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Bios (In Progress)

John Abbott is a writer, musician, and English instructor who lives with his wife and daughter in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Potomac Review, Georgetown Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Arcadia, Atticus Review, upstreet, Midwestern Gothic, Bitter Oleander, and many others. His poetry chapbook "There Should Be Signs Here" is forthcoming from Wormwood Chapbooks. For more information about his writing, please visit

Melina Ahmadzadeh is a 21-year-old artist attending Cal Poly Pomona. Now in her third year as a graphic design major, she is striving to create eye-catching illustrations with her semi-realistic portraits. Although she works in all ranges of mediums, pen/ink is her favorite.
Eghosa Raymond Akenbor was born from a family of four in Warri, Delta state, Nigeria. Educated in Painting and General Art from a polytechnic (Auchi polytechnic Auchi, Edo state, Nigeria) with an HND as a qualification.
Eghosa is an artist that is inspired by experimenting mediums and materials to create un-conventional art piece.

His art are of various theme and concept on landscape, portraits, mixed media and collage with mediums like oil, acrylic, gouache and found objects.

Outside painting on canvas, Eghosa is known as a textile designer who paints on cloths and a fine art teacher in a missionary secondary school. Eghosa has organized one solo exhibition show including six group exhibition and a fashion/textile show.

Catherine Bailey is pursuing her Ph.D. in English at Western Michigan University. Her creative writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Superstition Review, Poetry South, Line Zero, Scythe, Lingerpost, Rose Red Review, Broad!: A Gentlelady’s Magazine, Femspec, and other publications. A play she wrote, based on interviews with over 50 women from four countries, was produced at the University of Rochester in 2011. She has also published articles and reviews in Colloquy: Text Theory Critique, Yes! Magazine, Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, Worldchanging, and Three Percent.


Alex Brondarbit is an alumni of the English program at Cal Poly Pomona. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Winchester in the area of Medieval History. His novel, 'Loyalty Bound', based upon the reign of Richard III is available in digital format on Amazon. He likes cats.


Sarah Bryski is an undergraduate student from Ashley, Pennsylvania. She is currently majoring in English – Secondary Education and minoring in Psychology at Susquehanna University, where she is secretary of the Theta Chi chapter of Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society and co-founder of Film-Making Club.

Nina Castro is a Los Angeles based artist whose work spans various mediums (photography, video, sculpture and installation).
A San Diego native, Vanessa Christie has studied art from a young age. She studied art, among other subjects at City College before transferring to UCLA. She also studied abroad at Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy. Her art is inspired by music, poetry, mythology, the natural world and especially by imagination and dreams. Much of her work features natural material such as trees, and constructed objects such as masks. She has displayed her artwork at The Art Department, Art and Book Gallery, and at the Ivy through Raw Artists. She has also had her work accepted into juried shows at Saint Paul’s and has displayed her work with Mission Hills Artists. Her paintings are currently on display, and her art has been published in literary magazines such as City Works Press.
I am a Southern California painter favoring landscape and abstract art. You can see symbolic references to prominent impressionistic painters of the 19th century like Monet, Manet, Matisse and others and their artistic vision in my own art. Most of my paintings are mixed acrylic/oil. Although my paintings lack conventional detail, they are explicit in what they convey. Capturing the California light is extremely important to me, as I think that it is only here that you can find all these shades of green and blue that

I try to render. Reinterpreting the landscape through vibrant color and intensity and capturing the essence of a memory and a mood is of utmost importance to me. Many of my paintings are in private collections. Other paintings can be seen on my website at:

Katrina Naoko Corral is a graduating English Literature and Language major from Cal Poly Pomona. She aspires to become a Children’s book illustrator where she can seamlessly illustrate poems or scenes from her favorite writers such as John Keats and Italo Calvino. She currently lives in a small apartment in Pomona, California to call her safe haven where the imaginary mind flows and no one is penalized for their wit or creativity.
I am an international student in Cal Poly Pomona. I had learn foundational drawing in China since I was 12, and this is my second year majoring in Graphic Design.


Phillip A. Ellis is a freelance critic, poet and scholar. His chapbooks, The Flayed Man and Symptoms Positive and Negative, are available. He is working on a collection for Diminuendo Press. Another has been accepted by Hippocampus Press. He is the editor of Melaleuca. His website is at

BiJian Fan was born in Beijing, China, where he learned paper art from his grandmother. Today, BiJian resides in Camarillo, California, still creates cutting-edge paper sculpture to carry on the tradition, but his media have expanded to metal, polymer, and other materials.
BiJian is a muti-cultural and inter-disciplianry breed. He studied in China, Japan, and the USA, earned his BS and MS in Mathematics, and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Upon accomplishing a scientific career, BiJian moved on to visual art. He combines science and art, explores aesthetic and physical properties of various materials, integrates his spatial and temporal sense in sculpting, transforms 2D static material into 3D kinetic sculptures. His transformation represents an evolution in space and time.
BiJian has exhibited internationally and earned numerous recognitions. He exhibited in his hometown for 2008 Beijing Olympics. His artwork is featured in McDonald's advertisement. His local recognition includes artist spotlight of 2013 Focus on the Masters, featured artist of 2009 Ventura Artwalk and 2012 Moorpark Arts Festival.
Jeffrey Graessley is a writer from La Puente, CA. His latest poems can be found in the forthcoming Summer Anthology of Silver Birch Press. As well as Electric Windmill Press, and The Chaffey Review. His recent discovery of the BEAT generation has prompted loving and longing thoughts for that simple, drunken, far-gone time in American history.
Born in 1969, Gina Herrera was raised in Chicago and currently resides in

California. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education from the School

of the Art Institute of Chicago. In the course of her studies, she was deployed

oversees in support of several war contingencies with the United States Army.

Once her final tour was complete, she obtained her Master of Fine Arts from the

University of the Arts in Philadelphia. During her time as a graduate student, she

was awarded a Provost Fellowship, a MFA scholarship and nominated for the

Joan Mitchell MFA Foundation Award in 2012. Herrera is a current member of

the Los Angeles Art Association and InLiquid in Philadelphia. She was also a

Showcase Winner in Round 1 for Art Slant 2013.


Dr. David Garrett Izzo is an English Professor at Shaw University in Raleigh North Carolina who has published 17 books and 60 essays of literary scholarship, as well as three novels, two plays, a short story, and poems. David has published extensively on the Perennial Spiritual Philosophy of Mysticism (Vedanta) as applied to literature. He is inspired by the work of Aldous Huxley, Bruce Springsteen, his wife Carol and their five cats: Huxley, Max, Princess, Phoebe, and Luca. Two of his novels are fantasies with cats as characters: Maximus in Catland and Purring Heights.

My name is Reza Hashemizadeh and I am a Graduate of California State University Northridge with a Masters in Visual Art. I would be very honored if you would consider my art for your magazine. I am attaching the Title, Dimension, Media and year of my works along with a little snippet of what my work is about.
My work investigates the dynamics between humanity and progress, and its impact on the environment. I create collages made up entirely of recycled paper, mostly junk mail. Man-made materials and insignia of consumerism that directly correlate to endless human consumption with no regard for its outcome. The never-ending fractal-esque nature of my abstract designs are meant to replicate the very same never-ending nature of humanity's constant need to waste. The aesthetic outcomes of my hand made collages is meant as a juxtaposition of what could end up in a landfill having the potential of being something 'otherly' than just discarded waste of humanity.
Abigail Inman is an undergraduate English Literature and Language major at Cal Poly Pomona. Her passion for writing has found an outlet in her work for the Cal Poly Pomona Office of Public Affairs, her involvement with the school newspaper, and her volunteer work as a writing tutor and academic speaker for inmates with the Prison Education Project. She loves San Francisco, secret passageways, and bookbinding. She hopes to visit Japan sometime in the near future.
Jennifer Jastrab lives and works in Oakland, CA. Her artistic inquiries explore and interpret notions of place. These places can be real, imagined, remembered, and dreamed. In the role of artist - scribe, she relies upon the image making process to capture evanescent places as a poetic reverie of marks. Her work is held in private collections throughout the United States.

Ms. Jastrab received her BFA from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts and her MFA from John F. Kennedy University.

Joanna Kidd is a sculptor, printmaker and video installation artist. She creates visual representations of inner emotional states with work that provokes an immediate emotional response. After graduating in Philosophy and Cognitive Science from Dartmouth College, she studied Printmaking and Sculpture at San Francisco State University. She then moved to Florence, Italy and received a BFA in Sculpture and an MFA in Visual Art and Multimedia Techniques from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. In 2012 she was Artist in Residence at Everglades National Park. She currently lives and works in northern California. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and video festivals in Italy, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, England, France and the United States.
Ronillo Espiritu Lacson is an educator and does not consider himself a writer. He writes for meditative practice and cathartic therapy, in other words to help him sleep at night.
Ryan David Leack is an English Ph.D. candidate at UC Riverside, where he studies rhetoric, composition, and the philosophy of space and place. He teaches English at Cal Poly Pomona where he received his M.A., and has been published in journals such as Pif, RipRap, Contemporary World Literature, Strong Verse, and Word River, as well as in Pomona Valley Review, of which is now the Editor-in-Chief. He lives a quiet life with his wife in Pomona seeking Thoreauvian tranquility and harmony with words.
Kathlene Lujan is an aspiring artist born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley. Currently residing in Glendora, California and is pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at Citrus College. This is Kathlene's first photograph to be published.
I am a recent graduate from Cal Poly Pomona. I am a resident of Claremont, CA. with an interest in writing and art.
Joanna Madloch lives in NJ. She teaches Mythology and General Humanities at Montclair State University and her academic interest focuses on the juncture of verbal and pictorial arts with an emphasis on literature and photography. She explores the theory and practice of “photo-text” both in high-brow and popular culture, analyzing different aspects of incorporating photography into literary text. The result of this latest fascination with photography is a series of articles dedicated to the picture of a photographer in literature and arts. In these works, the photographer is analyzed as an embodiment of the cultural archetypes of a trickster and a monster. In her photographic practice she is interested in portraying a human being in the context of city life. Her photographic works have been exhibited both in the US and Europe, where they have been awarded several prestigious honors.


As you have discovered, my name is Krista Martino and I passionately indulge myself in creative writing on a regular basis. When I am not working on perfecting my main story (it's a trilogy), or writing original works for great organizations like this, I am riding my horse and enjoying it so, reading books and learning loads, and exploring my inner and outer self through shared experiences with some of the greatest people in the world.

Robert McParland teaches in New Jersey, where he is also a performing musician and songwriter. He is the author of Charles Dickens's American Audience and he often writes on history, literature, and popular music.
Cynthia Milionis earned a BFA in painting from the University of Washington and an MFA in printmaking at San Francisco State University. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions nationwide and internationally and is held in private and public collections, including the International Museum of Collage, the Americas Biennial Exhibition Archive, and the Hoffberg Archive at the UCSB Library. Cynthia resides in San Francisco and prints at historical Fort Mason. Cynthia’s works have been described as “visual playgrounds.” Her prints begin on the printing press and, after multiple runs, take final form as collages and mixed-media monoprints.
My name is Krystal Mobley and I'm a Florida born visual artist now residing in the beautiful eccentric city of Los Angeles, CA. Art has always been the medium to which I am able to express myself to others. My innately odd yet playful personality allows me to have a contrasting view on life which definitely shows in my work. My goal is that the theme, feel, and emotions of my pieces resonate with the viewer and evoke thought.
Monika Mori was born in 1960 in Moedling (Austria) and had formal trainings by Prof. Anneliese Beschorner. Since 2008, her work has been internationally exhibited

and is included in major and private collections.

MOO interprets - as Goethe remarked - the art as a mediator of the

unspeakable. She communicates through her works and wants to re-animate, in

the native word-sense! Monika Mori, known as the artist MOO, works with bold

colors and strokes allowing free elements of drips and dashes to bisect her

canvases. Her works are highly expressive – she has always wanted the world to

hear what she has to say, and these artistic communications embody her

emotions, experiences and her delight at the interaction with color. For Mori,

color is liberating. Only through art can one mediate the unspeakable, so this

allows for a greater freedom within a work. It is a language unto itself and there

is merit to all interpretations. The subtle earth palette glows from the surface of

the canvas and illuminates the striking dripped forms. Their uneven linear

progress forms crowds, forests, circuitry – they travel and lead us on through the

painting and beyond. The strength of these paintings reflects the strength of Mori

herself, and the intensity of the message she has to convey.


Christopher Mulrooney has written poems in Pacific Review, Tulane Review, Compass Rose, Mot Dit, Otoliths, Kaffeeklatsch, Weyfarers, and Orbis.

My work is figurative and is dominated by the situations that people go through every day. Much of this subject matter can be somber, thus leaving the viewer in a pensive state of mind.

Currently, I am a copy editor working on the research book, Practical Analysis of Composite Structures by Dr. Brian Esp. I have been a free-lance writer for many years. A selection of my poems has been accepted for print publication with a tentative publication date in 2014. I enjoy painting and portrait sketching. I am also finishing my first novel, titled “Sweet Sins”.
My name is Taylor Olson and I am studying Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. I have always had a great love of writing and all other art forms. I only hope to show my work to inspire others and express myself through this medium.
Olivia Parkes was born in London but grew up in Los Angeles. She studied Art and Art History at Wesleyan University and currently works as a painter and a writer in Berlin. Her short stories have previously been published in The New Haven Review, Stand Magazine, and The Clackamas Review.
I am a Mixed-Media artist who works mainly with found objects and salvaged materials. The work tends to be raw and emotional. A vintage suitcase can serve as a canvas. An old photo can tell a new story. My work will often mix traditional Assemblage elements with different mediums. Stained glass techniques, metal sculpture, and ink printing have all been incorporated into my work. I am currently a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and live in the city of Eagle Rock, California.
LaQuincey was born in Lawton, Oklahoma to military family and traveled around the states until his family returned to Lawton where his father retired from the military. He went to and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2005 with a BFA. After graduating he went to work assisting Paul Moore on the Oklahoma City Land Run Monument. He has helped sculpting minor elements of the monument and helped making the molds for the monument. LaQuincey has completed several commissions. One commission is for Oklahoma Baptist University of their past president James R. Scales. Another completed commission is of Eugene Adkins for the Fred Jones Junior Art Museum's new construction at the University of Oklahoma. He is working with the City of Choctaw, Oklahoma to add four new sculptures to their Veteran’s memorial.
Amanda Riggle is currently a Cal Poly Pomona student majoring in English under the Education option. She is also a Contributing Editor at The Poetics Project, an on-line poetry and writing blog. Her main inspiration in life comes from her friends and her younger sister. In the future, Amanda hopes to become a teacher and inspire her students to be avid readers, writers and critical thinkers.

Diego Marcial Rios lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and paints in acrylics. He graduated with honors with an M.A./M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Fine Arts Graduate School and a B.F.A. from University of California at Berkeley. Diego has a C.L.P. from the University of San Francisco. He received a number of fellowships for his Academic study. His artwork illustrates many complex social-economic issues faced by contemporary society. Diego Marcial Rios' fine art has been included in more than 450 exhibitions from Japan to Bulgaria.His artwork has been included in many magazines. Diego has been a recent guest speaker at UC Merced, St. Marys College, San Jose State University, De Anza College.
My name is Anthony Rojas, a Graphic Design student at California Polytechnic University, Pomona. I usually explore mixed media drawings/ paintings of various themes, lately those involving emotion and life. I tend to put an emphasis on expressive feeling, atmosphere, and often purposefully naive qualities, over realistic depiction. Abstract and illustrative elements find their way into my work too. Even without knowing much about my work, I still hope to generate some sense of feeling or wonder in the audience as I continue to explore my style and ideas.


I began writing at age 10 after reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. Since then I’ve been endlessly inspired to write over a hundred short stories, poems and essays with roots in spiritual, science fiction and fantasy genres. My favorite authors and biggest influences are Ray Bradbury, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Edith Wharton, Edgar Allen Poe and John Steinbeck. I am K.H. Ross, 19 years old and a student at Azusa Pacific University. A big thank you to all who read my work and I hope you enjoy it!


My fiction has previously appeared in various literary magazines, including The Kenyon Review, South Dakota Review, Folio, The Nassau Review, Roanoke Review, Pacific Review, Reed Magazine, Ellipsis Magazine, Sycamore Review, Eureka Literary Magazine, The MacGuffin, Foliate Oak Literary Journal, Hawai’i Pacific Review, Chrysalis Reader, and many others. Writing awards include Winner of the National Writer’s Association Short Story Contest and three publisher nominations for the Pushcart Prize of Short Stories.

Hemant Kumar Sharma was educated in India at the University of Delhi. He holds M.A. and M.Phil. degrees in English and has been engaged in teaching English literature to undergraduates since 2001. He has worked as a Lecturer of English at the Prince Salman University in Saudi Arabia from 2008 to 2012 and currently teaches English at the University of Delhi. He is currently working on a collection of poems and a novel.
Lauralee Sikorski is a Connecticut born award winning artist currently living in the midwest . After art showings in Chicago, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan she travelled to London where she was juried into a Raw Arts Exhibition at the Candid Arts Center and had her artwork purchased into a private collection. She has been on a break from the art world and gallery shows during the past few years while pursuing multiple certifications in yoga and meditation and is now teaching yoga and fusing meditative states and painting and enjoying the marriage between the two disciplines. This past year and for the second time, her art work was chosen for the front page of an Indianapolis based Arts Magazine- BRANCHES now celebrating their 25th year in print. For more information contact
Sarah got her start in the LA art scene when she applied for work as a prop maker at Roger Corman's film studio in Venice. She was immediately inducted into their art crew, thus launching a career designing and fabricating props and sets for a wide variety of films and even some iconoclastic puppet theater productions. Her paintings combine totemic icons, dream symbols and biomechanical elements such as veins and roots to deconstruct conceptual barriers of cultural and biological separation between ourselves, other humans and the world in which we live. Her studio is located in Ventura County, and her work can be found in galleries, magazines, films, botanicas, and tattoo parlors around the country.
In depicting life frankly and critically as visual surfaces and interior qualities, Matthew Felix Sun reaches toward historical and social commentary. Art ought to be both from life, and above life, revealing what is behind. Sun has exhibited in several national competitions and his work is collected in the US, Canada, and China. He has been building an Apocalypse Series of paintings and drawings since the US was poised to invade Iraq in 2003. Growing up in China's repressive culture and atmosphere formed the foundation of his world view and his work. His portfolio can be viewed at
Alexandra was born in Leningrad, former USSR. At age of 10 she asked mother put her through art school, where she got her first concept of what art was all about. Sadly, because of repressions by the Soviet Union authorities, Alexandra's family was forced to leave "North Venice" and immigrate to Israel. There she had amazing opportunity continue her education as artist. A few years ago she moved to New York City. New York has influenced her with tremendous amounts of positive energy. “Our world is very dynamic, and is never the same from day to day. Almost everyday something changes, sometimes not for the best.” As an artist she feels obligated to preserve those wonderful moments and pass them on to the next generation.
I was born and raised in Brazil, where I trained as a Jewelry Designer in my teens and became fascinated by the magic of producing wearable pieces of art. I first emigrated to Canada and then to the United States, earning a degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley. I have studied art at the College of Marin, CSU Bakersfield and the Glassell School of Art in Houston. My work has been exhibited at juried shows both in Texas and California, including “The Big Show” at the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, and have corporate commissions in both California and Thailand. My work include acrylic portraits in bold, contrasting tones that remind me of the faceted brilliance of gemstones, and landscapes that evoke the rich contrasting colors of the Brazilian rainforest.
My name is Ronald walker and I live in the Sacramento area with my wife and two children. I teach art in the San juan unified school district. I hold a MFA from the university of Kansas in painting as well as a MA in painting and drawing from Central Missouri State University. I have had 37 solo exhibitions and been exhibited in over 200 various exhibitions around the United States. My bio is listed in Who's Who in American Art.
I am a first year English major with an emphasis on Literature and Language at Cal Polytechnic University, Pomona. I intend to become a lawyer in due time, and figure I might as well enjoy my craft enough to make something with it. Though I've never been published I hope very much to make a small collection of poetry and short stories someday, just to say I've published a collection of my own works.

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