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E Ealand, Charles Aubrey

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Ealand, Charles Aubrey [1877- ]

1921. Insect life. London, A. and C. Black, Ltd. xii + 340 pp., 74 pls., 13 figs. [general; host plants; larvae, imagines; behavior; Neotropics]

Eanes, Walter F.

1979a. See Turner, J. R. G. et al., 1979.

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Eanes, Walter F., and R. K. Koehn

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Eaton, Theodore Hildreth, Jr. [1907  ]

1932. A review of some genera of Hesperiinae (Hesperiidae, Lepi-doptera). Annals of the entomological Society of America 25(1): 18 29, 2 pls. ([31] March) [general; new species: Talides basistrigata; Neotropics]

Ebeling, Walter [1907  ]

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1959. Subtropical fruit pests. Berkeley, University of California. vi + 436 pp., 8 pls., figs., tabs. [general; eggs, larvae, pupae, imagines; Neotropics]

Eberhard, Stefan H., and Harald W. Krenn

2003a. Pollen als Nahrung: Schlüssel für ökologischee Besonderheiten der Heliconius-Falter (Nymphalidae, Heliconiinae). Verhandlungen Westdeutscher Entomologentag 2001: 97-102, 1 fig., 2 tabs. (March) [morphology]

2003b. Salivary glands and salivary pumps in adult Nymphalidae. Zoomorphology 122(4): 161-167, 3 figs. (September; published online 24 June) [Heliconius melpomene (Linnaeus), Dryas iulia (Fabricius); anatomy, histology]

Ebert, Günter

1964. Die Macrolepidopteren-Sammlungen der Landessammlun-gen für Naturkunde in Karlsruhe und ihre Neugestaltung. Beiträge zur naturkundlichen Forschung in Südwest-deutschland 23(2): 87-106 (1 November) [general]

Ebert, Heinz [1907-1982]

1960. Novas observações sôbre a glaciação pleistocênica na Serra do Itatiaia (Nota preliminar). Anais da Academia brasileira de Ciências 32(1): 51-73, 9 figs. (31 March) [Colias lesbia (Fabricius), Satyrinae, Hesperiidae; zoogeo-graphy; Brazil]

1965. Uma coleção de borboletas (Lepid. Rhopal.) do Rio Amapari (Territorio do Amapá) com anotações taxonômicas sôbre Rhopalocera do Brasil. Papéis avulsos do Departamento de Zoologia. Secretaria da Agricultura (São Paulo) 18(9): 65-85, 2 figs. (30 August) [general; new subspecies: Temenis santina meridionalis; new name: Pierella lamia form fabriciana; French Guiana]

1969. On the frequency of butterflies in Eastern Brazil, with a list of the butterfly fauna of Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais. Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 23(Supplement 3): 1-48, 6 figs., 10 tabs. [general; population dynamics]

1970. See Brown, K. S., Jr. et al., 1970.

1982. See Kesselring, J. & H. Ebert, 1982.

Ebert, Heinz, and Manoel Martins Dias, Filho

1997. Novos gênero e espécie de Satyrinae (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae) do sudeste brasileiro. Revista brasileira de Zoologia 14(2): 283-298, 42 figs. (20 August) [Carminda, C. umuarama; Paraguay, Argentina]

Echandi, Eddie

1969. See Bocanegra, S. & E. Echandi, 1969.

Echeverri, Luis Fernando, Gloria Cardona, Fernando Torres, Carlos Peláez, Winston Quiñones and Enrique Rentería

1991. Ermanin: an insect deterrent flavonoid from Passiflora foetida resin. Phytochemistry 30(1): 153-155, 2 figs. [Dione juno (Cramer); host plants; Colombia]

Echeverry, Germán

1968. Cultivo de maracuyá. Carta agraria. Caja de Crédito agrario (Bogotá) 218: 7-16, 7 figs. (August) [Dione sp; Colombia]

Eckhardt, Gert

1982. See Urzúa, A. et al., 1982.

1983. See Urzúa, A. et al., 1983.

Eckhardt, Gert, Alejandro Urzúa and Bruce K. Cassels

1983. Mass spectrometry of aristolochic acids. Journal of natural Products 46: 92 97, 5 figs. (31 March) [Battus archidamas (Boisduval); host plant; Chile]

Edelson, Edward

1969. Insect travellers. Some butterflies migrate for thousands of miles. Animal Kingdom 72(5): 22 27, 3 figs. (October) [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus), Vanessa cardui (Linnaeus); Mexico]

Edgar, John Alexander

1975. Danainae (Lep.) and 1,2 dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloid  containing plants   with reference to observations made in the New Hebrides. Philosophical Transactions of the royal Society of London (B) 272(918): 467 476, 3 figs., 2 tabs. (13 November) [general]

1976. See Pliske, T. E. et al., 1976.

1978. See Rothschild, M. L. & J. A. Edgar, 1978.

1982. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids sequestered by Solomon Island danaine butterflies. The feeding preferences of the Danainae and Ithomiinae. Journal of Zoology 196(3): 385 400, 2 pls., 4 figs., 2 tabs. ([9] March) [general]

1983. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in insect plant co evolution. Toxicon, Supplement 3: 97 100, 8 figs. [Ithomiinae, Danainae]

1984. Parsonsiae: Ancestral larval foodplants of the Danainae and Ithomiinae, pp. 91 93, 1 fig., 1 tab. In: Vane Wright, R. I. & P. R. Ackery (Eds.), The Biology of Butterflies. London, Academic Press.

1988. See Schulz, S. et al., 1988.

Edgar, John Alexander, Claude Charles Joseph Culvenor and Thomas E. Pliske

1974. Coevolution of danaid butterflies with their host plants. Nature 250(5468): 646-648, 1 fig., 1 tab. (23 August) [general; biochemistry]

1976. Isolation of a lactone, structurally related to the esterifying acids of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, from the costal fringes of male Ithomiinae. Journal of chemical Ecology 2(3): 263-270, 2 figs., 1 tab. (July-September) [general; Venezuela]

Edmonds, William M. M.

1984. A monarch tagged at Toronto encountered in Texas. Occa-sional Publication. Toronto Entomologists Association 15: 18. [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); migration; Mexico]

Edmunds, Malcolm

1974a. Significance of beak marks on butterfly wings. Oikos 25(1): 117-118. [general]

1974b. Defence in animals. A survey of anti predator defences. Harlow, Longman Group Limited. xvii + 357 pp., 8 pls., figs., tabs. [general; mimicry; behavior; Neotropics]

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Edvardsson, Martin

2000. See Arnqvist, G. et al., 2000.

Edwards, George [1694-1773]

1743 51. A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd. London, College of Physicians. 1: xxiv + 52 pp., 52 pls. (1743); 2: viii + 53-128, pls. 53-105 (1747); 3: iv + 129-157, pls. 106-157 (1750); 4: frontisp., [iv] + viii + 158-248, pls. 158-210 (1751) [the general title for the four volumes (published with the fourth) is: A natural history of uncommon birds, and of some other rare and undescribed animals, quadrupedes, reptiles, fishes, insects, &c.] [a French edition, 1745-1751; a second English edition, 1802-1803] [general]

Edwards, George A., Helena L. de Souza Santos, A. Brünner, Jr., Pérsio de Souza Santos, Paulo Sawaya and Helmut Ruska

1954. Electron microscopy in the study of insects. Revista brasileira de Entomologia (São Paulo) 2: 97-104, 8 pls. (1 December) [Morpho scales]

Edwards, George A., Pérsio de Souza Santos, Helena L. de Souza Santos and Paulo Sawaya

1954. Electron microscope studies of insect muscle. III. Variations in ultra structure. Boletim. Zoologia. Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras. Universidade de São Paulo 19: 391-406, 14 figs., 1 tab. [Caligo beltrao (Illiger); Brazil]

Edwards, Henry [1830-1891]

1882. Dwarf butterflies. Papilio 2(2): 34 (February) [Gynaecia dirce (Linnaeus), Gonepteryx leachiana (Godart); Peru]

1883. Callidryas fisheri n. sp. or var. Papilio 3(2): 43 (February) [Mexico]

1884. Suborder II.  Rhopalocera, pp. 469 502, 1 pl., figs. 593 627. In: The Standard Natural History. Boston, S. E. Cassino & Co. 2. (1 November) [general; morphology; eggs, larvae, pupae, imagines; host plants; behavior; ecology; Neotropics]

1889. Notes on noises made by Lepidoptera. Insect Life 2(1): 11 15 (July) [Ageronia spp., Prepona spp.; Brazil, Panama]

Edwards, Stanley [1864 1938]

1910a. [A note]. Proceedings of the South London entomological and natural History Society 1909/10: 84. [Opsiphanes cyme [sic] (Hübner); Brazil]

1910b. [A note]. Proceedings of the South London entomological and natural History Society 1909/10: 112. [Caligo atreus (Kollar), C. beltrao (Illiger); South America]

1914. [A note]. Proceedings of the South London entomological and natural History Society 1913/14: 118. [Stalachtis evelina Butler; Brazil]

1915a. [A note]. Proceedings of the South London entomological and natural History Society 1914/15: 92. [general; Costa Rica, Colombia]

1915b. [Notes]. Proceedings of the South London entomological and natural History Society 1914/15: 106. [general; South America]

1916. [A note]. Proceedings of the South London entomological and natural History Society 1915/16: 115. [general; South America]

1920. [A note]. Proceedings of the South London entomological and natural History Society 1919/20: 66 67. [Papilio spp.; Brazil, Mexico]

Edwards, William Henry [1822 1909]

1847. A voyage up the River Amazon, including a residence at Pará. New York, D. Appleton & Company. 256 pp., frontisp., 2 figs. [general; Brazil]

1864. Description of certain species of diurnal Lepidoptera found within the limits of the United States and British North America. No. 3. Proceedings of the entomological Society of Philadelphia 2(4): 501 507 ([9 May]) [preprint published in April] [Eresia cincta; Central America]

1876a. Notes on entomological nomenclature. Part I. Canadian Entomologist 8(3): 41 52 (March) [general]

1876b. Notes on entomological nomenclature. Part II. Canadian Entomologist 8(5): 81-94 (May), (6): 113 119 (June) [general]

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1881. Notes on the species of Callidryas found within the United States. Transactions of the american entomological Society 9(1): 9-14 (14 October) [preprint published 11 March] [general; Neotropics]

1882. Note on Papilio polydamas, Linn. Canadian Entomologist 14(6): 120 ("July", [26 June]) [Papilio serion Fabricius, P. zonaria Butler; Jamaica, Cuba]

1884a. Descriptions of new species of butterflies, mostly from Arizona. Papilio 4(3): 53-58 ([27] March) [Terias linda; Mexico]

1884b. Occurrence of Callidryas philea Linn. and Terias mexicana in Wisconsin. Papilio 4(5/6): 113 (22 July) [Neotropics]

1893. Notes on a polymorphic butterfly, Synchloe lacinia, Geyer (in Hüb. Zutr.), with description of its preparatory stages. Canadi­an Entomologist 25(11): 286-291 (4 November) [egg, larva, pupa; behavior; Mexico]

Edwards, W. H.

1936. Pests attacking citrus in Jamaica. Bulletin of entomological Research 27(2): 335 337 (13 July) [Papilio cresphontes Cramer]

Eeley, Harriet

1990. See Mallet, J. L. B. et al., 1990.

Eerde, Ellen

1981. Butterflies in your stomach? R & D Mexico Dec 1980/Jan 1981: 6-8, figs. (January) [general; bromathology; Mexico]

Egan, Mary G.

1997. See Brower, A. V. Z. & M. G. Egan, 1997.

Ehret, Georg Dionysius [1708 1770]

1748 59. Plantae et papiliones rariores, depictae et aeri incisae. Heidelberg. Pls. 1 4 (1748), 5 6 (7 July 1748), 7 (1 December 1748), 8 (1748), 9 10 (12 June 1749), 11 (November 1749), 12(?), 13 (1755), 14 (1757), 15 (1759) [Papilio, Heliconius]

Ehrhardt, Guillermo

1996. Experiencias en la captura. Mariposas del Mundo (Buenos Aires) 1: 18-19, 2 figs. (September) [Morpho sulkowskyi Kollar; host plant; Bolivia]

Ehrlich, Anne Fitzhugh Howland [1933- ]

1961. See Ehrlich, P. R. & A. F. H. Ehrlich, 1961.

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1982b. See Ehrlich, P. R. & A. F. H. Ehrlich, 1982b.

Ehrlich, Anne Fitzhugh Howland, and Paul Ralph Ehrlich

1978. Reproductive strategies in the butterflies: I. Mating frequen-cies, plugging, and egg number. Journal of the Kansas entomological Society 51(4): 666 697, 4 tabs. (17 November) [general]

Ehrlich, Paul Ralph [1932  ]

1954. See Gillham, N. W. & P. R. Ehrlich, 1954.

1958a. The higher systematics of the butterflies. Lepidopterists' News 11(4/5): 103 106, 1 fig. (13 May) [general]

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Ehrmann, George Alexander [1862 1926]

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1904. New forms of exotic Papilionidae. Entomological News 15(6): 214 215 (June) [Papilio klagesi; Venezuela]

1907. New tropical American Hesperidae. Canadian Entomologist 39(9): 317 323 (16 September) [Leucochitonea jason, L. janice, L. euphemie, Pamphila antenora, P. elenora, P. theodora, Thymele terracina, T. viterboana, T. guatemalaina, T. thiemei, T. borja, Goniurus triptolemus, G. cleopatra, Eumesia potomoni; Central and South America]

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2004c. Attraction of male queen butterflies to cardenolide- and alkaloid-containing plants during fall migrations. News of the Lepidopterists' Society 46(3): 94-97, 4 figs. (15 September) [Danaus gilippus strigosus (Bates); Mexico]

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