Bibliography of butterflies

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Gilbert, Pamela

1994. See Fitton, M. & P. Gilbert, 1994.

1996. See Harvey, J. M. V. et al., 1996.

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Gillaspy, James E., and Johnny R. Lara

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Gillett, John

1995. See Harley, K. et al., 1995.

Gillham, Nicholas W.

1955. Brephidium barbouri Clench a synonym of Brephidium exilis isophthalma (Herrich-Schäffer) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). Psyche (Cambridge) 62(1): 34 (26 May) [Cuba, Bahamas]

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Gillham, Nicholas W., and Paul Ralph Ehrlich

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Gillies, M. T.

1985. Far away and just the other day. Antenna 9(1): 29-32, 1 fig. (January) [Junonia sp.; migration; Argentina]

Gillman, M. P.

1998. See Wood, B. & M. P. Gillman, 1998.

Gillott, Arthur George Malin [1868-1927]

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1924b. A new ithomiine butterfly from Costa Rica. Entomologist 57(738): 249-250 (November) [Eutresis pethoe]

1927. Notes on Costa Rican Chlorippes (Lep.Nymphalidae), with description of a new species. Entomologist 60(772): 198-200 (September) [C. excelsa]

1928. See Lankester, C. H. & A. G. M. Gillott, 1928.

Ginarsa, Ida Ketut

1999. See Morinaka, S. et al., 1999.

Ginzberger, August [1873-1940]

1928. Bericht über eine Reise nach Brasilien. Verhandlungen der zoologisch-botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien 78(1): (5)-(8) (15 June) [general]

Giraldo, Marien

2003. See Salazar, J. A. et al., 2003.

Girard, Maurice Jean August [1822-1886]

1868a. Collections entomologiques de Vénézuéla et de la Guyane Anglaise à l'Exposition Universelle de 1867. Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France (4)8(1): xxxi (24 June) [Morpho spp.]

1868b. Note sur l'entomologie de l'Amérique du Nord considerée spécialément au point de vue des espèces idéntiques et analogues a celles d'Europe, avec indications de moeurs inédites d'après les collections du Canada et de la Nouvelle Ecosse du Palais de l'Exposition Universelle de 1867 et la collection du Mexique exposée au Ministère de l'Instruction Publique. Annales de la Société entomologique de France (4)8(2): 287-296 (28 October) [general]

Girault, Alexandre Arsène [1884-1941]

1918. New and old West Indian and North-American chalcid flies (Hym.). Entomological News 29(4): 125-131 (April) [Euda-mus proteus (Linnaeus); parasitoids; St. Vincent]

Girón, Mercedes

1982. See Madrigal, B. & M. Girón, 1982.

Gistel, Johann von Nepomuk Franz Xaver [1803-1873]

1848. Naturgeschichte des Thierreichs für höhere Schulen. Stuttgart, Hoffmann. xvi + 216 + [4] pp., 32 pls. [Ed. 2, 1851] [general; new names: Epula, Podalirius, Anthomantes]

Gistel, Johann von Nepomuk Franz Xaver, and Franz Brommer

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Glaser, Ludwig [1818-1898]

1887. Catalogus etymologicus Coleopterorum et Lepidopterorum. Erklärendes und verdeutschendes Namenverzeichniss der Käfer und Schmetterlinge für Liebhaber und wissenschaftliche Sammler systematisch und alphabetisch zusammengestellt. Berlin, R. Friedländer & Sohn. iv + 396 pp. [general]

1888a. Ueber verschiedene hergebrachte Fehlernamen und Falscherklärungen in der Lepidopterologie. Entomologische Nachrichten 14(9): 136-143 (May) [general]

1888b. Eine erweiternde und berichtigende Nachträge zu dem Catalogus Etymologicus Coleopterorum et Lepidopterorum. Entomologische Nachrichten 14(11): 170-174 (June) [general]

1890. Ueber Dimorphie und Mimetik bei den Schmetterlingen. Entomologische Nachrichten 16(14): 212-218 (July) [general]

1895. Kurze charakteristik der von Joh. Friedr. Eschscholtz beschriebenen Schmetterlinge, die auf der Entdeckungs-reise O. v. Kotzebue 1815-18 in der Südsee etc. bekannt wurden. Entomologische Nachrichten 21(21): 330-334 (November) [general; Brazil; Chile]

Glassberg, Jeffrey

1994. Round-up review of butterfly books. Part II. Guides to butterflies of Canada and Mexico. American Butterflies 2(4): 32-35, 2 figs. (November) [general]

1996. Go get set on your marks: Understanding the Ladies of North America. American Butterflies 4(4): 21-23, 8 figs. [Vanessa; general]

1997a. Go get set on your marks: White skippers! American Butterflies 5(4): 32-35, 15 figs. [Heliopetes; Mexico]

1997b. Book reviews. American Butterflies 5(4): 38-39, 41, 2 figs. [Costa Rica, Venezuela, Mexico]

1999a. Where do all the queens go? American Butterflies 7(1): 2 [general; migration; Mexico]

1999b. Come join with NABA in creating NABA Butterfly Park. American Butterflies 7(3): 26-31, 3 figs., 1 map [general; Mexico]

1999c. Go, get set, on your marks. Checkered-skippers. Part 1: Common, tropical and desert checkered-skippers. American Butterflies 7(3): 32-35, figs. [Pyrgus; Mexico]

1999d. The first Chase butterfly Dusky Emperor in the U. S. Ameri-can Butterflies 7(4): 38-39, 2 figs. [Asterocampa idyja argus (Bates); Mexico]

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2003a. See Caterino, M. et al., 2003.

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2003c. Go get set on your marks. "Brown" longtails. American Butterflies 11(4): 12-25, figs., maps. [general; Pyrginae; distribution; Mexico]

2004a. Go get set on your marks. "Green" longtails. American Butterflies 12(1): 28-38, figs., maps. [general; Pyrginae; distribution; Mexico]

2004b. White-crescent longtail / rusty longtail. Their identification revisited. American Butterflies 12(1): 39, 2 figs. [Codatractus; Mexico]

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Glassberg, Jeffrey, Marc C. Minno and John V. Calhoun

2000. Butterflies through binoculars. A field, finding, and gardening guide to butterflies in Florida. Oxford, Oxford University Press. viii + 242 pp., 44 pls., figs., 3 tabs., maps. [general; Neotropics]

Glazbrook, H.

1934. Capture of a species of Colaenis new to the United States. Entomological News 45(9): 251-252 (9 November) [general; Mexico]

Glendinning, John I.

1989. See Calvert, W. H. et al., 1989.

1990. Responses of three mouse species to deterrent chemicals in the monarch butterfly. II. Taste tests using intact monarchs. Chemoecology 1(3/4): 124-130, 4 figs., 2 tabs. (December) [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); Mexico]

1993a. See Alonso, A. et al., 1993.

1993b. See Arellano, A. et al., 1993.

1993c. Comparative feeding responses of the mice Peromyscus melanotis, P. aztecus, Reithrodontomys sumichrasti, and Microtus mexicanus to overwintering Monarch butterflies in Mexico. Science Series. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 38: 323-333, 5 figs., 6 tabs. (18 February) [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); predators]

Glendinning, John I., Alfonso Alonso and Lincoln Pierson Brower

1988. Behavioral and ecological interactions of foraging mice (Peromyscus melanotis) with overwintering Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) in Mexico. Oecologia 75: 222-227, 7 tabs. [migration; predation]

Glendinning, John I., and Lincoln Pierson Brower

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Glendinning, John I., Lincoln Pierson Brower and Charles A. Montgomery

1990. Responses of three mouse species to deterrent chemicals in the monarch butterfly. I. Taste and toxicity tests using artificial diets laced with digitoxin or monocrotaline. Chemoecology 1(3/4): 114-123, 6 figs., 6 tabs. (December) [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); Mexico]

Glick, Perry A. [ -1983]

1965. Review of collections of Lepidoptera by airplane. Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 19(3): 129-137, 3 figs., 2 tabs. (24 September) [general; Mexico]

Gloor, Paul

2001. See Vega, G. & P. Gloor, 2001.

Gloster, Oliver

1996. See Raguso, R. A. & O. Gloster, 1996.

Gmelin, Johann Friedrich [1748-1804]

[1790]. Caroli a Linné. Systema naturae per regna tria naturae, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteri­bus, differen­tiis, synonymis, locis. Editio decima tertia, aucta, reformata. Lipsiae, Georg Emanuel Beer. 1(5): [2] + 2225-3020 [6 December 1790] [general; new species: Papilio hyalinus, P. strigosus, P. bifasciatus, P. annulatus, P. aethiops, P. bipunctatus, P. fenestratus, P. leo, P. philetes]

Gmelin, Philipp Friedrich [1721-1768]

1758-77. Onomatologia medica completa sev Onomatologia historiae natvralis oder vollständiges Lexicon das alle Benennungen der Kunstwörter der Naturgeschichte nach ihrem ganzen Umfang erkläret und den reichen Schatz der ganzen Natur durch deutliche und richtige Beschreibungen der nützlichen und sonderbaren von allen Thieren, Pflanzen und Mineralien sowohl für Aerzte als andere Liebhaber in sich fasst zu allgemeinen Gebrauch von einer Gesellschaft naturforschender Aerzte nach den richtigsten Urkunden zusammengetragen. [after volume 2, title changes to "Onomatologia Historiae Natvralis completa oder vollständiges Lexicon..."]. Ulm, Frankfurt und Leipzig, Gaumischen Handlung. 1: [xxii] pp. + cols. 1-840 (1758); 2: [xlvi] pp. + cols. 1-896 (1761); 3: [xiii] pp. + cols. 1-1004 (1766); 4: [xiii] pp. + cols. 1-918 + [1] p. (1773); 5: [xii] pp. + cols. 1-894 + [1] p. (1775); 6: [xii] pp. + cols. 1-952 + [1] p. (1775); 7: [viii] pp. + cols. 1-904 + [58] pp. (1777) [article "Papilio" in vol. 6: cols. 8-163] [work suppressed by ICZN, Opinion 123] [general]

Gobbi, Nivar

1981a. See Shima, S. N. & N. Gobbi, 1981a.

1981b. See Shima, S. N. & N. Gobbi, 1981b.

1993. See Bonfanti-Almeida, J. C. et al., 1993.

2003. See Scaglia, M. et al., 2003.

Gobbi, Nivar, and Maria Cecília de Araújo Cunha

1984. Observações preliminares referentes ao relacionamento entre a lagarta de Ascia monuste orseis (Godart, 1818 [sic]) (Lepidoptera, Pieridae) e seu parasita Apanteles ayerzai (Hymenoptera, Braconidae). Naturalia (São Paulo) 8: 193-196, 4 tabs. ("1983", 1984) [Brazil]

Gobbi, Nivar, Maria Cecília de Araújo Cunha, Roberto Antonio Zucchi and Harold G. Fowler

1990. Oviposition pattern by Cotesia ayerzai [Hym.: Braconidae] on Ascia monuste [Lep.: Pieridae] under laboratory conditions. Entomophaga 35(2): 195-202, 5 figs., 1 tab. [host plant; Brazil]

Gobbi, Nivar, Ana E. Jannini, Sâmia M. Tauk, Harold G. Fowler

and Osvaldo A. da Silva

1989. Efeito do parasitismo de Cotesia glomerata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) no consumo alimentar de largatas [sic] de Ascia monuste orseis (Godart, 1818 [sic]) (Lepidoptera, Pieridae). Anais da Sociedade entomológica do Brasil 18(1): 169-175, 1 fig., 2 tabs. (31 July) [Brazil]

Gobbi, Nívar, and Cleuza Piras

1986. Alguns fatores que influenciam a capacidade de acasa-lamento e oviposição de Chlosyne lacinia saundersii (Doubleday & Hewtson [sic], 1849) (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae). Anais da Sociedade entomológica do Brasil 15(Supl.): 29-33, 2 figs. (30 November) [behavior; Brazil]

Gochfeld, Michael

2001. See Burger, J. & M. Gochfeld, 2001.

Godart, Jean Baptiste [1775-1825]

1819. Pp. 13-328. In: Latreille, P. A. & J. B. Godart, Encyclopédie Méthodique. Histoire naturelle. Entomologie, ou histoire naturelle des crustacés, des arachnides et des insectes. Paris, veuve Agasse. 9(1): i-ii, 3-328 (before [13 February]) [general; new species: Papilio evander, P. archelaus, P. ilus, P. opleus, P. triopas, P. eurymas, P. polymetus, P. nephalion, P. tereas, P. bitias, P. protodamas, P. leucaspis, P. aristor, P. pandrosus, P. astyalus, P. temenes, P. lycoraeus, P. lysithous, Colias leachiana, C. marcellina, C. eubule, C. cnidia, C. lollia, C. aricia, C. evadne, C. lyside, Pieris neda, P. pyro, P. sinoe, P. elvina, P. orseis, P. virginia, P. ilaire, P. mysia, P. eubotea, P. salacia, P. limnoria, P. anguitia, P. phaloe, P. endeis, P. josephina, P. pylotis, P. ammonia, P. thermesia, P. methymna, P. enodia, P. spio, Libythea terena, L. cuvierii, Danais archippe, D. plexaure, D. eresime, D. cleophile, D. erippe, D. gilippe, D. plexippe, Heliconia cyrbia, H. antioche, H. cynisca, H. thalestris, H. ergatis, H. braselis, H. lansdorfi, H. arane, H. clysonyma, H. eudema, H. gazoria, H. hyalina, H. obscurata, H. nisea, H. egena, H. narcaea, H. lysimene, H. melphis, H. ethilla, H. euclea, H. ethra, H. cleobaea, H. megara, H. ismenia, H. lamyra, Acraea dice, A. ozomene, A. nelea, Cethosia vibilia, C. aliphera, Argynnis briarea, A. pygmaea, Vanessa lytrea, V. epaphea, V. zabulina, V. callithea, Biblis thadana; Neotropics]

1823. Description de quelques espèces nouvelles de lépidoptères diurnes. Mémoires de la Société Linnéenne de Paris 2: 226-243, pls. 19-21 [the plates were never published] [Papilio devilliersii; Cuba]

[1824]. Pp. 329-706, 708-711, 794-828. In: Latreille, P. A. & J. B. Godart, Encyclopédie Méthodique... Paris, veuve Agasse. 9(2): 329-828 ([before 17 July]) [general; new species: Nymphalis thetis, N. pellenis, N. coresia, N. chriton, N. nesea, N. halice, N. pleione, N. laertia, N. marthesius, N. rogerii, N. phliassa, N. mythra, N. syma, N. bella, N. laurentia, N. laura, N. thoe, N. vacuna, N. agathis, N. zunilda, N. gelania, N. epaphea, N. symachia, N. typha, N. disippe, N. epione, N. lycorias, N. margarita, N. flavilla, N. lirissa, N. amphitoe, N. demodice, N. deiphile, N. antinoe, N. cyanippe, N. volumna, N. sydonia, N. mygdonia, N. alpais, N. macris, N. myrto, N. marsolia, N. euphemia, N. johanna, N. irma, N. ines, N. claudina, N. sorana, N. condomanus, N. pygas, N. pyracmon, N. hydarnis, N. clymenus, N. candrena, N. tytius, N. soranus, N. phylacis, N. epigia, N. laphria, N. ferentina, Morpho cytheris, M. aorsa, M. inachis, M. martia, M. taramela, M. saronia, M. acadina, M. rusina, M. anaxandra, M. anosia, M. caryatis, Brassolis astyra, Eurybia carolina, S. girondius, S, betro, S. orchamus, S. peribas, S. quantius, S. argulus, S. celmis, S. lydius, S. brixius, S. paeon, S. grimon, S. maepius, S. pagyris, S. phares, S. tolumnia, S. doritis, S. doxes, S. eurythris, S. herseis, S. pacarus, S. periphas, S. galesus, S. phronius, S. byses, S. necys, S. lysius, Erycina dorillis, E. iphione, E. auletes, E. midas, E. salimba, E. hyginius, E. priolas, E. prema, E. petronius, E. eupolemia, E. azora, E. gynaea, E. cleodora, E. argiope, E. stilbe, E. phillone, E. cachrys, E. anapis, E. tytius, E. tutana, E. manthus, E. arthemon, E. isala, E. thersandra, E. epone, E. pentheus, E. ephynes, E. eumenus, E. lypheus, E. iodice, E. rhodia, E. tisis, E. ulricus, E. hiria, E. amesis, E. timandra, E. zachea, E. acanthus, E. epalia, E. nicon, E. pherephatte, E. electron, Polyommatus gabriel, P. cinnis, P. ceranus, P. dolilus, P. strophius, P. sphinx, P. cithonius, P. ergeus, P. nebis, P. megarus, P. gabelus, P. jebus, P. calus, P. hugon, P. gabinus, P. dumenilii, P. bazochii, P. ochsenheimerii, Barbicornis basilis, genus Pavonia, Papilio serville, P. coresilaus, P. ascalus, Colias clorinde, Pieris cronissa, P. melia, Argynnis teletusa, A. flavia, Vanessa caelina, V. sophronia, V. amycla, Biblis antholia, Eumenia (new genus) toxea; Neotropics]

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