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Artist Bio – French Music

Originally from upstate New York and later Santa Fe, New Mexico, Christine Albert moved to Austin, Texas in 1982. Since that time she has evolved into the consummate “Texas Chanteuse”, combining her musical influences from Texas to Paris, Haggard to Piaf.

Christine’s French grandmother lived in Paris and her mother was born in Switzerland, so she was surrounded by the French language and culture throughout her childhood.  In a Santa Fe high school French class she discovered the music of Edith Piaf and the sounds of a Parisian café began to show up in the music of this country/folk singer-songwriter. Throughout her career she has continued to move naturally and gracefully between the genres.

Since the 1992 release of the bilingual "Texafrance", the 2003 follow up "Texafrance-Encore!", and 2008’s “Paris, Texafrance” Christine Albert has been enchanting audiences with her Franco-Lone Star fusion described by The Austin American-Statesman as "a waltz across Texas with Maurice Chevalier". Dirty Linen Magazine commented that Christine “sings in an expressive soprano with just enough twang to make the Cajun/Texas flavor evident and just enough crispness to inhabit effectively the more Parisian of the tunes she chooses.” 

The first two CDs feature a mixed bag of music, from Piaf’s classic “La Vie en Rose” and jazz- master Stephane Grapelli’s lively "Coucou" to the 18th-century ballad-turned-folk-song "Plaisir d’Amour".

“Paris, Texafrance” – the third in the “Texafrance” series – was produced by Albert’s husband and musical partner Chris Gage. The CD includes more songs by Albert’s inspiration, Edit Piaf, as well as tunes from Charles Trenet with English translations handled by Ms. Albert. The music is warm and acoustic and the character of a 100 year old Bechstein grand piano in Gage’s hands is the centerpiece. Ms. Albert’s voice has matured and “the possessor of one of the best and purest voices in Austin, Texas” (3rd Coast Magazine) shines on this outing. All three “Texafrance” CDs were critically acclaimed and are beloved by many.

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Throughout her live show Christine weaves stories of her own European heritage and more than three decades in Texas, creating a very personal, bilingual interpretation of the classic French sound. Christine is available for concert performances with a full 6 piece band or a small trio.

She has performed on stage with Ballet Austin in Stephen Mills' ballet "Red Roses", choreographed to the music of Edith Piaf, presents an annual romantic Valentine’s celebration in Austin, Texas and has brought her French show to The San Angelo Museum of Art, the Houston International Festival, The Texas French Symposium/San Antonio, Texas A&M University at Kingsville, Austin Community College and numerous other events.

When Ms. Albert is not donning her chanteuse chapeau / hat, she is one half of the popular Texas Americana duo “Albert and Gage,” with her husband Chris Gage. Together they have released 6 CDs and toured in a dozen countries and they own and operate MoonHouse Records and MoonHouse Studio in Austin. Christine’s most recent CD release is “Everything’s Beautiful Now” on MoonHouse Records was released in September 2014.

Christine has appeared on the nationally-syndicated PBS series Austin City Limits. She was awarded “Female Vocalist of the Year” by the Kerrville Folk Festival Music Awards and “Superstar of Austin Music” for her community service work. Christine co-founded The Austin Songwriters Group, and is Founder/President Emeritus of Swan Songs (, an Austin area non-profit that fulfills musical last wishes by organizing private concerts for individuals at the end of life. In 2007 she was elected to represent the Texas Chapter on the National Board of Trustees of The Recording Academy (The GRAMMY Awards®), eventually rising to the top elected leadership position – serving as Chairman of the Board May from 2013 to May 2015. She currently serves on the board of Swan Songs and the Recording Academy Texas Chapter.

In her “spare time” Christine hosts “Mystery Monday,” a weekly show at the Tex-Mex landmark El Mercado restaurant in South Austin that features a rotating cast of guests and a weekly “mystery” musician. The gathering has become a must-do for the Austin roots music scene.

3rd Coast Music noted that Christine has “one of the best and purest female voices in Austin.” She is a life-long musician who is transforming her experience and passion into philanthropic work and initiatives that serve the larger community.

A Potpourri of Reviews

“Paris, Texafrance” (MoonHouse) is Christine Albert's third recording in her utterly charming series of French songs recorded in Texas, accompanied by husband/partner Chris Gage whose production polishes this little gem…Gage's choice in using spare instrumentation – sometimes only a piano – with Albert's lovely voice enhances Paris, Texafrance's warm summery feel. Many stars all around.”

The Austin Chronicle
“One of the best and purest female voices in Austin, Texas.” 3rd Coast Music

“Christine Albert does a fine job of blending her southwestern singer/songwriter interests with her family’s native roots in France and Switzerland…she sings in an expressive soprano with just enough twang to make the Cajun/Texas flavor evident and just enough crispness to inhabit effectively the more Parisian of the tunes she chooses.” Dirty Linen

“It's no coincidence this album came out around Valentine's Day, because its beauty is not just in the music, but in its sheer romantic atmosphere, the kind you need no partner to enjoy.” The Austin Chronicle
“Light and airy, this easy listening, upbeat collection perfectly suits Albert's voice that can sound throatily French where necessary, and filled with sunshine when singing of l'amour...which she does repeatedly on the collection.” Folkwax

"Never committing fully to either country or cabaret, Albert has deftly created a whole new musical category of her own."  Music City Texas

“The songs are in French and English, have both traditional and contemporary arrangements, and are handled in Christine’s usual classy style. The vocals on this album are born of pure emotion; she’s going to have a tough time topping this one.”

Kerrville Daily Times
“As a mixture of Patsy and Piaf, the synthesis goes down easier than whiskey and beer at a French cabaret – or Dom Perignon at the Broken Spoke.”

Austin American-Statesman
“The concept of melding the airy passion of Edith Piaf with the Texas honky-tonk tradition sounds like Monty Python source material, but Albert’s achy, crystal voice sounds so good in both languages that this project doesn’t just float – it flies in spots.” The Austin Chronicle
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Some places Christine has performed her French Show…
The San Angelo Museum of Art

St. Edwards University

Houston International Festival

The Texas French Symposium - San Antonio

Texas A&M University - Kingsville

Austin Community College

The French Legation - Austin

The Brackenridge Hospital Foundation Dinner - Austin

Bass Concert Hall with Ballet Austin

Chicago House - Austin

Wild Basin Nature Preserve Performance Space - Austin

Annual Gala for SafePlace – Austin

Texas Foreign Language Teachers Association conference – Austin

St. David’s Toast of the Town – Austin

Performances with Albert and Gage…
The Birchmere – Washington, D.C.

Kerrville Folk Festival - Texas

Cottonwood Festival - Texas

Wildflower Festival - Texas

Acoustic Sounds Café - Arkansas

Austin to Acadia Concert Series - Maine

The Ark - Michigan

Botanic Gardens Summer Nights Series - New Mexico

Washington Pavilion - South Dakota

The Living Tradition - California

Countless gigs all over Germany

Bad Ischl Festival - Austria

Thunderbird Café - Belgium

Summerfolk Festival - Canada

Silkebourg Festival - Denmark

Floralia Festival - Holland

Country Music Club of Italy - Italy

Klevenalp Festival - Switzerland


Christine Albert

Everything’s Beautiful Now

MH2910 2009

Albert and Gage

Dakota Lullaby

MH2908 2009

Christine Albert

Paris, Texafrance

MH2906 2008

Albert and Gage

Cry Love

MH2904 2006

Christine Albert


MH2899 2003

Albert and Gage

at Anderson Fair

MH2900 2003

Albert and Gage

Burnin' Moonlight

MH2896 2001

Albert and Gage

One More Christmas

MH2898 2001

Albert and Gage

Jumpin' Tracks

MH3121 1997

Christine Albert

Underneath The

Lone Star Sky

Antone's / dos Records 1995

Christine Albert
The High Road

Gambini Global 1993

Christine Albert


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