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Hall, Peter W.

2002. The giant Jamaica swallowtail (Papilio homerus F.) - Going, going... Biodiversity 3(1): 21-22, 4 figs. (February) [host plant; behavior; conservation]

Hall, Stephen K.

1996. Behaviour and natural history of Greta oto in captivity (Lepi-doptera: Nymphalidae: Ithomiinae). Tropical Lepidoptera 7(2): 161-165, 19 figs. (30 December) [egg, larva, pupa, imago; host plant]

Hallberg, Eric, and Guy Poppy

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Hallinan, Thomas

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1925. See Shoemaker, E. & T. Hallinan, 1925.

Hallman, Guy

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1979c. Importancia de algunas relaciones naturales plantas-artrópodos en la agricultura de la zona cálida del Tolima central. Revista colombiana de Entomología 5(3/4): 19-26, 4 figs., 2 tabs. (July-December) [general; host plants; parasitoids; Colombia]

1984. Artrópodos asociados con la soya en el Tolima. Revista colombiana de Entomología 9(1/4): 55-59, 2 figs., 1 tab. [Urbanus proteus (Linnaeus); Colombia]

1985. See Rodríguez, C. E. et al., 1985.

Hallwachs, Winifred

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2004. See Hebert, P. D. N. et al., 2004.

Halpern, Sue

1998. A fragile kingdom. Audubon 100(2): 36-44, 99-101, figs. (March-April) [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); migration; conservation; Mexico]

2001. Four wings and a prayer. Caught in the mystery of the Monarch Butterfly. New York, Pantheon Books. [viii] + 213 pp., figs. [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); ecology; Mexico]

Hamel, Dennis R. [ -1991]

1991. Atlas of insects on stamps of the world. Falls Church, Tico Press. xvii + 738 pp., figs. [general]

Hammond, Cyril Oswald

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Hammond, Paul C.

1986. A rebuttal to the Arnold classification of Speyeria callippe (Nymphalidae) and defense of the subspecies concept. Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 24(3): 197-208, 1 tab. (1 April) [Mexico]

1991. Patterns of geographic variation and evolution in polytypic butterflies. Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 29(1/2): 54-76, 5 figs., 1 tab. (31 December) [general]

1995. See New, T. R. et al., 1995.

Hammond, Paul C., and David V. McCorkle

1996. Swallowtail Butterflies - Their ecology and evolutionary biology. J. M. Scriber, Y. Tsukaki, and R. C. Lederhouse [eds.]. 1995. Annals of the entomological Society of America 89(1): 154-155 (January) [book review]

Hammond, Paul C., and George O. Poinar, Jr.

1998. A larval brush-footed butterfly (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in Dominican amber, with a summary of fossil Nymphalidae. Entomologica scandinavica 29(3): 275-279, 3 figs., 1 tab. (November)

Hammond, Peter M.

2003. See Basset, Y. et al., 2003.

Hampson, George Francis [1860-1936]

1892. On stridulation in certain Lepidoptera, and on the distortion of the hind wings in the males of certain Ommatophorinae. Proceedings of the zoological Society of London 1892(2): 188-193, 6 figs. (1 August) [Ageronia spp., Eunica margarita (Godart)]

1893. The click of Ageronia. Psyche (Cambridge) 6(207): 491, 1 fig. (July) [A. arethusa (Cramer); morphology]

1904. See Heron, F. A. & G. F. Hampson, 1904.

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1918. Some small families of the Lepidoptera which are not included in the key to the families in the catalogue of Lepidoptera Phalaenae, a list of the families and subfamilies of the Lepidoptera, with their types and a key to the families. Novitates zoologicae 25(2): 366-394 (20 November) [general]

Han, Shi-Chou

2002. See Li, L.-Y. et al., 2002.

2003. See Li, Z.-G. et al., 2003.

2004a. See Li, Z.-G. et al., 2004a.

2004b. See Li, Z.-G. et al., 2004b.

Hancock, David Lawrence [1950- ]

1979. The systematic position of Papilio anactus Macleay (Lepi-doptera: Papilionidae). Australian entomological Magazine 6(3): 49-53, 4 figs., 1 tab. (September) [Pterourus, Heraclides; Neotropics]

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1996. Swallowtail butterflies of the Americas: A study in biological dynamics, ecological diversity, biosystematics, and conservation by Hamilton Tyler, Keith S. Brown Jr and Kent Wilson. 1994. Australian Entomologist 23(4): 132 (20 December) [general; book review]

Hancock, E. Geoffrey

1991. See Dance, S. P. & E. G. Hancock, 1991.

1995. Handkerchiefs in Trinidad and Tobago (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Bulletin of the amateur Entomologists' Society 54(399): 36-37 (10 April) [Phyciodes leucodesma (C. Felder & R. Felder), Dynamine arene (Hübner)]

Hancock, George L. R. [ -1940]

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Handschin, Eduard [1894-1962]

1949. See Linsenmaier, W. & E. Handschin, 1949.

Hanks, Alan J., and Donald P. Wright, Jr.

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Hannah-Alava, Aloha

1960. Genetic mosaics. Scientific American 202(5): 118-130, figs. (May) [Chlorippe seraphina (Hübner); gynandromorphs]

Hannemann, Hans-Joachim [1925- ]

1956. Über ptero-tarsal Stridulation und einige andere Arten der Lauterzeugnung bei Lepidopteren. Deutsche entomolo-gische Zeitschrift (N.F.) 3(1): 14-27, 16 figs. (15 April) [Hamadryas spp.]

1970. Schmetterlinge. Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 19(2/3): 164-165, 320, 6 figs. [general; on Berlin Museum collections]

Hanscom, Thomas

2003. See Toone, W. D. & T. Hanscom, 2003.

Hanscom, Thomas, and William D. Toone

1995. Economic independence and conservation in the tropics. Wings 18(1): 3-5, 2 figs. [general]

Hansen, A. Katie

2003. See MacDougal, J. M. & A. K. Hansen, 2003.

Hansen, Lars Ove

1989. Monarksommerfuglens fantastiske trekk. Insekt-Nytt 14(4): 9-18, 18 figs. [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); migration; Mexico]

Hanski, Ilkka

2004a. See Murphy, D. D. et al., 2004.

2004b. See Wahlberg, N. et al., 2004.

2004c. See Ehrlich, P. R. et al., 2004.

Hanski, Ilkka, and Paul Ralph Ehrlich

2004. A look to the future, pp. 301-305, 2 figs. In: Ehrlich, P. R. & I. Hanski (Eds.), On the wings of checkerspots. A model system for population biology. Oxford, Oxford University Press. ([25 March]) [general]

Hanson, David J.

2002. See Carter, G. et al., 2002.

2003. See Warren, A. D. et al., 2003.

2004. See Warren, A. D. et al., 2004.

Hanson, David J., Edward C. Knudson and Charles Bordelon, Jr.

2003. Phocides belus Godman & Salvin (Hesperiidae), new to US and Texas with a review of Phocides & similar species of the USA and northern Mexico. News of the Lepidopterists' Society 45(2): 41-43, 8 figs. (15 July) [general]

Hanson, Paul

2000. Lepidoptera: Moths and butterflies. Introduction, p. 118. In: Nadkarni, N. M. & N. T. Wheelwright (Eds.), Monteverde. Ecology and conservation of a tropical cloud forest. New York, Oxford University Press. [general; Costa Rica]

Hanson, Terence C.

1974. Notes on Brazilian Lepidoptera. Bulletin of the amateur Entomologists' Society 33(303): 82-84 (May) [Papilio spp.; host plants; larvae, imagines; behavior; ecology]

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Happe, Andreas Friedrich [1733-1802]

*1783-85. Abbildungen der Schmetterlinge aus den 3 Welttheilen Asia, Africa und America aus der holländischen Ausgabe des Herrn Cramer ins Teutsche übersetzt nach der Eintheilung des Ritters Linné. Berlin. 1: [1-2], 3-4 pp., 8 pls. (30 April 1783); 2: [1-2], 3-6 pp., 8 pls. (August 1783); 3: [2] pp., 7 pls. (1784-1785) [German ed. of Cramer, 1775-1782; incomplete; known only from one copy]

Hara, Hiroshi

1999. [In quest of the legend butterfly. Colias imperialis. Colias ponteni] [In Japanese]. Kanagawa, Author. 96 pp., figs. [Chile, Argentina]

[2000]. Una mariposa de leyenda. Colias imperialis - Colias ponteni. Mariposas del Mundo 5: 11-12, 2 figs., 4 tabs. [Chile]

2003a. The correct original spelling and date of Colias vauthierii by authorship (Lepidoptera: Pieridae). Wallace 8: 59-66, pl. 7, 6 figs. (28 February) [Chile, Argentina]

2003b. The specimens of legendary butterfly Colias ponteni and its (?) pupa discovered in Sweden (Lepidoptera: Pieridae). Wallace 8: 67-76, 11 figs., 1 tab. (28 February) [Chile, Argentina]

Hara, Masayuki

1978. [A butterfly collecting tour to Peru].[In Japanese]. Chô Chô 1(9): 12-37, figs. (September) [general]

Harada, A. Y.

1983. See Rafael, J. A. & A. Y. Harada, 1983.

Harbison, Charles Francis [1904- ]

1957. A new species of Megathymus from Baja California, Mexico (Lepidoptera: Megathymidae). Transactions of the San Diego Society of Natural History 12(12): 231-262, pls. 18-21 (15 March) [M. comstocki; host plant; morphology]

1963. A second new species of megathymid from Baja California, Mexico (Lepidoptera: Megathymidae). Transactions of the San Diego Society of Natural History 13(4): 61-71, 4 figs., 1 tab. (30 June) [Agathymus dawsoni; host plant; morpho-logy]

Harcourt, Caroline S., and Jeffrey A. Sayer

1996. The conservation atlas of tropical forests. The Americas. New York, Simon & Schuster. i-viii, 9-335, figs., tabs., maps [general; Neotropics]

Harcourt, D. G.

1976. See Aragón, J. & D. G. Harcourt, 1976.

Hardmann, Samuel

1935. Como combater as "lagartas dos coqueiros". Chácaras e Quintais (São Paulo) 52(1): 57, 1 fig. (15 July) [Brassolis astyra Godart, B. sophorae (Linnaeus); Brazil]

Hardwick, David Francis [1924-2001]

1964. See Beier, M. W. P. et al., 1964.

Hardy, Dan H.

2004. Palamedes swallowtails in the Texas Hill Country. News of the Lepidopterists' Society 46(1): 5-7, 4 figs. (1 April) [Papilio palamedes leontis Rothschild & Jordan); Mexico]

Hardy, Robert William Hale [?1794-1871]

1829. Travels in the interior of Mexico, in 1825, 1826, 1827, & 1828. London, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley. xiv + 540 pp., 7 pls., 3 figs., 1 map [remarks on nests of Eucheira socialis Westwood]

Harland, S. C.

1915a. Notes on Trichogramma minutum (pretiosa). West Indian Bulletin 15(3): 168-175 (28 April) [Eudamus proteus (Linnaeus), Calpodes ethlius (Cramer); parasitoids; St. Vincent]

1915b. Insect pests of Lima beans in St. Vincent. Agricultural News (Barbados) 14(352): 346-347 (23 October), (353): 363 (6 November) [Eudamus proteus (Linnaeus); host plants; parasitoids]

1917. Special entomological investigations. Report on the agricul-tural Department (St. Vincent) 1916/17: 10-11 [Calpodes ethlius (Cramer), Eudamus proteus (Linnaeus); parasitoids; St. Vincent]

Harley, Ken L. S.

1974. Biological control of Lantana in Australia. Miscellaneous Publication. Commonwealth Institute of biological Control 8: 23-29, 2 tabs. (June) [Thecla agra Hewitson]

Harley, Ken L. S., John Gillett, John A. Winder, Wendy Forno, Ricardo Segura, Hugo Miranda and Richard Kassulke

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Harold, Edgar von [1830-1886]

1879. Nomenklatorisches. Stettiner entomologische Zeitung 40(4/6): 237-246 (mid April) [Pieris vanvolxemii Capron-nier; Argentina]

Harper, Lee H.

1986. See Lovejoy, T. E. et al., 1986.

Harris, A. C.

1982. Notes on introduced Lepidoptera associated with bananas in New Zealand. New Zealand Entomologist 7(3): 329-332, 2 figs. (January) [Opsiphanes tamarindi Felder & Felder, O. cassina Felder & Felder]

Harris, W. Victor

1927. On a lycaenid butterfly attacking pineapples in Trinidad. Bulletin of entomological Research 18(2): 183-188, pls. 7-8 ([7] December) [Tmolus echion (Linnaeus)]

Harrison, James O.

1963a. On the biology of three banana insect pests in Costa Rica (Lepidoptera: Limacodidae, Nymphalidae). Annals of the entomological Society of America 56(1): 87-94, 3 pls., 1 tab. (15 January) [Caligo memnon (Felder & Felder), Opsiphanes tamarindi Felder & Felder; eggs, larvae, pupae, imagines; host plants; behavior; parasitoids]

1963b. The natural enemies of some banana insect pests in Costa Rica. Journal of economic Entomology 56(3): 282-285, 4 tabs. (15 June) [Caligo memnon (Felder & Felder), Opsiphanes tamarindi Felder & Felder; parasitoids]

1964. Factors affecting the abundance of Lepidoptera in banana plantations. Ecology 45(3): 508-519 (July) [Caligo memnon (Felder & Felder), Opsiphanes tamarindi Felder & Felder; behavior; parasitoids, predators, diseases; Costa Rica]

Harrison, Richard G.

1994. See Sperling, F. A. H. & R. G. Harrison, 1994.

Harrison, Susan

1987. See Bowers, M. D. et al., 1987.

Hart, John Hinchley [1847-1911]

1908. Destruction of palm leaves by caterpillars. Bulletin of miscellaneous Information. Botanical Department of Trinidad 58: 47, 2 pls. (April) [Opsiphanes invirae (Hübner); host plants; larva, pupa, imago; behavior; Trinidad]

Hart, Robert

1948. Butterfly collecting in the Blue Mountains. Natural History Notes of the natural History Society of Jamaica 3(35/36): 194-195 (December) [general; Jamaica]

Hartert, Ernst Johann Otto [1859-1933]

1902. Aus den Wanderjahren eines Naturforschers. Reise nach den Inseln des caribischen Meeres. Novitates zoologicae 9(2): 273-309, figs. (25 July) [Catopsilia, Lycaenidae; St. Thomas, Curaçao]

Harth, Luciano

1946. Cultivo de la col (repollo). Informaciones del Servicio cooperativo interamericano de Producción de Alimentos (Lima) 8: 47-48, figs. [also in Ibidem 16: 19-20; February 1949] [Pieris monuste (Linnaeus); Peru]

1955. La col repollo y su cultivo. Chacra (Lima) 37: 43-44 (August-September) [Pieris monuste (Linnaeus); Peru]

Hartmann, Thomas

1991. See Trigo, J. R. et al., 1991.

1996a. See Trigo, J. R. et al., 1996.

1996b. See Freitas, A. V. L. et al., 1996.

1999. Chemical ecology of pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Planta 207: 483-495, 12 figs., 1 tab. [Ithomiinae]

2000. See Brückmann, M. et al., 2000.

Hartmann, Thomas, and Ludger Witte

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Harvey, Donald James [1951- ]

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1988. See Gilbert, L. E. et al., 1988.

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1996. See Robbins, R. K. et al., 1996.

[1997]. See Lamas, G. et al., 1997.

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2001a. See Hall, J. P. W. & D. J. Harvey, 2001a.

2001b. See Hall, J. P. W. & D. J. Harvey, 2001b.

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2002c. See Hall, J. P. W. & D. J. Harvey, 2002c.

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2002e. See Hall, J. P. W. & D. J. Harvey, 2002e.

2004a. See Hall, J. P. W., R. K. Robbins et al., 2004.

2004b. See Hall, J. P. W., D. J. Harvey et al., 2004.

2004c. See Hall, J. P. W. & D. J. Harvey, 2004.

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