Bibliography of butterflies

Meck, H. R. 1970. See Brower, L. P. et al., 1970. Medal, J. C

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Meck, H. R.

1970. See Brower, L. P. et al., 1970.

Medal, J. C.

2002. See Olckers, T. et al., 2002.

Medal, J. C., R. Charudattan, J. J. Mullahey and R. A. Pitelli

1996. An exploratory insect survey of tropical soda apple in Brazil and Paraguay. Florida Entomologist 79(1): 70-73, 1 tab. (15 March) [Mechanitis lysimnia (Fabricius); host plant; Brazil]

Medal, J. C., D. E. Gandolfo, R. A. Pitelli, A. Santana, J. P. Cuda and D. L. Sudbrink

2000. Progress and prospects for biological control of Solanum viarum Dunal in the USA, pp. 627-631, 1 tab. In: Spencer, N. R. (Ed.), Proceedings of the X international Symposium on biological Control of weeds. Bozeman, Montana State University. [Thecla? sp., Mechanitis lysimnia (Fabricius); host plants; South America]

Medan, Diego

2003. Reproductive biology of the Andean shrub Discaria nana (Rhamnaceae). Plant Biology 5(1): 94-102, 1 fig., 2 tabs. (January) [Pseudolucia charlotte Bálint & Johnson, Issoria lathonioides (Blanchard), Phulia nymphula (Blanchard), Chilanella stelligera (Butler); pollination; Argentina]

Medan, Diego, Norberto H. Montaldo, Mariano Devoto, Anita Mantese, Viviana Vasellati, Germán G. Roitman and Norberto H. Bartoloni

2002. Plant-pollinator relationships at two altitudes in the Andes of Mendoza, Argentina. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 34(3): 233-241, 4 figs., 6 tabs. (August) [general]

Medan, Diego, and Graciela Ponessa

2003. Movement-assisted dichogamy in Atamisquea emarginata (Capparaceae). Plant Systematics and Evolution 236(3/4): 195-205 (February) [general; pollination; Argentina]

Medeiros, Alex Giovanny de Barros

1992. See Zanuncio, J. C. et al., 1992.

Medel, Rodrigo, Carezza Botto-Mahan and Mary T. Kalin Arroyo

2003. Pollinator-mediated selection on the nectar guide phenotype in the Andean monkey flower, Mimulus luteus. Ecology 84(7): 1721-1732, 5 figs., 2 tabs. (July) [Tatochila mercedis (Eschscholtz); Chile]

Medianero, Enrique

2004. See Van Bael, S. A. et al., 2004.

Medina, Mirian Cecilia, Robert Kanner Robbins and Gerardo Lamas

1996. Vertical stratification of flight by ithomiine butterflies (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) at Pakitza, Manu National Park, Perú, pp. 211-216, 3 tabs. In: Wilson, D.E. & A. Sandoval (Eds.), Manu. The biodiversity of southeastern Peru. Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Institution ([Decem-ber]) [general]

Medina, Silverio

1974. See García, J. G. et al., 1974.

Medina, Silverio, Frederick D. Bennett, Rosa A. Franqui and Alejandro Segarra

1994. New records of, and notes on, insects (Insecta) from Puerto Rico. Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 78(3/4): 181-186 (July-October) [Dismorphia amphione spio (Godart); parasitoid]

Medina, Silverio, and Luis F. Martorell

1974. The Insects of Caja de Muertos Island, Puerto Rico. Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 58(2): 244-272 (April) [general]

Meerburg[h], Nicolaas [1734 1814]

1775 80. Afbeeldingen van zeldzaame Gewassen. Leyden, Johannes Le Mair. [24] pp., 50 pls. [pls. 1-10 (10 November 1775), 11-20 (June 1776), 21-30 (May 1777), 31-40 (December 1777), 41-50 (December 1780)] [new species: Papilio orestes, P. polyxena, P. sectator]

1789. Plantae rariores vivis coloribus depictae. Lugduni Batavorum, Jacobo Meerburg. [27] pp., 55 pls. [general]

Meerman, Jan C.

1996. See Emmons, K. M. & J. C. Meerman, 1996.

1999. Lepidoptera of Belize. Tropical Lepidoptera 10(Suppl. 1): [i], 1-61, 1 fig., 6 tabs., 1 map ("30 November" [2 December]) [general]

Meerman, Jan C., and Tineke Boomsma

1993. Checklist of the butterflies of the Shipstern Nature Reserve. Occasional Papers of the Belize natural History Society 2(3): 37-46, 1 fig. [general; Belize]

1997. Urania fulgens and other Lepidoptera migrations in Belize, Central America. News of the Lepidopterists' Society 39(1): 8-9, 1 fig. (15 March) [general]

Megerle, Johann Karl [1765 1840]

1803a. Catalogus insectorum quae Viennae Austriae die 28. Novembris 1803. auctionis lege distrahuntur. Wien, J. V. Degen. [36] pp. [sales' catalogue; new name: Papilio druryi] [suppressed; ICZN, Opinion 1710]

1803b. Appendix ad catalogum insectorum, quae mense Novembris MDCCCII. Viennae Austriae auctionis lege. Wien, J. V. Degen. [18] pp. [sales' catalogue; general] [suppressed; ICZN, Opinion 1710]

1804a. Catalogus insectorum, quae Viennae Austriae die XX. et sequentibus Septembris MDCCCIV. auctionis lege distrahun­tur. Wien, J. V. Degen. [24] pp. [sales' catalogue; general] [suppressed; ICZN, Opinion 1710]

1804b. Appendix ad catalogus insectorum, quae mense Septembris MDCCCIV. Viennae Austriae auctionis lege vendita fuere. Wien, J. V. Degen. [12] pp. [sales' catalogue; general] [suppressed; ICZN, Opinion 1710]

1805. Catalogus insectorum, quae Viennae Austriae die Junii MDCCCV. auctionis lege distrahuntur. Wien, J. V. Degen. [25] pp. [sales' catalogue; general] [suppressed; ICZN, Opinion 1710]

Meier-Ramel, Bernard [1894-1973]

1928. Description de formes nouvelles ou peu connues. Encyclo-pédie entomologique (B) 3(2): 61-66, pls. 6-7 (30 May) [Dismorphia pintharus-proxima individual form obscura, Argyrogramma amazonica, A. trochilia boyi, Helicopis cupido individual form incerta; Brazil]

Meijere, Johannes Cornelis Hendrik de [1866-1947]

1916. Zur Zeichnung des Insekten-, im besondern des Dipteren-und Lepidopterenflügels. Tijdschrift voor Entomologie 59(1/2): 55-147 (1 June) [general]

Meineke, Johann H. Friedrich [1745-1825]

1776. Versuch einer natürlichen Eintheilung der Schmetterlinge. Beschäftigungen der berlinischen Gesellschaft naturfor-schender Freunde 2: 420-445. [general]

Meinert, Frederik Vilhelm August [1833 1912]

1892. Traek af insektlivet i Venezuela. Entomologiske Meddelel­ser 3(3): 125 144, (4): 145 166. [Morpho teucer (Linnaeus), M. menelaus (Linnaeus), Papilio zacynthus Fabricius]

Meinwald, Jerrold [1927- ]

1970. See Eisner, T. et al., 1970.

1971. See Eisner, T. et al., 1971.

1987. See Eisner, T. & J. Meinwald, 1987.

1989. See Miyakado, M. et al., 1989.

2004. See Eisner, T. et al., 2004.

Meinwald, Jerrold, and Yvonne C. Meinwald

1966. Structure and synthesis of the major components in the hairpencil secretion of a male butterfly, Lycorea ceres ceres (Cramer). Journal of the american chemical Society 88(6): 1305 1310 (20 March) [behavior; biochemistry; Trinidad]

Meinwald, Jerrold, Yvonne C. Meinwald and P. H. Mazzocchi.

1969. Sex pheromone of the queen butterfly: chemistry. Science 164(3884): 1174 1175, 1 fig. (6 June) [Danaus gilippus berenice (Cramer), D. g. strigosus (Bates); biochemistry; Neotropics]

Meinwald, Jerrold, Yvonne C. Meinwald, J. W. Wheeler, Thomas

Eisner and Lincoln Pierson Browner

1966. Major components in the exocrine secretion of a male butterfly (Lycorea). Science 151(3710): 583 585, 1 fig. (4 February) [L. ceres ceres (Cramer); biochemistry; Trinidad]

Meinwald, Yvonne C.

1966a. See Meinwald, J. et al., 1966.

1966b. See Meinwald, J. & Y. C. Meinwald, 1966.

1969. See Meinwald, J. et al., 1969.

1971. See Eisner, T. et al., 1971.

Meitner, C. J., Lincoln Pierson Brower and Andrew K. Davis

2004. Migration patterns and environmental effects of stopover of monarch butterflies (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae) at Peninsula Point, Michigan. Environmental Entomology 33(2): 249-256, 5 figs., 2 tabs. (April) [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); migration; Mexico]

Mejía, Carlos Arturo [1943- ]

1995. Fauna de la Serranía de La Macarena. Bogotá, Amazonas Editores, Ltda. 176 pp., figs. [general; Colombia]

Mejía, Fernando

1972. See Martorell, L. F. et al., 1972.

Mejía, Kember

[1997]. See Vásquez, J. et al., 1997.

Melander, Axel Leonard [1878 1962]

1932. See Brues, C. T. & A. L. Melander, 1932.

Meldola, Raphael [1849 1915]

1882. Mimicry between butterflies of protected genera. Annals and Magazine of natural History (5)10(60): 417 425 (1 December) [general]

1884. Entomological notes from Brazil. Proceedings of the entomological Society of London 1883(5): xxiii xxv, 1 fig. (20 February) [general]

Melgarejo, Erika Daniela

2002. See Brower, L. P. et al., 2002.

2003. See Bojórquez, L. A. et al., 2003.

Melin, Douglas Edvard [1895 1946]

1929. I Amazonas urskogar. Skildringar fran en forskningsfard i Brasilien. Uppsala och Stockholm, Almqvist & Wiksells Boktryckeri A.B. 197 pp., 8 pls., 130 figs., 2 maps. [general]

1931. På Andernas ostsluttning. Skildringar fran en forsksnings-fard i Peru. Uppsala, J. A. Lindblads. 253 pp., 115 figs., 1 map. [general]

Mellander, Jonas [1805-1833]

1823. Fauna Americae meridionalis [Thesis]. Upsaliae, Palmblad et C. 3: [iv] + 12 pp. (16 June) [general]

Mellini, Egidio, and Massimo Verenini

1986. Note di biologia sugli insetti delle aree semiaride dell'Alto-piano Boliviano all'inizio della stagione estiva. Bolletino dell'Istituto di Entomologia "Guido Grandi" della Università degli Studi di Bologna 40: 185-214, 14 figs. [general; ecology]

Melo, Antonio Barbosa de

2003. See Raimundo, R. L. G. et al., 2003.

Melville, Richard V.

1975. Comment on the proposal to conserve the family group name Riodinidae (Insecta: Lepidoptera). Bulletin of zoological Nomenclature 32(1): 11, 16 (27 March)

Memmott, J.

1999. See Godfray, H. C. J. et al., 1999.

Mendes, A. Castro

1974. See Guagliumi, P. & A. C. Mendes, 1974.

Mendes, Cirilo

1979. See Sales, F. M. et al., 1979.

Mendes, Luiz Octavio Teixeira [1908- ]

1938. Relação dos insetos encontrados sôbre plantas do Estado de São Paulo nos anos de 1936 1937. Revista de Agricultura (Piracicaba) 13(10/12): 482 490 (October-December) [also in Boletim técnico. Instituto agronômico do Estado (Campinas) 53: 1 10; 1939] [Danaus erippus (Cramer); host plants; Brazil]

1960. Sôbre a ocorrência de alguns inimigos naturais de insetos. Anais da Academia brasileira de Ciências 31(4): 577 585 ("31 December 1959", 1960) [general; parasitoids; Brazil]

Méndez, Claudio

1996. See Austin, G. T. et al., 1996.

1999. See Austin, G. T. et al., 1999.

Méndez, Eustorgio [1927- ], and Byron N. Chaniotis

1984. Consideraciones sobre la problemática de los lepidópteros urticantes y venenosos en Panamá. Revista médica de Panamá 9: 230 235, 4 figs. [Morphinae, Nymphalidae]

Méndez, J. Tulio

1995. See Cibrián, D. et al., 1995.

Mendonça, Artur F., Filho

1972. Insetos observados nos canaviais do Estado de Alagoas Brasil, durante o ano de 1971. Anais da Sociedade entomológica do Brasil 1(1): 25 41. [Panoquina sp.]

Mendonça, Nelson Teixeira de

1990. See Bergmann, E. C. et al., 1990.

Mendoza, Norma P.

1986. See Calvert, W. H. et al., 1986.

Meneses, Alba

2000. See Abimelec, N. & A. Meneses, 2000.

Ménétriés, Edouard [1802 1861]

1829. Observations sur quelques lépidoptères du Brésil. Nouveaux Mémoires de la Société impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou 7: 181 196, pls. 5 7. [general; ecology; behavior; host plants; larvae, pupae, imagines; new species: Castnia langsdorfii, Hesperia bifasciata]

1832. Catalogue de quelques lépidoptères des Antilles avec la description de plusieurs espèces nouvelles. Bulletin de la Société impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou 5: 291 316 [general; Papilio augias, Colias midea, C. euterpe, C. hyona, Argynnis jaegeri, A. teleboas, Nymphalis zetes, N. torrebia, Satyrus archebates]

1834. Notice sur quelques lépidoptères des Antilles avec la description de plusieurs espèces nouvelles. Nouveaux Mémoires de la Société impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou 9: 113 133, pls. 10 11. [general]

1855 57. Enumeratio corporum animalium Musei Imperialis Academiae Scientiarum Petropolitanae. Classis insecto-rum. Ordo lepidopterorum. Petropoli, Eggers et Soc.; Lipsiae, Leop. Voss. 1: xv + 1 66 + 67 97 + [2] pp., pls. 1 6 (December 1855); 2: vi + 67 112 + [2] + 99 144 + [2] pp., pls. 7 14 (September 1857) [general; new species: Terias jaegeri, T. hecabeoides, T. aesiope, Heliconia demophoon, Melitaea theona, Apatura callianira, Siderone ellops, Lyropteryx cephise, Symmachia castalia, Emesis fastidiosa, Nymphidium erymanthus, Charis sylvestra, Mesosemia coelestina, Limnas melantho, L. erythrus, Pyrrhopyga scylla, P. socrates, P. variicolor, Goniuris evenus, G. decussata, Heterochroa ephesa, Papilio cinyras, Heliconia besckei, H. vicina, Eueides anaxa, E. hubneri, E. pavana, Catagramma thamyras, Heterochroa arete, Cystineura amymone; Haiti, Nicaragua, Brazil, Mexico]

1858. Antikritik. Stettiner entomologische Zeitung 19(4/6): 137-148 (April June) [general; Neotropics]

Menezes, Ayres de Oliveira Jr.

2002. See Antunes, F. F. et al., 2002.

Menezes, C.

1975. See Veiga, A. F. de S. L. et al., 1975.

Menezes, Euripedes B.

2002. See Aguiar-Menezes, E. de L. et al., 2002.

Mengel, Levi Walter Scott [1868 1941]

1894. Description of a new species of Myscelia from western Mexico. Entomological News 5(3): 96 ([28 February]) [M. skinneri]

1899. Four new species of butterflies from South America. Entomological News 10(6): 166 168, pl. 5 (June) [Epiphile zipa, Archonias xeque, Mesosemia yaporogosa, Siseme nigrescens; Colombia]

1902. Four new species of butterflies from South America. Ento-mological News 13(6): 176 178, pl. 8 (June) [Anatole modesta, Apodemia ochracea, Baeotis bifasciata, Necyria gerhardi; Paraguay, Peru]

1905. A catalogue of the Erycinidae. A family of butterflies. With the synonymy brought down to July 1, 1904. Reading. 161 pp. (May) [general; Neotropics]

1913a. A new erycinid from South America (Lepid.). Entomological News 24(3): 112, 1 fig. (28 February) [Hermathena quin-quemaculata; Colombia]

1913b. A new erycinid from South America (Lepid.). Entomological News 24(7): 316-317, 3 figs. (30 June) [Chamaelimnas propinquus; Colombia]

1916. New Lepidoptera from South America. Entomological News 27(9): 423-424 ("November", [31 October]) [Catagramma horstii, Perisama inconspicua; Bolivia, Colombia]

1919. A new Perisama from South America (Lepid., Rhop.). Entomological News 30(7): 181-182, pl. 8 (30 June) [P. sinerubra; Bolivia]

Menna-Barreto, Ymara, and Aldo Mellender de Araújo

1985. Evidence for host plant preferences in Heliconius erato phyllis from southern Brazil (Nymphalidae). Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 24(1): 41-46, 1 fig., 3 tabs. (15 September)

Menon, K. P. V., and K. M. Pandalai

1958. The Coconut Palm. A Monograph. Ernakulam, India, Indian Central Coconut Committee. xvi + 384 pp., 150 figs., 57 tabs. [Brassolis sophorae (Linnaeus)]

Menzel, Peter

1983. Butterfly armies are now under guard in annual bivouac. Smithsonian 14(8): 174-181. [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); migration; conservation; Mexico]

Menzel, Peter, and Faith D'Aluisio

1998. Man eating bugs. The art and science of eating insects. Berkeley, Ten Speed Press. 192 pp., figs. [general]

Menzel, R.

1975. Colour receptors in insects, pp. 121-153, 17 figs. In: Horridge, G. A. (Ed.), The compound eye and vision of insects. Oxford, Clarendon Press. [Heliconius]

Merbel, Valerie

1982. Host plant finding and oviposition behavior of Ithomia heraldica Bates (Lepidoptera: Ithomiidae) at Monteverde. Brenesia (San José) 19/20: 369-372, 1 tab. (November) [Costa Rica]

Mercado, Elba

1956. Insectos de Bolivia en la colección de la Estación Experimental Agrícola de Cochabamba. Publicación espe-cial. Servicio agrícola interamericano (La Paz) 21: 1-13. [general]

Merian, Maria Sibylla [1647-1717]

1705. Metamorphosis insectorum surinamensium. In qua erucae ac vermes surinamenses, cum omnibus suis transfor-mationibus, ad vivum delineantur et describuntur, singulis eorum in plantas, flores et fructus collocatis, in quibus reperta sunt; tunc etiam generatio ranarum, bufonum rariorum, lacertarum, serpentum, araneorum et formicarum exhibetur; omnia in America ad vivum naturali magnitudine picta atque descripta. Amstelodami, Gerard Valk. [iv] + 60 pp., 60 pls. [a simultaneous printing in Dutch, 1705; Ed. 2, in Latin and Dutch, Amstelodami, Johann Oosterwynk. [viii] + 72 pp., 72 pls., frontisp., 1719; Ed. 3 in Latin and French, Den Haag, Petrum Gosse. [xii] + 72 pp., 72 pls., 1726; Ed. 4 in Dutch, Amsterdam, Jean Frederic Bernard. [viii] + 51 pp., 72 pls., 1730; Ed. 5, see Buchoz, P. J., 1771] [1991 facs. reprint, edited by Helmut Deckert. Frank­furt, Insel Verlag. 164 pp., 60 pls.] [general; host plants; larvae, pupae, imagines]

1976. Schmetterlinge, Käfer und andere Insekten. (Butterflies, Beetles and other insects). Leningrad Book of Notes and Studies. [Edited by Wolf-Dietrich Beer.] Leipzig, Acta Humaniora. VCH-Verlagsgesellschaft, Weinheim (1985 Ed.). 1: 120 pls.; 2: 470 pp. [general; larvae, imagos; Surinam]

1980. Metamorphosis insectorum surinamensium. London, Pion Limited. [facsimile of the 1705 ed.] [general]

1982. Metamorphosis insectorum surinamensium of de Verandering der Surinaamse Insecten. Zutphen, De Walburg Pers. [144] pp., 60 pls. [reprint of the 1705 ed.; introduction by C. Schriks & P. A. van der Laan] [general]

Merino, Gualberto, and Víctor Vásquez

1962. Identificación de algunas de las nuevas especies de insectos coleccionadas en Ecuador en el lapso: mayo 1957 - julio 1962. Boletín técnico. Servicio cooperativo interamericano de Agricultura (Quito) 7: 1-35 (December) [Leptophobia aripa (Boisduval); host plant]

Merino, Leticia

1999a. Sustainability and development. Introduction, pp. 231-232. In: Hoth, J., L. Merino, K. S. Oberhauser, I. Pisanty, S. Price & T. Wilkinson (Eds.), 1997 North American Conference on the Monarch Butterfly. Montréal, Commission for Environmental Cooperation. [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); conservation; Mexico]

1999b. Reserva Especial de la Biosfera Mariposa Monarca: problemática general de la región, pp. 239-248. In: Hoth, J., L. Merino, K. S. Oberhauser, I. Pisanty, S. Price & T. Wilkinson (Eds.), 1997 North American Conference on the Monarch Butterfly. Montréal, Commission for Environmental Cooperation. [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); conservation; Mexico]

Mérit, Xavier C.

1990. Notes brèves sur quelques Nymphalides d'Iguaçu (Brésil) (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae). Alexanor 16(6): 351-352 (31 October) [general]

Merritt, Ernest George [1865-1948]

1925. A spectrophotometric study of certain cases of structural color. Journal of the optical Society of America. Review of scientific Instruments 11(2): 93-98, 4 figs. (August) [Morpho menelaus (Linnaeus)]

Merwin, W. S.

1996. The winter palace. Orion Nature Quarterly 15(1): 44-53, figs. [Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus); ecology; behavior; Mexico]

Méry, Benoît

1994. Biologie d'Eurytides harmodius xeniades (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae). Insectes 94(3): 17-18, 3 figs., 1 tab. [egg, larva, pupa; host plant; behavior; Ecuador]

Mesa, Francisco

1941. See Bertelli, J. C. & F. Mesa, 1941.

Mesquita, Antonio Lindemberg Martins

1978a. See Bastos, J. A. M. et al., 1978a.

1978b. See Bastos, J. A. M. et al., 1978b.

1979. See Lopes, L. de O. et al., 1979.

Mesquita, Antonio Lindemberg Martins, and Elio José Alves

1984. Lepidópteros desfolhadores de banana e seus inimigos naturais. Comunicado técnico EMBRAPA 3: 1-3 (May) [Caligo brasiliensis (C. Felder), Opsiphanes invirae (Hübner); life histories; parasitoids; Brazil]

Mestre, Nereida

2004. See Hidalgo-Gato, M. M. et al., 2004.

Meuschen, Friedrich Christian [1719-1811]

1778. Mvsevm Gronovianvm sive Index rervm natvralivm tam mammalivm amphibiorvm piscivm insectorvm conchyliorvm zoophytorvm plantarvm et mineralivm exqvisitissimorvm qvam arte factarvm nonnvllarvm. Inter qvae eminet herbarivs siccvs plantarvm a Tovrnefortio Claitonio Linnaeo aliisqve botanicis collectarvm. Qvae omnia mvlta cvra et magnis svmptibvs sibi comparavit vir amplissimvs & celeberrimvs Lavr. Theod. Gronovivs. Lugduni Batavorum, Theodor Haak & Socios. vi + 231 pp. (7 October) [general]

1781. Index continens nomina generica specierum propria ut et synonyma. Lugduni Batavorum. [19] pp. [In: Gronov, P. B., 1763-1781] [see ICZN, 1954d] [general]

1787. Mvsevm Geversianvm sive Index rervm natvralivm conti-nens instrvctissimam copiam pretiosissimorvm omnis generis ex tribvs regnis natvrae objectorvm qvam dvm in vivis erat magna diligentia mvltaqve cvra comparavit vir amplissimvs Abrahamvs Gevers. Rotterodami, P. & J. Holsteyn. [4] + iv + 660 pp. (12 September) [general]

Mexzón, Ramón G.

2000. See Loría, R. et al., 2000.

Mexzón, Ramón G., and Carlos M. Chinchilla

1996. Natural enemies of harmful arthropods in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) in Tropical America. Enemigos naturales de los artrópodos perjudiciales a la palma aceitera (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) en América Tropical. ASD Oil Palm Papers 13: 9-33, 9 figs., 6 tabs. [Brassolis sophorae (Linnaeus), Opsiphanes cassina Felder & Felder; host plant; parasitoids, predators, pathogens]

Meyer, Teodoro, and Wolfgang K. Weyrauch

1966. Guía para dos excursiones biológicas en la Provincia de Tucumán. Miscelánea. Instituto Miguel Lillo 23: 1-128, 89 figs. [Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae, Hesperiidae; Argentina]

Meyers, Linda

1984. See Stimson, J. & L. Meyers, 1984.

Meyrick, Edward [1854-1938]

1922. See Aurivilius, P. O. C. et al., 1922.

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