Attracting butterflies to your garden’

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Attracting butterflies to your garden’ available now! Visit for details.

Butterfly Gardening 

Fact sheet

Also known as: Amaryllis Azure

Abundance in Adelaide area: Common 

Flight: Aug – early Apr

Wingspan: m 34 mm; f 34 mm

Mature larva length: 21–27 mm

If you ever encounter this butterfly flying in 

the sun you will see brilliant blue flashes as the 

sunlight reflects off its highly metallic wings. As 

with all the Azure butterflies, they do not open 

their wings when at rest. As a result, the Satin 

Azure virtually disappears as the wings are folded 

to display camouflage colours.

For its caterpillar food plant, the Satin Azure 

prefers Wire-leaf Mistletoe (Amyema preissii), 

which grows on some Acacia species, but it will 

use other mistletoes. This butterfly is associated 

with various species of small black ants. It is most 

likely to be seen near its food plants, but males 

move to and fly over nearby hilltops. The species 

is uncommon in the Adelaide Hills, but is present 

over most of the state of South Australia.

Caterpillar food plants: Mistletoes (Amyema 

spp.) The caterpillars eat the flowers and leaves.

Adelaide native species: Wire-leaf Mistletoe 

(Amyema preissii) on Blackwood (Acacia 

melanoxylon) and other acacia species. Box 

Mistletoe (Amyema miquelii) on Eucalyptus 

species, Melaleuca Mistletoe (Amyema 

melaleucae) on Melaleuca lanceolata and 

sometimes Melaleuca halmaturorum, Drooping 

Mistletoe (Amyema pendula ssp. pendula) on 

Stringybark (Eucalyptus) and Blackwood (Acacia 


Other South Australian species: Buloke 

Mistletoe (Amyema linophylla ssp. orientale

on Bull-oak (Allocasuarina luehmannii), Fleshy 

Mistletoe (Amyema miraculosa ssp. boormanii) on 

MyoporumSantalum and others, Grey Mistletoe 

(Amyema quandang var. quandang) on Western 

Myall (Acacia papyrocarpa).

A stunning butterfly, this is another mistletoe 

feeding member of the Azure group. The colour 

of the butterfly is a very bright, shining blue 

with narrow black margins on the upper surface, 

and a mottled black and brown cryptic pattern 

underneath. The females have a slightly wider 

black margin on the upper side, and orange-red 

bars in an area of the underside of the forewing, 

close to the body.

It is still a relatively common, though rarely seen, 

butterfly on the south coast area of the Fleurieu 

Peninsula; however, it is quite uncommon in the 

Adelaide Hills and foothills. Recently, a colony 

were found on a stand of mistletoe-bearing trees 

in inner suburban Adelaide.


Satin Azure

Ogyris amaryllis meridionalis


Lycaenidae family

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