Bibliography of butterflies

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Winder, John A.

1995. See Harley, K.L. S. et al., 1995.

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2004. See Le Crom, J. F. et al., 2004.

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Witkop, B.

1967. See Tokuyama, T. et al., 1967.

Witt, Thomas

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1977. See Baumann, H. et al., 1977.

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Witte, Ludger

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1995. See Hartmann, T. & L. Witte, 1995.

1996a. See Trigo, J. R. et al., 1996.

1996b. See Freitas, A. V. L. et al., 1996.

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Wohlfahrt, Theodor A. [1907- ]

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Wojtusiak, Janusz [1942- ]

1998. North Andean cloud forest and subparamo species of the genus Catasticta: C. chrysolopha Kollar, C. spectrum Reissinger and C. abdita new species (Lepidoptera Pieridae). Lambillionea 98(4)(2): 595-599, 13 figs. (December) [Colombia, Venezuela]

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2003b. See Viloria, A. L. et al., 2003.

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Wolfe, Lorne M.

1987. See Bowers, M. D. et al., 1987.

Wolter, Esther L. Aguiar

1994. See Pereira, O. L., Jr. et al., 1994.

Wolter, Wilson, Filho

1994. See Pereira, O. L., Jr. et al., 1994.

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1993. See Garraway, E. et al., 1993.

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2001. See Vukusic, P. et al., 2001.

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2001. See Joron, M. et al., 2001.

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