italianos en Argentina”, Encuentro y alteridad: Vida y cultura judía en América Latina, Eds. Judit Bokser Liwerant/Alicia Gojman de Backal Mexico City: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1999.

[ISBN 968-16-5983-X]

"Nationale Ideologien und ethnische Identität bei italienischen Einwanderern in Buenos Aires" (National ideologies and ethnic identity amongst Italian immigrants in Buenos Aires), Ethnologie Europas, ed. Waltraud Kokot/Dorle Dracklé, Berlin: Reimer, 1996.

[ISBN 3-496-0208-1]

"Mazzini und Garibaldi: Die Bedeutung politischer Symbole bei Italienern in Buenos Aires" (Mazzini and Garibaldi: the meaning of political symbols amongst Italians in Buenos Aires),

Festschrift für Prof. Rüdiger Schott, ed. W. Krawietz, Berlin: Duncker und Humblott, 1993.

[ISBN 3-428-07573-0]

Refereed co-authored book chapter
“The Challenge of Practice”, co-author Chris Wright, Contemporary Art and Anthropology, co-edited with Chris Wright,(With contributions from Jonathan Friedman, George E. Marcus, Susanne Kuechler, Chris Pinney, and Nicholas Thomas, amongst others). Oxford: Berg Publishers, November 2005.

[ISBN 1 84520 102 7 HB/ 1 84520 103 5]

Book chapters (non-refereed)
“Acts of Empathy”, Impressions (and other Images of Memory), Rimer Cardillo. New Paltz (NY): Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art/SUNY New Paltz, 2004. (catalogue essay)
"Die eine Hälfte geht für die andere" (One half goes for the other), Reisehandbuch Italien,

ed. Martin Kroß, Berlin: Express Verlag, 1989.

2 c)Review articles
“Tales of Terror and Tango”,(review of: Julie Taylor.Paper Tangos, and other recent publications on the Tango). Anthropology Today, 14 (6), 1998, 16-17.
"Coming to terms with the past, or escaping its presence?"

(review of: Holger Meding. Flucht vor Nürnberg? Deutsche und österreichische Auswanderung nach Argentinien 1945-1955, Elena Levin. Historias de una emigración 1933-1939. Alemanes judíos en la Argentina, Alfredo José Schwarcz. A pesar de todo ... los judíos de habla alemana en la Argentina).

Ibero-Amerikanisches Archiv (Berlin) , 21 (1/2), 1995, 249-262.
2 d) Book reviews
David Carrier. “Museum Skepticism: A History of the Display of Art in Public Galleries”, Museum Anthropology Review, November 2007,
Gastón R. Gordillo “Landscapes of Devils: Tensions of Place and Memory in the Argentinean Chaco. Durham, NC.: Duke University Press”, Journal of Latin American Studies, 38 ( 4), 2006, 880 -881.
“Samuel S. Baily & Eduardo José Míguez. Mass Migration to Modern Latin America. Washington, DC: Scholarly Resources”, Journal of Latin American Studies, 38 (1), 2006, 232 – 234.

“Eugenia Scarzanella. Ni gringos ni indios: Inmigración, criminalidad y racismo en Argentina. Bernal: Universidad de Quilmes. 2002”, Immigrants & Minorities, 22 (1), 2003, 96 - 97.

“Poor People’s Politics: Peronist Survial Networks and the Legacy of Evita, Javier Ayuero, Durham, NC: Duke University Press”,

Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Vol.8, (2), 2002,395 -396.
Ellen Dissanayake. "How the arts began", Social Anthropology, 2002, 10 (1), 110 -111.
Eduardo Archetti. “Masculinities: Football, Polo and the Tango in Argentina”, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 2000, 6 (2), 329-330.
Samuel L. Baily. “Immigrants in the Lands of Promise: Italians in Buenos Aires and New York City, 1870-1914”, Journal of Latin American Studies, 2000, 556-558.
Paul Hockings (ed.). "Principles of Visual Anthropology (2nd ed.)",

Current Anthropology, 1997, 38 (4).
Alison Brysk. "The Politics of Human Rights in Argentina: Protest, Change, and Democratization"

Patterns of Prejudice, 30 (4), 1996, 87-88.
Diego Gambetta. "The Sicilian Mafia. The Business of Private Protection"

Critique of Anthropology, 15 (1995), 1, 109-112.
Margot Scheffolt. "Doppelte Heimat? Zur literarischen Produktion arabischsprachiger Immigranten in Argentinien"

Estudios migratorios latinoamericanos (Buenos Aires), 9 (26), April 1994, 201-203.
Christian Giordano. "Die Betrogenen der Geschichte: Überlagerungsrationalität und Überlagerungsmentalität in mediterranen Gesellschaften",

MAN (Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute), 29 (1994), 1, 202-203.
Christ'l Joris. "Vrouw werden op Sicilie: een culturele levenscyclus",

MAN (Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute), 27 (1992), 2, 911-912.
K.H. Ruggiero "And here the world ends: the life of an Argentine village" and L.J.Bartolomé "The colonos of Apóstoles: adaptive strategy and ethnicity in a Polish-Ukrainian settlement in northeast Argentina",

MAN (Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute),

27 (1992), 1, 218-219.

"Arrangiarsi: The Italian Immigrant experience in Canada, eds. Roberto Perin/Franc Sturino, Montreal:Guernica Editions, 1989",

Estudios migratorios latinoamericanos (Buenos Aires), Vol.5, 1989, 418-421.
Conference reviews
“The Challenge of Fieldwork - Frankfurt”, review of conference held at Frankfurt/Main, 30 October - 1 November 1997, Anthropology Today, 13 (6), 1997, p.21.
"Fernsehen und Ethnologie", review of conference held at Hamburg Museum of Anthropology (30.10.-1.11. 1992), Sociologus, 43 (1993), 1, 88-91.
"VI International Festival of Ethnographical & Anthropological Films",

review of ethnographic film festival, Nuoro, Sardinia, 6 - 10 October 1992,

CVA review (Commission for Visual Anthropology; Universities Montreal and Aarhus), 1992/2, 21-22.
"Seconda conferenza sulle collettività etniche",

II Jornadas sobre colectividades: Identidad e integración, inserción en el país, relaciones con los paises de origen, Museo Roca, Buenos Aires, 26/27.10.1989,

Altreitalie, Turin, Vol.3, 1990, 121-123.
"Rausch und Realität: Rezension der Ausstellung", (review of exhibition at Museum of Anthropology, Cologne), Museumskunde, Frankfurt, 47/3, 1982, 160-163.

3) Visual anthropology (visual art, documentary film and photography):

Exhibition Curator
“The World Kaleidoscope: Images and Objects from Fieldwork in

Anthropological Research” (co-curator with Cecilie Øien),

Galleri Sverdrup, University of Oslo, 4 April – 25 May, 2008,

Social Science Faculty, University of Oslo, 28 August – 29 September, 2008

Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, 12 October – 31 May, 2009.
reviewed in: Uniforum
“Santa Ana – una aproximación artistica-antropológica”, (installation with visual artists Mati Obregón and Ricardo Ortiz) Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes, Corrientes, Argentina, 19 August 2005.
Documentary Film
“Voyage Argentina”, producer of a 15 mins documentary on European immigrants in Buenos Aires, UEL/Cine Ojo, 2002.
Public screenings:

University of Bologna, 7 October, 2006.

Muestra Retrospectiva Tucumán (Argentina), 2006.

Slovenian Academy of Sciences, Ljubljana, 3 May, 2004.

European Social Science History Conference, Humboldt University, Berlin,

25 March , 2004.

XII Muestra Nacional de Cine y Video Documental Antropológico y Social,

La Plata (Argentina), 8 – 11 October, 2002.

University of Copenhagen, EASA conference, 17 August, 2002.

University of Hamburg, Dept. of Social Anthropology, 10 June, 2002.

University of East London, Docklands Campus, 6 March, 2002.
Clips of the video are on the following web-sites: (Nordic Anthropological Film Association)
reviewed in : Springerin: Hefte f. Gegenwartskunst, published in German and English, Vienna, 2002, 4, 58 - 59.
"Little Italy in Europa: Italiener in London",

producer of a short documentary on Italians in London, ZDF (German Television), 1987.

"Selbst von der Mafia vergessen: Bericht aus einem sizilianischen Bergdorf", (Otto Wilfert), Planquadrat Europa, ZDF, 1987,

consulting anthropologist and assistant producer of a 45 mins documentary on the village of my fieldwork in Sicily.

Photography (credits and exhibitions)
“Gauchos at a rodeo in Las Flores, Buenos Aires, province”

Front cover photograph and insert photograph for Rosana Guber’s article, ‘Argentine Anthropology, Anthropology Today, 2002,18 (4).

“No payment of external debt”, photograph illustrating Rosana Guber’s article, ‘Argentine Anthropology, Anthropology Today, 2002,18 (4).
“Tango singer and musicians at Italian immigrant restaurant in the Barracas neighbourhood of Buenos Aires” photograph illustrating Rosana Guber’s article, ‘Argentine Anthropology, Anthropology Today, 2002,18 (4).
“Indigenous actor and musician Ruben Patagonia on the set of ‘El Camino’” and “Actress Antonella Costa with Mapuche Children on the set of ‘El Camino’,

publication of two photographs for the conference programme of ‘The Future of Ethnographic Film’, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London 14.12.2000.

Exhibition of photographs of votive shrines in Sutera, Sicily,

London School of Economics, Seligman Library, 1988-1990.

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