Aura is Ireland's foremost specialist in the management of sports & leisure facilities

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AURA is Ireland's foremost specialist in the management of sports & leisure facilities.
Aura's mission is to help people be healthier, happier and feel better about themselves.  An opportunity has arisen in our Aura Youghal Leisure Centre for a Trainee Duty Manager to join our management team.


This role will primarily involve working as a team leader to drive service excellence and manage the day to day operations of the centre. In addition you will act as the Health and Safety Representative for the centre.


We would like to hear from you if you can show us that:


• You are qualified in NECF/NCEHS, Pool Plant, Life Guard and Swim Teacher.

• You are qualified fitness instructor (desirable)
• You have lots of enthusiasm, a positive attitude and will enjoy working in a customer service led environment. 
• You want to be the best and that you have a proven track record in customer service with a self-motivation to achieve excellence in this area.
• You are an excellent communicator and have leadership qualities and experience.
• You share our philosophy of helping people feel better about themselves.


Experience working in a supervisory or management role would be a distinct advantage.

Aura Leisure is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

We do not require the assistance of agencies, please do not call.
Please apply to

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